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Fast and easy way of reading NEWS from websites, online newspapers,magazines, blogs and social networks on your mobile Androiddevices. News aggregator Anews lets you add as many publishers asyou like (literally any RSS feed: publications, magazines, mediachannels, blogs, pages, broadcasts) and view them all in a singleapp. Now available in the United States of America! UPDATE : Newcryptocurrency category added about blockchain technology andbitcoin. Stay up to date with what's happening around you! Youwon't need any more to open lots of apps, websites, blogs andsocial media one by one! Just choose topics you are interested inand your favorite publishers, and enjoy them all in our 100% FREEnews combiner Anews! Anews is a family friendly app! 1) The mainfeature of our app is the ability to edit and personalize the newsfeed by adding and removing categories and sources. You can connectany global or regional media (New York news, LA, Washington etc.)as well as pages and communities on Facebook or Twitter accountsyou follow; 2) Real-time sync (synchronization). Every hour andevery minute you'll get the freshest news; 3) Push-notificationswill inform you about the most recent and important stories, andbuilt-in search engine will help you find and connect RSS feedseven if they are not on our list; 4) News don't have to be allabout politics! Choose topics you like - thematic or regionalmedia, blogs, communities - just any RSS channels; 5) In Anews appyou can save your favorite news and return to them later; 6) In ourapp you can comment on any material. Yet, if you are not a fan ofcomments you can simply disable comments from settings menu; 7) Ahandy app widget - read the headlines from your main screen; 8)Various modes for viewing pages - reading mode, website mode, night(dark) mode; 9) An attempt to follow and partly apply the "Materialdesign" concept for more usability and better visual outlook. AsAnews Inc. we always value our users’ experience above everythingelse! For this, if you have anything to say, please leave acomment/review here on Google Play. We would be very grateful forany feedback and will answer all questions in no time! Anews isavailable not only on your phone or tablet, but also on the web.Visit our site and read your favorite customized newsfeed Contact our Five Star support and feel free to leaveyour comments about Anews on [email protected] Millions of usersread us daily - JOIN THEM NOW!