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Wallpapers For Kids 1.1
Andro Crafts
This app has the best and the biggest collection of cool wallpapersfor kids. All the wallpapers are very high resolution and fit allthe screen can save wallpapers to your gallery or canapply any wallpaper as background of your mobile phone or tabletscreen.There are tons of wallpapers beautifully categorized for thechoice of your kids. This app contains wallpapers for girls andwallpapers for boys with separate categories.These childrenwallpaper are cool, totally different from what you have seen. Asyou will see in our gallery, kids wallpapers you are offered herecontain entertaining and diverse pictures for kids. Furthermorethese cool kids backgrounds are created with a special attention -to bring in some new accessories for your phone. The wallpaper kidsyou will see in our app are HQ, HD hand-picked specially for you.Be online any time you want to download some of your favoritepictures from kids backgrounds after that, they will be saved inyour gallery. Tell your friends the big news - kids wallpaper havediverse images for your phone background.
Hipster Wallpapers 1.0
Andro Crafts
You like to live in skinny jeans and ironic tee shirts. Yourheadphones play solely indie tunes. you are a regular at that spotcafe down the road. you love to live the lifestyle, now it is timefor your wallpaper to leap on the bandwagon too!This applicationhave tons of categories to select from. You can select lots ofwallpapers for you home screen to express your inner hipster. somecategories are:* Dream Catcher* Hipster Beards* Shapes * Tattoos*Tigers* Wolves* Cats* Hipster Girls* Hipster Boys* Patterns Letyour inner hippie shine with these one-of-a-kind wallpapers. If youprefer animals (think deer, cats, wolves and tigers), easy shapes,and funky pic mashups, these wallpapers were created for you.typically ironic and amusing, but continually cool and distinctive– just like your personality.Other hipsters may well be jealous ofyour new wallpapers, but don't worry, you can share your favoritesalong with your friends. (Just do not let it get too mainstream)
Ezee Counter 1.2
Andro Crafts
Simple Counter is very easy and simplest application for counting.It has a clean and beautiful interface with only two buttons. Usercan use it without looking at mobile screen because PLUS buttonincrease the count with a short vibration and RESET button resetsthe counter again to zero with a long vibration. • Users can use itto count things, exercise rounds or stars at night for a deepsleep. • It can help kids learn counting. • Muslims can use it as aTasbih for prayers and Namaz.For your feedback
Islamic Wallpapers HD Pro 1.1
Andro Crafts
Islamic wallpapers HD pro provides the best quality Muslimreligious wallpapers to provide an Exclusive experience to itsusers.We have handpicked a beautiful high quality collection ofIslamic wallpapers.Islamic wallpapers HD pro have tons ofwallpapers beautifully compiled in different categories. Such as *Mosques* Praying People* Names of Allah* Hadith wallpapers* Ramadan/ Ramazan wallpapers* Eid ul adha wallpapers* Eid ul Fitrwallpapers* Eid Milad un Nabi Wallpapers* Muharam wallpapers* HajjwallpapersAnd Many more categories fulfilling our thousands ofusers. You will find this app according to your taste.The qualityof wallpapers is very fine and high definition to fit all thephones and tablet screens without any loss in quality.You candownload the wallpaper with just a single touch. Also you can setany wallpaper as your home screen background with just a touch ofyour finger.Your feedback is very helpfull to enhance yourexperience. Please review our app. Thankyou
Rapture - Wallpapers HD 1.2
Andro Crafts
Rapture provides you most beautiful HD wallpapers for mobile andtablet to download and set as a background.It is a very smartwallpaper app which is designed to provide you thousands of Highquality wallpapers free. There are popular wallpaper categoriesincluding:• Abstract Wallpaper• Car Wallpapers• Dolphin Wallpapers•Fish Wallpapers• Under water Wallpapers• Landscape Wallpapers•Beach Wallpapers• Fantasy Wallpapers• Guitar Wallpapers• CityWallpapers• Nature Wallpapers• Space WallpapersSelect a category,images will start loading, scroll down the thumbnails, and selectyour desired wallpaper from the list shown. You can either set animage as your background or you can download it to your gallery forlater use and sharing.The size of the app is very small and itdoesn’t consume your phone memory. The whole data is on onlineservers so you can explore the world of wallpapers without anyproblem.Reviews can help us improve your experience. - Vehicle Tracking Pakistan 1.3.25803
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