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BlackJack 21 1.0.3
Try your luck at one of the most realistic andpopular casino games in Las Vegas.The mission - Reach 21 or a score higher than the dealer withoutexceeding 21.Our engine uses a strong randomizer to shuffle the decks to makethe game as authentic as possible.Practice your card counting skills and take advantage ofadvanced strategies, like splitting and doubling down, to winbig!Blackjack 21 is completely free to play and all the chips andmoney used in the game are fictitious.There is absolutely no need to spend any money in our game toget more chips.- Gorgeous, beautifully animated cards- Touch and interact with all of your chips- Split hands or double down to win big- Unlimited free chips!- Fun and easy to play on all mobile devices.We hope you'll enjoy Blackjack 21 :)
Bubble Splash Mania
Bubble Splash Mania – an addiction you can’t quit! Tap and slideyour finger to connect similar colored dots (mini balls) as fast asyou can this adaptive reaction based puzzle game puts your reflexesto the test, as you try to get all of the similar dots connectedwith minimum moves and time. But be careful - as the gameprogresses, it’ll get less and less easy and the game will increasethe challenge. Splash Mania is a deceptively simple game thatbecomes more challenging and fun the more you play. The goal issimple, climb the leader-boards by connecting same-colored dotsvertically and horizontally. Stockpile dots along the way for morepoints and boosts. The more points you’ll be able to get will allowyou to unlock many more dot types themes, like emoticons,dinosaurs, butterflies and more! Splash Mania is part of the googleplay store top genre games and is now available on Android phonesand tablets! Main features: • FREE to play for life • CONNECT onedot to another, • ADORABLE fun, and thoughtful game design in thisbeautiful game about connecting • ENJOY beautiful minimalisticdesign with relaxing game music and fun sound • CHALLENGE yourfriends to a by getting more points and see yourself goes abovethem in the leader-boards. • PLAY a board then pass to a friend foran ultimate one on one showdown With this ALL-NEW, ALL-FREEdot-matching game! Connect the dots to beat each level! The newversion add google play service leader-board and achievement, youcan login with your google account and submit your best score. Tips* Long links of similar colored dots give more extra time. Join theSplash Mania family today!
Baseball Bubble Shooter 1.0.3
Brace yourself for the home runner of allbubble shooting games - the Baseball Bubble Shooter.Choose aim and shoot same color baseball balls from the neatbaseball glove cannon to create and pop groups of 3 or morebaseballs of the same color.Prove that you can be in the big leagues by competing withplayers around the world to become a hall of fame on the leaderboard of the Baseball Bubble Shooter by receiving many achievementsand passing winning challenging levels.* Get free constant level updates – currently more than 1000levels!* Flawless Game Engine* Your progress is automatically saved* Special crazy challenging Arcade modeand so much more…SO Batter up and download the greatest bubble shooting baseballgame for FREE.Your reviews/ratings are very important to us so we'll be happyto hear from you at orchidmobiledev at gmail dot com
Race Car Bubble Shooter 1.0.3
Vroom Vroom Vroom! Looking for your nextadrenaline rush injection?For all of you need for speed lovers, you can now immediatelyget the feel of your adrenaline pumping by playing the new Race CarBubble Shooter.On the background of the beautiful futuristic car art theme, usethe speedometer canon to choose, aim and shoot to pop 3 or moresimilar metallic colored bubbles as fast as possible, this is bestway to win against other Race Car Bubble Shooter lovers and becomethe number #1 "Racer" on the worldwide leader boards.More than 1650 of exciting levels and an additional fearlessArcade mode for the real adrenaline junkies!You must download and try it now, but we must warn you – thegame is extremely addicting! Good luck and Enjoy the ride!
Lucky Blackjack 21
Test your luck and skills in thissuperchallenging Lucky Blackjack 21 casino game!Are you an risky player? It’s time to get serious and put realluckto test going all in, this is a pure “do or die” goalbettingeverything you have in your pocket.Let your luck play the role and bust down the dealer to winsomeheavy virtual money this winter with Lucky Blackjack 21.The free Lucky Blackjack 21 is perfectly designed for allbettinglovers that likes the rush of hitting the next card. wininseconds!Features:• Play BIG and Win Massive amounts of Chips!• Follows real casino blackjack betting strategies• Beat the dealer by doubling down the bet money• All real life Black Jack features available including Hit,Deal,Stand or Double down• Unlimited gaming - players can reset the amount of chipsunlimitedtimes• Progress in the game relies on your skills and abilities• Easy to understand but tough to master• Real tough player v.s dealer game playGame play:The game offers a professional level betting environment toplayerswho are interested in learning the real tricks of beatingthedealer in Black Jack casino deals.Set your own deals, take stand or hit cards to score 21 or near21to bust down the dealer. A few busts will result incompletewinning of Black Jack on part of the player.Beat the dealer by playing smart and working with different cardsofthe game. Players can also select up to 8 decks in thegame.The highly addictive Lucky Blackjack 21 game is free to downloadandplay. Download now and challenge your friends to beat thedealer andscore higher than you.
Meme Bubble Shooter 1.0.2
WHAT?!?! Where you looking for thefunniestbubble shooter of our time?Challenge accepted!! We give you the special addition of MemeBubbleshooter!1. Tap the bubble inside the meme cannon to change the colorofthe meme bubble2. Tap anywhere on the screen you want to shoot the funnymemebubble.3. Group 3 or more similar meme, colored bubbles together to popthebubbles and win the levelThere is no need for money as it’s absolutely free!Download Meme Bubble Shooter play the game, enjoy, andhavefun!Why you not download it yet?! 
Four Dots: Birds 1.0.0
Rotate the 4 birds (dots) in the center ofthescreen and quickly choose the right colored bird to catchthefalling balls.Reach achievement others can't and compete with worldwideplayersfor the highest score on the leader-boards.Four Dots Birds Style takes advantage of the Moto "Less ismore"with a simple futuristic interface, sharp sounds and highqualitygraphics and design.The intuitive touch interface created for a simplified rotationofthe 4 birds (dots) and even lets you play with both hands.Not only the game is so fun and addictive, challenge andspeedincreases over time and even improve hand-to-eye coordinationwhileproviding you hours of entertainment with greatchallenges!Let the games begin!
Yummy Cupcakes 1.0.0
Who love yummy cupcakes? If you are a fanyoushould download and play our free match game.We trust you will surly love it, have fun!
Bee Bubble Flowers 1.0.4
Download Bee Bubble Flowers and start yourincredible puzzle adventure!Travel through the fantasy world of gardens and farms where thequeen bee tries to free the tiny bees who are stuck in betweenother flies. How can you help her in doing so? Just Shoot and groupthree bubbles of same kind!Bee Bubble Flowers is a game which kids, parent, grandparents andeveryone in between would love to play. All you need to do is aim,tap your finger at the right bubble and shoot. When a group ofthree or more bubbles of similar kind is formed, they will blastand in turn you will get points.It has two gaming modes: Puzzle and Endless. In puzzle mode youhave to achieve a target score and free all the bees that arecaught up and that too with a limited number of bubbles, whereas inEndless mode the bubbles will be freely falling and you have tostop them from touching the horizontal line.The game is easy to play but the puzzles become increasinglydifficult as you progress. It’s the best thing to be engaged withwhen you are bored and do not know what to do! The game will makeyou forget about your boredom and will make you engage yourself inthis colorful journey of vibrant puzzles. And once you start, youwon’t be able to stop at one level and will try to complete as manylevels as you can in one go.Bee Bubble Flowers Features:• Wonderfully designed bubble shooting game• Two gaming modes• Hundreds of fun and challenging levels• Exquisite graphics and lovely animations• Stimulating background music that motivates you to playmore• Free to Play! – No need to pay a single penny• No Wifi? – No worries. Play it off-line
Roulette Original
Feel just like you're in Vegas with thisnew100% FREE Original Casino Roulette!The most prestigious Roulette game for your phone andtabletsdevices that can be found in Google play!• Use your intelligence to develop innovative techniques• Enjoy moments of intense emotion• Lear how to play the Roulette before going to a realcasino.• High Definition Graphic Art• Multi Bet option allows you to bet a square even/odd, redblack,1-18, 1st 12 and many more.Embrace the excitement, and challenge your 6th sense to bringoutthe gambler in you!NO REAL WORLD MONEY IS INVOLVED! The game is completelyFREE!Your review is valuable to us. We read each one individuallyandtrying to implement new features based on your suggestionstoimprove your game experience. So if you like the game – pleaserateand share :)
Jelly Mania 1.0.0
Meet Jelly Mania free game that sweepsawaymillions of players around the world.Ever saw cute jelly jewels, in this cute yet challengingandaddicting game you will need to tap the screen and slideyourfinger continuously to group same-colored and shaped jellyjewelsmaking pop and disappear until the entire level is completedin theshortest time possible.It will take exactly 5 seconds to learn the game mechanicswhilelater you will keep playing the game for hours, the more cutejellyjewels you’ll connect together, the more points you will getandfaster you will jump to the next challenging level.The game is completely free allowing you to complete all thelevelswithout making a single purchase.Download now and let us know what you think by rating us andleavingus a comment.Enjoy!
Bee Flowers 1.0.4
Download Bee Flowers and start your wonderful flowery journey!!!Honeybee is trying to collect nectar to prepare honey throughbeautiful flower gardens. Come and join him on this thrillingadventure through hundreds of colorful flowers. And on your way ifyou get stuck, just look at the screen carefully, your hint will beright there to get you going! In Bee Flowers, all you need to dois, bring three or more of the same flowers together eitherhorizontally or vertically to crush and get the nectar out ofthose. The honeybee in return will reward you with points andbonuses. When you are able to combine more than three flowers, youwill be rewarded with surprise points. If you perform your best andcollect the target points quickly with less number of moves thenyou will score a three star rating as well. The game is absolutelyfree to download and can be played anytime without having to beconnected to the Internet. The interface is clutter free and loadedwith vibrant colors. The game is very addictive and becomesincreasingly challenging as you clear each level. What are youwaiting for? Just download Bee Flowers and be ready to get endlesssurprises when you play! Bee Flowers Features: • Swap andgroup-three game • Cheerful music to keep you motivated • Twodifferent gaming modes: Arcade and Classic • Easy and fun to play,but challenging to master! • Addictive game • Eye-catchinginterface and cute flowers • Flowery graphics and stunninganimations • Can be played off-line • Content is appropriate forall age groups
Jelly Shop: Match 3 1.0.4
Start you delicious puzzle journey with Jelly Shop! Do you lovegetting surrounded by delicious colorful jellies? How about if itis through your favorite switch and match game? Sounds Interesting?Then Jelly Shop is exactly what you are looking for. Jelly Shop isa tap and swap puzzle game where you have to swap and match threeor more jellies of similar type in a line to burst them. The linecan be either horizontal or vertical. The more the number similarjellies in one line, the more is your score. You will also getrewarded with a special jelly when you join four or five jellies ina single line. The game features a vivid background in a fantasyland with red, blue, green and orange jellies. The game is veryeasy to play for anyone. It will also help you with many move hintswhen you get stuck and are out of moves. However, the mainchallenge is not about switch and match but to attain the targetscore using the limited number of moves that is assigned to you.Because if you are out of moves before scoring the target scorethen you will fail at that level. Jelly Shop Features: • Switch andMatch three or more Jelly of similar type • Hundreds of challenginglevels • All the puzzles are non-repeating • Power boosters toboost your score at each level • Great animations and hassle-freeinterface • Get the best score with minimum number of moves •Unique and addictive game • Earn more scores by grouping andpopping more jellies together • Enable/ disable the backgroundmusic at any time • Absolutely free to download! • Can be playedoff-line as well! Download Jelly Shop and Enjoy!
Pet Balloon: Match 3 1.0.3
Pet Balloon is a so very cute joyful game where you’ll experience atrue match 3 puzzle adventure! Come join our cheerful pets fortheir exciting journey! Travel through the countryside, beach, farmand pets resort looking for tasty treats! This great is great forpet & animal lovers to add a smile on your face. All the waythrough the adventure, the game will offer you surprisingachievements, and combos. Switch and slide the board to creatematches of 3 or more similar Pets as you trigger combos and freethem off the level. Challenge your friends and invite them to enjoythe amazing FREE puzzle games! FEATURES: - SIMPLY ADDICTIVE joyfulcasual game with adorable cute balloon animals! - Unlock, exploreinteresting new levels! - Endless levels with DAZZLING PUZZLES andobstacles! - SUPER BOOSTERS and POWER UPS to help you achievehigher scores! - FUN and ENTERTAINING game-play, easy to learn buthard to master! - FREE download with FREE future updates, and more!- Back up your great progress - SUPERB sharp stunning HighDefinition visual effects retina graphics supported! - AWESOME andnever-ending fun! - Compatible with all Android devices! We aim tomake a simple to play and fun games for everyone to enjoy and wetruly hope you will like it. Thank you and enjoy!
Forest Battle 1.0.2
Forest Battle is a fun new puzzle game which is going to becomeyourfavorite game in no time! Forest Battle is going to take youon anadventure trip to the far-flung dense forest. It willchallenge yourskills of solving puzzles in a different new way. Ifyou arewondering how to play the game! The main objective is tojoinsimilar items in a line horizontally or vertically. This willburstthe items and in turn, you will get scores for it. However,in thisgame, you will be given a definite number of moves usingwhich youhave to attain a specific score and if you fail to dothat you willhave to play the same level again. Forest Battle hasa crispinterface with beautiful graphics. The background music isjust aptand will not disturb you in any way. However, if you are ano-noisekind of a person then you can mute the background music atany time.The game is absolutely free to download but won’t laganywhere. Thelevels become increasingly difficult to solve as youprogress in thegame. Forest Battle Features: • It is a swap andmatch-three puzzlewhere you have to match three or more similaritems in one line •There hundreds of fun levels to play •Absolutely free to downloadand play! • Can be played withoutconnecting to the Internet as well• The game is easy to play buthard to master! • People from all theage groups will enjoy playingthe game • Best way to kill your sparetime without getting bored •The eye-catching graphics andanimations will surely get you gluedto the screen • You won’t beable to stop playing once you startAre you ready for a fun-filledadventure trip? Then download ForestBattle now!
Clash of Penguins 1.0.1
Clash of Penguins is a fun-filled switch and match game! Are youabig fan of switch and match game? Then, Clash of Penguinsisexactly what you are looking for and much more! In order to clearalevel in the game, you have to switch and match three ormorepenguins of the same color to crush them. You can also createpowerboosters by joining more number of penguins in one row.Startplaying now and share the amazing fun with friends andfamily.Clash of Penguins comes with two different gaming modes suchasArcade and Classic. Each gaming mode has hundreds of levelstoplay. Each puzzle is completely different from otherones.Difficulty level increases with increase in game level. Hence,thegame is easy for anyone to play, but quite difficult to master.Thegame has a beautiful user interface with stunning animations.Itfeatures vivid penguins with apt background score to keepyoumotivated in the game. However, if you are not a big fanofbackground music then you can mute it at any time by visitingthehome screen. Clash of Penguins Features: • Switch and matchthreeor more penguins of the same color • Two different gamingmodes tochoose from: Arcade and Classic • Hundreds of funfilledchallenging levels • Boosters at each level to increasescores •Try to win three stars at each level • Free to download! •Can beplayed in Off-line mode as well! • Easy to play butnot-so-easy tomaster • Content is appropriate for all age groups •Crispbackground • Clutter free interface • No performance lagDownloadClash of Penguins now and test your matching skills withthese funand challenging puzzles!
Birds Town 1.0.4
Download Birds Town and Join the tiny little birds in anadventurousbird land! Freddy is traveling through an amazing BirdLand andneeds your help in freeing the birds who had been trappedthere!Once he frees the birds, he gets wonderful treats in returnfromthem and what do you get? You solve a fun puzzle, get scorestolevel up in the game. The game is so addictive that once youstart,it will become very hard to stop playing it! You will wantto spendall your spare time freeing these tiny little creatures!Wonderinghow you can start playing the game? Birds Town is amatch-three ormore puzzle with a little twist. Here, in additionto matching threeor more birdies of a similar kind with a definitenumber of moves,you will also have to clear some other targets ina level. However,there will be an ample number of hints to helpyou through thechallenges. And whenever you get stuck, a hint willflash on yourscreen to get you going in the game. The puzzles inBirds Town willbecome increasingly difficult with the increase ingame levels. Theinterface of the game is crisp and easy to use.There are hints ineach step so that you don’t get stuck anywhere.The background musicis just what you will need in a puzzle gamelike this, but if youare not a fan of it, then you can mute itcompletely. Birds TownFeatures: • Match-three puzzle with hundredsof levels to play! •Free to download! • No Wi-Fi or Internetconnectivity is needed forplaying! • Puzzles are easy in thebeginning but become difficult asyou progress in the game! • A lotof bonuses at each level • Everypuzzle is different from theprevious ones • Content is appropriatefor all age groups