Android Tools (ru) Apps

Flashlight 1.0.22
The Flashlight application will make a flashlight out of a flash. Asimple, handy and powerful flashlight for your phone for free willallow you to: Set a work time from 1 minute to an hour. Showsbattery temperature. Uses camera LED flash. Flashlight widget isthe brightest flashlight, as it uses the flash of the camera of thesmartphone, supports a wide range of devices.
Timer and Stopwatch 1.1.3
Timer and stopwatch for the upstream and downstream referencemeasurement and control time. Sends notification about theexpiration time. You can select any song and install vibration. Itis possible to set the interval (range segment) from severalseconds to 24 hours. Simple and easy to use timer that can beuseful in any of the applications: food, sports, fitness, games,learning, sleep. Our stop watch can be used as a chronometer for:-trenirovok in the gym, - Gym, - Kitchen for cooking and dishes(kitchen timer) - Competitions and games, - Sleep as an alarm clockThis application will provide control of the time. Appendix timerand stopwatch-best tool and assistant for measuring time.
Cat List 1.0.5
Funny videos with funny cats collected from around the web just inour application Catalyst. All the funniest: funny cats, cats, catsand cotise. With our app you can have fun to spend their leisureand share with your friends funny gifs that you can add tofavorites in your gallery. Children will be delighted with thisnumber of funny kittens. This is your app! The most visited videos,gifs and pictures of cats for you and all the fun is absolutelyfree, because the app is free! The app is updated every day.Come inoften for fresh portion of positive emotions.
Эконом 03 1.0.9
Не хватает времени на поиск низких цен? А так хочется сэкономить ивремя и деньги?Не выходя из дома, отслеживайте скидки, распродажи иакции, действующие в г.Улан-Удэ, как в приложении так и в группеВконтакте: Таким образом, Вы сможетеспланировать свой шопинг, выбрав самые выгодные предложения имаршрут. Найти интересующие товары и услуги просто, при помощиудобного расположения по категориям: •Продукты питания. •Одежда иобувь. •Дом и быт. •Услуги и сервис. Публикуйте свои находки,делись с друзьями наиболее выгодными и заманчивыми акциями,добавляйте в избранное, чтобы не потерять.
Mini Pdf Reader & Viewer (Ads Free) 1.23.50
💥 Get acquainted! This is the lightest PDF Reader with apk size ofonly 1.6 Mb! Download the reader PDF will remain unnoticed for yourphone due to minimal memory in your phone, that will be needed tostore it on the device! Problems with the Internet? Our lightweightpdf-reader downloads very quickly and the cost of your mobiletraffic will be very low! The PDF reader application is easier todownload! 💡 Benefits pdf-reader: - the easiest pdf reader (apk sizeonly 1.6 Mb); - minimum amount of traffic for downloading an appfrom the store; - work PDF Reader offline at any time; - easy andconvenient interface and navigation; - nice design in the app; -extract all pdf files from the store automatically; - search filesin the list by keywords and search by document content; - scalingin two clicks; - support for displaying the table of contents(structure) of a document (if there is a table of contents in thedocumette); - turning the page pdf-document by/ against the arrowclock; - moving to the last or first page of the document; - thereader supports vertical, horizontal or scalable scrolling; -detailed review of document properties; - fast transition to thedesired page number of the document; - night mode for readingallows you to comfortably read pdf-files at night; - maintainingfull screen mode; The smallest PDF Reader (only 1.6 Mb !!!) willsignificantly reduce the load on your device! This application isvery easy to use. You just need to install the application and thenchoose it as your pdf viewer. by default and as an application forreading pdf files. Click on pdf file and it will startautomatically with PDF Reader. PDF Reader allows you to share fileswith friends, classmates or colleagues via email, social networksor cloud storage (from your Android device) , PDF Reader is thebest choice for working with PDF files anytime and anywhere!
Simple PDF Reader 1.0.31
Reading PDF documents is convenient and easy on your phone. SimplePDF Reader makes reading e-books, documents, and any PDF fileseasy. The reader is easy to use and at the same time powerful witha lot of features. PDF Reader automatically recognizes alldocuments stored on your device. The reader will generate a list ofpdf files and you will only need to select the desired document toview. Simple PDF Reader works without the Internet, anywhere allyour e-books and documents are available offline. The reader willplay any pdf document for free. PDF Reader features: - search anddisplay all available documents and files on the device in oneplace with the ability to filter storage formats and folders forscanning; - splitting files by storage folders on the device; -quickly display an e-book, document, or file without wasting timeon recognition; - reading a pdf document that is password-protectedfor confidential correspondence; - convenient customizablenavigation and ergonomic reader interface allows you to open filesin one touch with a quick click; - setting up the display of thefile list (grid or list); - saving a list of recent documents thatwere opened; - ability to rename, delete, zoom, and view detaileddocument properties; - search for files by keywords - night and daymode for reading pdf documents - ability to share any documentdirectly from the reader; - printing a document from read mode; -go to any page of an e-book or document in reading mode; - selecthorizontal and vertical scrolling of the document; PRO version ofthe reader with advanced features: - adding a file to the reader'sbookmarks; - support for cloud storage reader; - the lack ofadvertising. A simple PDF Reader will become an indispensableassistant for you and your device, and you will never part withthis reader.
PDF Reader & Viewer
Want to know why you need this PDF Reader for your device? * PDFReader & Viewer is an application for reading ebooks and PDFfiles, PDF documents, a good office tool in your device. *Automatic recognizes allows PDF Reader to display all deviceformats: PDF, Djvu, FB2, epub, rtf, doc, cbz, cbr, html, xml, awz3,mobi. * You can read ebook, PDF files and PDF documents offline. *Using PDF Reader for free! * The size of the APK file is 3 MB,compared to similar applications it is several times smaller,sometimes less than 10 times. The features PDF Reader & Viewer:* SEARCH AND READ PDFs: The app will quickly read the PDF documentsyou are looking for, without wasting time searching for them inyour phone, because the reader stores and displays all yourdocuments in one place. The tool allows you to filter the list ofoffice folders where the application will scan files of differentformats. In PDF Reader, you can set up a filter for the formatsthat you want the app to display. * READING PASSWORD-PROTECTEDDOCUMENTS: Supports the function of recognizing and reading adocument that is protected by a password. If you send confidentialdocuments that are not intended for public access, PDF Reader &Viewer will read the documents. * EASY NAVIGATION: Navigation andmenu PDF Viewer allows you to quickly navigate the largefunctionality of the tool. The simple interface of PDF Readerallows you to open PDF documents and e-books you need in one touch,rename, delete, zoom, and see the detailed properties of thedocument. * SEARCH FOR A DOCUMENT AND ITS CONTENTS: If you have alarge number of files, you can easily find them using the Searchfunction in the PDF document management interface. PDF expertsupports The "search by document content" function. The "documenttable of contents" function makes it easy to navigate by thedocument content. Fast page navigation is implemented using thescroll bar. Enter the page number of the book and go to it. *CONVERT PDF TO VIDEO AND PDF TO IMAGE: PDF Reader & Viewerprovides a transition to an application that allows you to convertPDF to image & PDF to video. In order to keep PDF Viewer easy,we offer in the reader a free transition to another of ourapplications that specializes in converting files. * OTHERPOSSIBILITY: Share files and favorite e-books with your friends andoffice colleagues via email or any messenger. Configure convenientreading of a PDFs, the ability to go to the first or last page ofthe document, screen rotation, vertical, horizontal and scalablescrolling, and other tools. In the work of office employees workingwith business papers, conducting business correspondence via PDFs,PDF Reader will be an excellent assistant. The app automaticallyrecognizes new documents when you start and offers to open thedocument sent to you using PDF Reader. You can also install theprogram for recognizing PDF files (Basic PDF Reader) by default inthe settings of your Android device. PDF Reader for Android willalso be a great assistant and friend to all our dear and belovedusers. If you actively read books in PDF, like to view charts,graphs and diagrams in historical or statistical documents, or justsometimes you need to open an air ticket that is sent to the ticketbuyer in PDF format, then the PDF Reader app will perfectly fulfillall the tasks that you assign. You can disable ads in the app for anominal amount, so you help our project! We are open to yoursuggestions and suggestions!
ComicMe — photo editor for creating comics 1.0.15
Creator of the comic from photos ComicMe will turn your favoritephoto into a funny comic book. Upload your photos to comics maker,edit them using original filters, stickers, and captions, sign yourcomics in dialog boxes, and share them with your friends. All yourcomics are stored in the ComicMe gallery, where you can continueediting the comic, share it,or create a new comic. With the help ofhigh-quality premium filters, you can create a photo into aninteresting cartoon styles. Turn yourself into a cartoon. The comicbook creator is perfect for creating a meme, poster or sketch.ComicMe Features: - more than 60 filters for your photos; - morethan 20 fonts for creating text on photos; - ability to createoriginal hand lettering; - text labels with a choice of font, sizeand color; - add backgrounds to text with any border color; -rotate and mirror photos; - more than 130 stickers of differentthemes; - proportional automatic photo cropping and customizablecropping; - "Beauty" mode: lightening the tone and leveling theskin relief; - create comics based on your photos or ready-madeimages from the ComicMe gallery; - save comics in PDF and PNGformats; - ability to edit the project at all stages of creation; -send images by mail or to any messenger directly from the app; -delete projects, comics, and photos from the gallery. ComicMeprovides a subscription option for unlimited access to premiumfilters, a full set of stickers, and the use of all popular fonts.In unlimited access mode, you will have access to: - premiumfilters; - 60+ comics stickers; - stylish and catchy fonts. Andmost importantly-no more advertising when creating comics fromphotos, cartoons from photos and just beautiful projects. Createinteresting photos, memes or posters and share them with yourfriends in ComicMe. Bring your ideas to life with the help of acomic book Creator.
Flashcards educational for children kids remember 1.0.15
Entering the big world, the kid learns to interact with him, playbyhis rules and speak the same language with him. We offer youaninnovative method of mastering spoken language – flashcardsformemorizing individual words. Our task is to involve the child inaninteresting educational game of cards with pictures and sounds.Inthe course of this game the child simply and imperceptiblyforhimself, and most importantly - will be able to quicklylearnimportant and much-needed in everyday life words. But thisisexactly what every mother looks forward to from her sonordaughter! As they say, all ingenious – is simple, and in ourcaseis the card develops thinking and vocabulary. With theapp"Flashcards for kids" your child will quickly learn: -learnanimals, household and outdoor items; - distinguish colors,food,body parts, musical instruments; - memorize numbers,alphabetletters and geometric shapes; As a nice bonus of ourproject, cardsfor kids: - have a simple and clear common interface;- a set ofeducational cards is ideal for kids of the first year oflife andolder; - for better memory cards can be mixed, as well ascontrolthe sound and visual effects; The application "Cards forchildren"is guaranteed to find almost all the objects that the babyfaces onthe street, at home or at a party. Educational cards forkids arecompletely free. Thus, with funny pictures you can easilyandeasily learn all the wisdom of the Russian language: memorizingtheimage on the screen, the child will be happy to show a newitemlearned on the card to mom or dad already during the next walk.
Countries of the World - reference and quiz 1.26
Traveling these days is very fashionable, but very expensive. Thereare few people among us who can easily jump into a plane and fly tothe end of the world. But, as a rule, you always want to go faraway, be sure to see all the countries and their capitals, and, ofcourse, their famous sights, many of which are real wonders of theworld. You know, Venice is sinking, Notre Dame is burned, andVesuvius is going to blow up and sleep Pompeii again... However, ifyou are aware of the cultural tragedies of the last hundred years,and are sure that you know all the countries and capitals,perfectly oriented in the names of cities, continents and evenforeign Internet domains are familiar to you - the section"Countries of the world quiz" if created specifically for you. Whendeveloping our application were taken into account all the wishesand needs of travelers - real and virtual. Only in our directory ofthe world collected the most complete information needed whentraveling to a particular state - from the area and the nationalcurrency to the form of government and telephone code. Application"Countries of the world" for easy use is divided into severalparts: - countries (look in the directory is useful when planningthe details of the trip or just intending to pump their knowledge);- continents (do you know which continent is Cape Verde orDjibouti?); - wonders of the world (this part tells about the mostfamous sights of the world and where to look for them); - the game(for those who like to show erudition and test yourself); - quiz(20 questions about different countries, flags, coats of arms andother interesting things). As not only a nice but also a usefulbonus the app offers: - a thematic article about the countries inyour favorite Wikipedia; - demonstration of the world on the map.How to visit the Colosseum and not spend a single Euro? Walk alongthe great wall of China and then swing across the ocean to admirethe waterfalls of Iguazu in Brazil? Our application will help youto make all these fantastic trips quickly, interestingly, and mostimportantly - for free.
System app remover 1.0.83
Application Manager allows you to locate, view and deleteapplications installed on the device. When you search the app showsall installed applications on your device in two groups: systemsthat are in the device firmware and installed that I downloadedfrom the market. This distinction allows not to harm the futuresuccessful operation of the device and clear the memory which willspeed up his work. With the app You can quickly find and removeviruses, adware and spam applications. App features: *Search anddisplay of all system and installed applications on the device;*Safe removal system and installed applications from your device;*The ability to remove applications installed in the devicefirmware, this requires Root access. *The ability to share auser-friendly app by sending messages to either Your messenger orthrough e-mails. *View our other useful applications! Set tosuccessfully work with the apps on your device that contains yourphone or tablet clean and he will always reward his fast andefficient work! In turn, You can thank us for the creation andmaintenance of the application after evaluating it. Thank you!
DjVu Reader & Viewer 1.0.58
DjVu Reader & Viewer 🗂 is the fastest and most convenientreader of DjVu files and documents for electronic portable devices📱 You can download DjVu Reader absolutely for free ❗ DjVu readerfor Android is designed to read DjVu formats quickly andconveniently 👍 📑 DjVu (a format that resembles PDF in its purpose)is a popular image compression technology designed to store scanneddocuments that contain a large number of formulas, diagrams,drawings, and handwritten characters, making their full recognitionextremely time-consuming. DjVu files 🔮 unlike PDF files, areusually large in size, which requires time to download them. TheDjVu reader allows you to view DjVu files quickly without spendinga long time loading images, because our DjVu Reader is a verypowerful DjVu viewer 📚 Reader for DjVu is very light and simple.Just download the DjVu reader for Android and read anywhere, DjVuReader works in offline mode 👜 If you need to read DjVu documents,the DjVu Reader & Viewer is an excellent solution to yourquestion. All you need to do is download DjVu Reader to your device📑 launch it, and then DjVu reader will do everything itself. 💡 TheFunctionality Of DjVu Reader & Viewer: 💜 search for all DjVufiles in the device storage by folders that the user is allowed toaccess; 🟣 search for the DjVu file name of the document or book youare looking for in the catalog; 💜 read e-books, documents,journals, manuscripts, and any DjVu files at any time; 🟣 excellentsupport for deleting DjVu documents from the list of found DjVufiles; 💜 setting up a list of directories that DjVu Reader forAndroid will scan on your device; 🟣 ability to share and send DjVufiles to other users via email or in any messenger installed onyour device; 💜 setting up horizontal and vertical scrolling forreading a DjVu document; 🟣 quick navigation through the pages of aDjVu document; 💜 display reading progress in the scroll bar at thebottom of the screen; 🟣 save the progress of reading a book,document, or magazine in DjVu format. DjVu document compressiontechnology has created the basis for several popular scientificlibraries for storing historical documents and artifacts 📌Therefore, our DjVu Reader for Android is a great tool for historybuffs or researchers, that is, for everyone for whom not only thecontent of the DjVu document is important, but also the color andtexture of the paper, parchment defects: cracks, traces of folding,handwritten notes and blotches 📚 We are very happy with yourinitiatives, please write to us about what you would like to see inour DjVu Reader & Viewer, we are always open 🙂 If you want tosupport our project, the app has a function of the same name, wewill be grateful 🤎
E-Reader 📗 (reader of all formats)
📚 Program for reading e-books, documents and comics insupportedformats: pdf, fb2, epub, cbr, cbz, rtf, html, doc, xml,awz3, mobi💡 Reader advantages : ⭐ fast loading of books, documentsand comicsinto the reader; ⭐ e-book, document and comic book readeris FREE;⭐ instant display of a document or book page; ⭐ save thereadingprogress; ⭐ search the contents of a document, book; ⭐personalizedinterface customization for ergonomic reading:customize fonts andbackgrounds; ⭐ easy navigation on ebook reader;⭐ reading e-bookswithout Internet; ⭐ prompt feedback on emergingproblems in theprocess of using the reader. 📖 E-reader is aconvenient reader of alarge number of formats for you! 💚
Notepad - Text Editor 1.0.11
You can create a new text file, work with existing files(select,copy, cut, paste), save files to the SD card. Use the appfor yournotes for all occasions. APPLICATIONS: ★ All file formatssupported(txt, html, xml, php, java and css); ★ Line numbers aredisplayed;★ Text wrap by words; ★ Select the theme and font size; ★Abilityto cancel the last action (in the settings you can set thenumberof actions to cancel); ★ Search for text inside an open file;★View recent files and more! An effective and simple text editoronyour device is absolutely free!
TTL Value Editor 1.0.4
TTL value editor for rooted devices. There is a widget foryourdesktop, for quick change of TTL.
PDF to video converter 1.0.14
Convert your PDF file to video in MP4 format! Choose frames whatyou need, change their order and time on video!
GreenBro 1.0.12
GreenBro is a personal assistant that allows you to learn moreabout your device, as well as about existing system and installedapplications. Application functions: - view the number of installedand system applications on the device; - display of the level ofcharge and temperature of the battery of the device; - Viewinformation about the device (model, manufacturer, versionandroid). For the application is available: - Share the Apk file; -launching the application; - View the application manifest; -Exporting the Apk-file to external storage; - View the report onthe permissions of the application; - uninstall the application; -Check for availability on Google Play and F-Droid; - View the dateof installation and update of the application; - View serviceinformation about the application; - Calculation of SHA-512 forApk-file. The application is at the stage of active development.Your comments and suggestions can be sent to
Apk extractor 1.0.17
The app allows you to get installed and system applications of thedevice without having access to the Internet, by extracting the APKfile of the application and save it on the device. Available forthe application: - view installed and system apps on the device; -extract APK file app; - select save path of the file (the option tosend APK file on the internal device memory and SD card); - abilityto share app link with your friends. Use your favorite appseverywhere.
Словарь атеиста 1.0.7
Приложение Словарь атеиста создано для тех ктоинтересуетсяпроблемами религии и современной деятельности церкви.Словарьзнакомит читателя с терминами и понятиями,харак­теризующимифилософию, вероучение, нравственные нормы,социальную доктринурелигий, формы и методы деятельности церкви. Встатьях приложениявы ознакомитесь с историей религии и современнымее состоянием.ВОЗМОЖНОСТИ ПРИЛОЖЕНИЯ: + Поиск по тексту статей; +Возможностьподелится статьей с друзьями; + Отправить замечания илипожелания;+ Добавление в избранное; + Настройки шрифта идневной-ночной темыдля чтения. Информация словаря собрана изоткрытых источников сетиИнтернет. Мы будем признательны зазамечания и пожеланияпользователей и постараемся учесть их вдальнейшей работе.
PDF to Image Converter free 1.8
In our age of progress and technology, time does not just run -itrushes forward by leaps and bounds. Therefore, more often inlifethere are times when you need to do something here and now, andyouare somewhere in the country (in public transport, inthemountains, at sea, yes anywhere) and only a smartphone is athandfrom gadgets. So, if you need to transfer files from pdf formattojpeg (or png) format, then we will help you. Now you can easilyandsimply translate pdf to jpg to get individual pictures fromasingle pdf file. In addition, "Converter from pdf to jpeg"offersits users the option of viewing files directly from thedevicescreen! Do I need to explain the advantages of thisapplication? -A significant saving of time and effort (it is notnecessary tofrantically search for a stationary computer with aninstalledconverter); - your docks are always at hand (the modernman seemsto be sleeping next to the phone!); - you do not sufferwith thesearch for files (the application automatically opens thefounddocks); Considering the popularity of pdf when scanningvariousdocuments (here you can find books, contracts, and justlikedpictures), conversion from pdf to jpeg becomes necessaryquiteoften. Therefore, "Converter from pdf to jpeg" is useful forboth abusinessman and a designer and will greatly facilitate thetasks.
Pixel art graphic editor from Android Tools 1.0.2
Pixel art is not only a fashionable trend, it is a whole sectionindigital painting. Every designer - professional or novice -knowsabout the advantages of this style, from light weight to acoolmemorable picture-result. The application Pixel art graphiceditorhas a wide range of actions and gives its userunlimitedopportunities for creativity. Directly from the device youcan: -change the color palette and manually select the desiredshade; -adjust the color transparency; - choose a color model (RGBor HSV);- draw by touching the finger (circle, square, line); -manageimage blur; - scale the drawing; - use tools (pipette,brush,pencil, fill); - save the result and show it. Pixart isrelativelyeasy to learn, minimalist and expressive even with poorcolorrendition, does not require special design knowledge, butfordecades it has been in demand both in advertising and among fansofretro games. To create interesting pixel projects, we need onlyadesire and a creative idea ... well, also download the pixelarteditor.
Sounds of gun shots 1.0.12
Walter, Mauser or Beretta are one of the most popular typesofpittolets in the world, and any boy knows these names almostfromthe cradle, if, of course, he is a fan. The game hasgainedpopularity all over the world and its rating continues tobreakrecords. The ability to play directly from your smartphone,you canpass the time for getting acquainted with our application"Thesounds of gun shots of all kinds." There is even a bomb soundinthe app ... do you know how the bomb sounds? It is unlikely,ifthey did not spend most of their life in the army ... well, orinthe world of militants. Our application allows you to learn howtodistinguish most of the weapons by the sounds of shots. Ofcourse,at first glance, all the guns not only look, but they soundthesame; machine guns shoot in long bursts, and grenades justandeasily explode. However, this is only at first glance: onlyanuninitiated newcomer can judge this. The annex presents thesoundsof gun shots, such as: - pistols (Browning M1918, RemingtonZig-ZagDerringer, Walter PPK); - grenades and grenade launchers(RGD 5,RG-42, Bazuka, M72 Lo, RPG 7); - machine guns (IngramMak-10,Sterling L2AZ, M134 Minigun); - rifles (Colt AR-15, PindadCC2,Famas, M-16); - automatic machines (AK-74M, AKS-74U); Inadditionto a fairly complete base of weapons, we also developed aspecial"army" interface that helps users immerse themselves intheirfavorite shooter literally "with the head." And remember,dearusers, that the time for an interesting occupation, asalways,flies imperceptibly, be it a strike or an application aboutit.
Make a video from a photo with music 1.9
How to make video? Due to stereotypes, people are sure thatthecreation of a video show is a time-consuming, lengthy process,andnot everyone can cope with such a muddled as the impositionofmusic on the video. However, it is best to choose theappropriatephotos, music track to them and try to make a videoshow. Inaddition, a photo collage with music is the bestdemonstration forthe presentation of any project. With our videomaker simple (butno less popular) slide show can create any.Application featuresallow even a novice user to feel like a realvideo guru. In yourslide show you can easily: - add photos andpictures from thedevice gallery (as well as various stickers fromthe existingcollection); - control the sequence and duration of thedisplayedframes; - animate the transition from one frame to another(setyour favorite animation and transition speed); - apply music tothephoto, choosing it either by default or from yourpersonalcollection (you can turn on and off at will); - adjust theframeformat (that is, make a video show in a single formatfromdifferent images); - save and share your masterpieces onsocialnetworks, and send to friends and colleagues. So, if youdecided tomake a video of the photos, go for it. Statistics confirmthat thevideo from the photo earns incomparably more views andlikes,serves as a more visual material than a simple flickeringofpictures, and the right music in the photo sets the right mood.
MCBox - Skins for Minecraft 1.0.20
MCBox is a crafting box where your favorite skins for Minecraft.Minecrafters wardrobe 3d ⛏contains more than 6000 ready-madecharacters, a skin editor, creating a paper model and much more.View Minecraft skins 3D, edit, print, record the creation processon video and share the skin video. You can download skin and embedit in the game and play the cards together with the new hero.Feature skins in a set of 64x64 pixels, the application alsosupports the format 64x32 (old version) and 64x64 (new version).Functional features of the app: 1. Skin creator - more than 3000elements to create a unique hero - view in 3D format - adding alower and upper layer - select a background image from the gallery- add your own background - easy viewing of the elements gallery -coloring elements with the ability to reset - reset to defaultstate In the app, you can create your characters from a variety ofsets of elements: eyes, hair, glasses, hats, sweatshirts, andpants. As well as camouflage skins for minecraft! 2. Skin editor -edit any elements from the set - upload your own skin - manyediting tools - convenient adjustment of body parts rotation forediting - wide range of colors - editing the bottom and top layer -undo the last action edit MCBox opens up the possibility for you toedit the map and any of its elements. Pencil, brush, palette, fill,eyedropper, eraser, and the most necessary editing tools. Edit theimage in 3D format, color it from all sides. 3. Paper model -creating a paper model - print from the app - save to your device -ability to share Create a paper model, print, cut, glue and play.Send it to your friends and play together. Real Minecraft 3D! 4.Other functions - - skin recorder - export to the game and gallery- create your own gallery in the app - save to your device - appbackground settings: random selection, no background, picture fromthe device 5. Unlimited access A paid version of the app isavailable in MCBox, which gives you unlimited access. In the modeof unlimited access, you can: - add themed sets with ready-madeheroes; - add custom backgrounds from your device to the app'sgallery; - there are no ads in the paid version of the app. Youwill find 24 sets that include more than 6000 skins for Minecraft.All sets are themed: mobs, skeletons, girls with ears, kids,military, camouflage skins for Minecraft, Halloween, anime,professional and many other sets with popular cartoon characters,games, TV series and celebrities. Create Minecraft skins withmcbox! Open the minecrafters wardrobe 3d, play and be a part of themcbox crafting world. MCBox for Minecraft is not developed byMojang. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB. Please note that weare not affiliated with Mojang AB but we adhere to the terms setout by Mojang AB at
Приключения Чипполино 1.0.8
Повесть Джанни Родари Приключения Чиполлино. С иллюстрациями.
Comic Reader 1.0.23
💥 Application for reading comics, manga and books insupportedformats: cbr, cbz, jpeg, png, gif The most convenientandeasy-to-use comic book reader . You can read comics with theComicReader app on your phone or tablet. The comic book readerworkswithout the Internet and is free to download! 💡 Advantages ofComicreader: - ultra-fast loading of comics into the reader; - youcanread comics for FREE; - instant display of the page of abook,comic book, manga; - save the reading progress; - search foracomic book by name in the comic library; - personalinterfacesettings: night and day modes; - easy navigation on comicsreader;- reading books, comics and manga without Internet; -promptfeedback on emerging problems in the process of usingreadera. 👍Comic Reader will help you to plunge into the fantasticworld ofcomics!