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CITIZEN CALCULATOR by ANGEL NX is best Mobile App all over theworld and More Than 10 Million Users. We are Angel NX. We makeCITIZEN CALCULATOR gives you functions that you can see in CITIZENCALCULATOR and GST CALCULATOR with New GST Tax Rate Calculations byJust One Click. CITIZEN CALCULATOR App Key Features :- * CITIZENCALCULATOR * GST CALCULATOR OR TAX CALCULATOR * LOAN CALCULATOR *UNIT CONVERTER * CURRENCY CALCULATOR * COMPASS * AGE CALCULATORCITIZEN CALCULATOR CITIZEN CALCULATOR is one of the best Calc withmany features same as CITIZEN CALCULATOR for your regular use.Calculate like Citizen Calculator and many other calculators. Youcan use Citizen Calculator as a Business and financial Calcs alsohas features with GT, GT, M+, M-, MR, MU (Mark Up) which are usedto get profit ratio when you want to give discounts on yourproducts. gives your some options of scientific calculator. GSTCALCULATOR OR TAX CALCULATOR GST CALCULATOR gives all functionalityof GST and TAX Calculation for All country with just one SingleClick. Get results calculated as you type. We Give Two Button ADDGST and SUBSTRACT GST. * ADD GST or TAX :- Calculate any Number ofGST or TAX like +3%, +5%, +12%, +18%, +28%,+1, +2 , +15, +0.1, +40.8, Etc. * SUBSTRACT GST or TAX :- Calculate any Number of GST orTAX like -3%, -5%, -12%, -18%, -28%, -6, -1, -0.9, -17.6, - 33.3,Etc. LOAN CALCULATOR Citizen Calculator also has feature of LoanCalculator by which you can calculate Loan EMI, Loan amount, Loaninterest rate, Loan period, Loan Installment Amount and CalculateEMI on monthly and Yearly basis.. WHERE TO USE: * Personal Loans *Home Loan * Mortgage Loan * Business Loan * CC or Overdraft Loan *Auto Loan * Business Overdraft UNIT CONVERTER Citizen Calc is alsowith feature of Unit Converter. Unit Converter Features with ManyUnits :- 1. Area :- Square Kilometer, Hectare, Square Meter, squareMile, Acre, Square yard, Square Foot, Square Inch. 2. Length :-Kilometer, Meter, Centimeter, Millimeter, mile, Yard, Foot, inch,Nautical Mile. 3. Temperature :- Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin. 4.Volume :- Cubic meter, Liter, Milliliter, Cubic Foot, Cubic Inch,Imperial gal, Imperial pint, US gal, Quart, Pint, Cup, Oz, US tbsp,tsp. 5. Mass/weight :- Metric Ton, Kilograms, Gram, Milligram, Mcg,Long Ton, Short Ton, Stone, Pounds, Ounce, Tons. 6. Speed :-Miles/hour, Feet/Sec, Meters/Sec, Km/hour , Knot. 7. FuelConsumption :- MPG (US), MPG (imp.), km/liter , liter/100km, etc.8. Digital Storage :- Bit, Byte, Kilobit, Kilobyte, Megabyte,Gigabit, Gigabyte, Terabit, Terabyte, Petabit, Petabyte. 9. Time :-Nanosecond, Microsecond, Millisecond, Second, Minute, Hour, Day,Week, Month, Year, Month, Year, Decade, Century. CURRENCY CONVERTERCurrency Converter is best for live exchange rate. We put + Sign,Select more than one country so you can show more than onecountry’s exchange rate at a time. All Country Currency includedEuropean Countries, Asian Countries, American Countries , AfricanCountries, Middle East, like USA, Canada, India, Australia, Uk ,China, Japan , Pakistan, France , Germany, Spain, Indonesia,Tanzania, Mali, Bangladesh, Nepal, South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia,Saudi Arabia, UAE, and many more. DIGITAL COMPASS Digital compassis with Longitude and Latitude and its Simple to use. Use it like areal compass. Professional design with incredibly smooth movementswith True North. AGE CALCULATOR Age Calculator is one more bestFeature of Citizen Calculator App Where you can calculate your Agein Year, Month, Weeks, days, Hours, Minutes and Second. Also youcan show your Next Birthday by Days for many years. SETTING By Helpof setting Button you can set your requirement Like Sound andVibration. You can ON/OFF Sound and also ON/OFF Vibration. Anysuggestion from user is welcomed. If you like our Mobile APP Pleasegive your best rating to Citizen Calculator and share it with yourfriends and Groups. Thanks.
We are Angel NX and we are solving business problem by Making ofInnovative Applications for Regular Usage and Business Purpose.CALCULATOR App gives you all functionality of CITIZEN CALCULATORwith additional functionality including GST buttons of +3%, +5%,+12%, +18%, +28% and -3%, -5%, -12%, -18%, -28% with just oneSingle Click for India. Calculate like Citizen Calculator and manyother calculators. Calculator App holds many features for simplecalculation like (+) Addition, (-) Subtraction, (*) Multiplication,(/) Divide and (%) Percentage. M+, M-, MR, GT, MU (Mark Up) whichare used to get profit ratio when you want to give discounts onyour products. Calculator App is also useful for some options ofscientific calculator. CALCULATOR APP Key Features:- * CALCULATOR *GST OR TAX CALCULATOR * LOAN EMI CALCULATOR * UNIT CONVERTER *CURRENCY CALCULATOR * AGE CALCULATOR CALCULATOR CALCULATOR is oneof the best calculator app with many features same as CITIZEN orORPAT CALCULATOR for your regular use, Business and financialcalculator. GST OR TAX CALCULATOR GST CALCULATOR gives allfunctionality of GST and TAX Calculation for All country with justone Single Click. GST CALCULATOR APP Calculate CGST, SGST and IGST,Include GST, Exclude GST with Single Click. You can also Share yourGST calculations. ADD GST or TAX :- Calculate any Number of GST orTAX like +3%, +18%, +28%,+1.8, +2 , +15, +0.1, +12.3, + 40.8, Etc.SUBSTRACT GST or TAX :- Calculate any Number of GST or TAX like-3%, -5.9%, -12%, -6, -22, -0.9, -17.6, - 33.3, Etc. LOAN EMICALCULATOR Loan EMI Calculator also has feature of Loan Calculatorby which you can calculate Loan EMI, Loan amount, Loan interestrate, Loan period, Loan Installment Amount and Calculate EMI onmonthly and Yearly basis. USEFUL FOR: Personal Loans - Home Loan -Mortgage Loan - Business Loan - CC or Overdraft Loan - Auto Loan -Business Overdraft UNIT CONVERTER :- 1. Area:- Square Kilometer,Hectare, Square Meter, square Mile, Acre, Square yard, Foot, Inch.2. Length:- Kilometer, Meter, Centimeter, Millimeter, mile, Yard,Nautical Mile. 3. Temperature:- Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin. 4.Volume:- Cubic meter, Liter, Milliliter, Cubic Foot, pint, US gal,Quart, Pint, Cup, Oz, tbsp,tsp. 5. Mass/weight:- Metric Ton, Kg,Gram, Milligram, Mcg, Long Ton, Short Ton, Stone, Pounds, Ounce,Tons. 6. Speed:- Miles/hour, Feet/Sec, Meters/Sec, Km/hour, Knot.7. Fuel Consumption:- MPG (US), MPG (imp.), km/liter, liter/100km8. Digital Storage:- Bit, Byte, Kilobit, Kilobyte, Megabyte,Gigabit, Terabit, Terabyte, , Petabyte. 9. Time :- Nanosecond,Micro &Milli second, Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month,Year, Month, Year, Decade, Century. CURRENCY CONVERTER :- CurrencyConverter is best for live exchange rate. You can show Updateexchange rate and Every Minute it will be Automatically Update. AllCountry Currency included European Countries, Asian Countries,American Countries , African Countries, Middle East, like USA,Canada, India, Australia, America , China, Japan , Pakistan, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia,Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Etc... AGECALCULATOR :- Age Calculator is one more best Feature of CalculatorApp Where you can calculate your Age in Year, Month, Weeks, days,Hours, Minutes and Second. Also you can show your Next Birthday byDays for Next 10 years With Days. SETTING By Setting Option, We canchange Sound and Vibration Mode. You can ON/OFF Sound andVibration. You can also send us your suggestions by Help of SettingFeature “Suggestion”. Calculator APP is very useful for FinancialCalculator, Business Calculator, Office Calculator, Tax Calculator,GST Calculator, Shop Calculator, MSME Calculator, MU Calculator,Tax plus Calculator, Student Calculator, Etc… Any suggestions fromuser are welcomed. If you like our application please Rate our AppCALCULATOR and Share with you Group.
CALL RECORDER - With Audio cut Technology 1.1
Welcome to the Automatic call recorder. This application works asan automatic phone call recorder and voice recorder. Now you canrecord phone calls from both sides free, record phone conversationduring a call, record call automatically, manage and share yourrecording files with ease. Record phone calls while on phonefastest and simplest at any time. You can record voice while you'reon a phone call instantly without fees, no sign-in required, noWifi connection required. Auto record calls without minuteslimitation. Do not hesitate to download this phone call recorderboth sides free. The Highlights of automatic phone recorder app 1Free auto call recorder incoming and outgoing best sound quality 2No internet connection required when call recording incoming andoutgoing 3 Display a notification when the call is started 4 Sortthe recording list by time and name 5 Automatic call recording highquality 6 Protect privacy with password 7 Unlimited call recordingautomatic * More than a regular 2 way call recorder, we offer afree phone recorder automatic with the following useful features:1. Automatic two side call recorder Recording mechanism: recordall, record the numbers in contacts/outside the contacts, create alimited list Auto incoming outgoing call recorder Create anexcluded numbers list with the call recorder automatic Record aphone call conversation unlimited time and unlimited calls Shownotification with phone recorder both sides of the conversationduring calls Easy review with the phone call recorder while onphone 2. Call Recording Cutter If u do not share full recording socutter to cut recording and share your recording. 3. Easily manageand edit your recording files View detailed information: phonenumber, call date, call time, location to save the file Sortrecordings by: all calls, incoming calls, outgoing calls, favoriteSort recordings by chronological order 4. Share and save recordingfiles Save file formats: mp3, m4a, ogg Share recordings withfriends via social networks or email The development team is tryingto create the best recording call incoming g outgoing apps. If youhave any requests to calling recording app or calling recorder appdownload, feel free to comment below. Sincerely, do not forget torate 5?.