Angry Chickens Apps

Bounce Ball Classic 1.0
🏀 Now, you can comfortably play game Bounce classic game of yourold brick fone device in your Android devices with Bounce Ballclassic . Bounce Ball classic consists of the 11 original levels ofthe game packed as an Bounce original. Move red ball to collect allrings and beware of dangerous thorns and impediment.💥💥 GameFeatures: 💥💥⚡ It is real classic game, bring you come back tochildhood⚡ Completely free game⚡ Fantastic HD graphics⚡ Intuitiveand easy controls⚡ Keep intact level of Bounce original ⚡ Intuitivemap, easy to remember.💥💥 How to play: 💥💥🏀 Control red ball bouncingand fly through thorns and impediment. You can make bouncing ballsfloat on the water surface and fly higher. Remember collect allrings to unlock next levels.Try to pass 11 levels to become thewinner and stay in touch with your friends and beat their scores.🏀Bounce Ball classic - Bounce classic game which for years wasdriving you crazy and draining the battery of your old cellphone.Bounce Ball classic android version still retains the same designas bounce original. Intuitive bouncing balls effect with beautifulinterface will bring you enjoyable experiences.📞 Contact 🏀 Dowload Bounce Ball classic now andenjoy !
Angry Chicken: Knock Down 2.1
💣 Have you ever played slingshot in your childhood? Now you canplay slingshot with your phone. You will use your slingshot and tryknock down the crazy birds and angry chicken.💣 Features: 💣🐔 Angrychicken knock down bad pig🐔 Simple & beautiful graphics.🐔Relaxing sounds and music🐔 Missions and challenge mode🐔 Easy to use- hard to master🐔 Share your score easily with friends.🐔 Unlock thelevels by using your skills.💣 How to play: 💣🐔 To control theslingshot and shoot with it, you just need to press and hold yourfinger on the slingshot to equip it.🐔 And then move your finger tothe right and left to aim at the target, move it forward orbackward to specify the power.🐔 And release your finger to shoot.💣Shoot the crazy bird, crazy chicken, knock down angry chicken withdifferent slingshot. You can also zoom in, zoom out and move thegame scene to see close look. Just aim and shoot the targets.Collect stars to unlock new slingshots. Angry chicken game issuitable for all ages. You can knock down crazy chicken atdifferent levels, by playing this game. Here, you not only get theexperience of using a slingshot but also can knock down angrychicken , crazy bird, crazy chicken.💣 Slingshot shooting can bechallenging! It is a free app and will remain free forever.✉ Ifthere are any problems or suggestions please contact us💣 Download and enjoy it !
Crazy Chicken - jungle pigs 1.0
💣 The pigs are attacking your territory! Fend them off by flingingcrazy chicken and crazy bird at them. Don't let them destroy theterritory, and don't let them take down your slingshots either! 💣Features 💣 🐔 Amazing & challenging more different levels.🐔Smooth & easy game control.🐔 HD graphics.🐔 New crazy bird item,angry chicken item, crazy chicken item added🐔 Ingame update: tohave always the latest levels created🐔 Extremely simple controls -swipe to throw, touch to boost! 💣 How to play: 🐔 Use your finger topull back on the rubber band and launch angry chicken to knock downbad pigs. The farther back you pull, the farther your crary chickenwill fly.🐔 To control the slingshot angry chicken and shoot withit, you just need to press and hold your finger on the slingshot toequip it.🐔 And release your finger to shoot angry chicken. 💣 Thegame is to knock down the bad pigs using a slingshot and crazy birdand crazy chicken. It has many unique and interesting levels whereyou have to knock down all them using your logical and aimingskills to complete a level. Try to keep your planet intact for aslong as possible in order to get the highest score! 💣 Contact withus: 💣 Download now ! shoot and knock downbad pigs with angry chicken.