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Tutorials for Android:Examples 1.1.5
This Android Tutorial provides a complete guide for learningAndroid Application development.This tutorial for Android is mainlydivided into three sections:-a. Android Tutorials:It is in thistutorials tab, users would find the theoretical aspect about theAndroid Application Development and learn about the basic conceptsof Android. It starts from Introduction to Android to describingthe project structure till Android Data-storage .Before proceedingto Android Examples section it is recommended to refer thisTutorials tab.b. Android Examples:This example tab comprises ofbasic code samples and working demo examples. It is in this AndroidExamples section, the developer can analyse the working of Androidexamples and relate it with the Android Code. While developingApplications for Android users just need to copy and paste thecodes in the respective files in Android Studio .All the androidexamples are tried and tested in Android Studio.c. AndroidQuiz:Also , Developers can find a Quiz section where they can testtheir knowledge and conceptual understanding about the AndroidProgramming.This quiz for Android comprises of total 10 multiplechoice questions which needs to be answered within 20 mins.For eachright answer of this android quiz the score is increased by one andthe same is getting updated in the rating bar. Also this androidquiz is provided with hint which could be used as and when theneeds persists. There is an additional functionality of sharing theandroid questions with yourfriend.---------------------------------------------------AndroidTutorial Features:-Built on Latest Material Design Concept.Easy toLearn(Code Samples with working Demo Examples)Android InterviewQuestions and Answers.Content is available totallyoffline----------------------------------------------------Prerequisitesfor this Android Tutorial:-Basic Knowledge about JavaProgramming.----------------------------------------------------Thusnow learning Android Development is an easy job since thistutorials brings to you a complete guide for Android ranging fromall the topics to beginners and advanced.For all the Developers whoare new to Android it is recommended to refer the "Tutorial" tabsince it will help you to grasp the intricacies of Android.Also byclicking on the play button on examples section in list user canfind how the particular working demo of a particular AndroidExample.In short a complete android tutorial comprising of all themodules ranging from Android beginners to Android advanced conceptsalong with source code and examples. This Android tutorial can bebetter called as a beginners guide for Android :)
AngularJs Tutorial:Code&Editor 1.0.7
This AngularJs Tutorial covers all the basic aspects of creatingWeb Application using AngularJs Framework.Learning AngularJs /Anyother Programming Language is very simple,provided you have:-1. Anexcellent Tutorial describing the key aspects of theLanguage/Framework.2. Sample Codes to work with.3. An Editor whereyou can play with the code and get the output in real time.Here inthis AngularJs Tutorials we have tried to incorporate all thefeatures required for learning AngularJs from scratch.It is veryeasy to learn Angular through this "Tutorial for AngularJs" sinceyou can find the description(theory), code and an Editor to workand play with codes.AngularJs Tutorial Features:-Built on LatestMaterial Design Concept.Easy to Learn(Code Samples with workingDemo Examples)AngularJs Code EditorContent is available totallyofflineContains No Adds----------------------------------------------------Prerequisitesfor this AngularJs Tutorial:-Basic Knowledge about HTML andJavascriptProgramming.----------------------------------------------------Thusnow learning AngularJs App Development is an easy job since thistutorials brings to you a complete guide for Angular covering allthe basic aspects of web application development..For all theDevelopers who are new to AngularJs it is recommended to please gothrough the description first and then by clicking on the playbutton you can go to the Code Editor. Code Editor contains thesource code of the respective topic, which developer can modify asthey want to and see the output at real time.Also users can savetheir codes by clicking on the save icon in the title bar which canbe used at later times for reference.
This HTML Tutorial covers all the basic aspects of creating WebApplication using HTMLLearning HTML/Any other Programming Languageis very simple,provided you have:-1. An excellent Tutorialdescribing the key aspects of the Language/Framework.2. SampleCodes to work with.3. An Editor where you can play with the codeand get the output in real time.Here in this HTML Tutorials we havetried to incorporate all the features required for learning HTMLfrom scratch.It is very easy to learn HTML through this "Tutorialfor HTML" since you can find the description(theory), code and anEditor to work and play with codes.HTML Tutorial Features:-Built onLatest Material Design Concept.Easy to Learn(Code Samples withworking Demo Examples)Covers Concepts of HTML5Includes Builtin CodeEditorTopics Covered:HTML IntroductionHTML Document StructureHTMLTagsHTML TablesHTML ListsHTML LinksHTML FormsHTML ImagesHTMLMultimediaHTML StorageHTML CanvasHTML SVGLearn while playing andplay while learning with our FREE HTML Tutorial!