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Counter Sniper-Critical Strike 1.4
Play as a Special force team leader to counter strike the brutalarmed terrorists commandos who are engaged in blackout and warfareagainst your team fortress. The enemy commandos strike will neverlet you take a breath, so start shooting until every one of them isdown!FEATURES:- Great graphics for a very small sized First PersonShooter!- 30 Great levels to finish which means hours of fungameplay!- Real 3D and completely free!- Fast loading game, verylow waiting times, as game is meant for pure enjoyment! If you likethe game, do rate us in the Google Play Store!This game is forhardcore gamers who enjoy the top latest FPS, shooting and racinggames
Zombie Hunter-Sniper City 3D 1.2
Rise up to the challenge Hero in zombie hunter! Save humanity, endthe zombie apocalypse!In this world filled with despair, raise yourarm and fight against the zombie horde to the bitter end!Take allyour weapons and fight a battle of blood against the endless wavesof zombies!Background:You and your sniper rifle are the onlysurvivors of a zombie infection. In this free shooter game a virusinfected the whole world except you. All your city is infected andblood is everywhere. Shoot zombies in the head to be the bestkiller of the city and survive, or just become another zombie likethem. In Zombie Sniper City 3D you will need to manage your gunshipand bullets and kill every undead before they drive you todeath!It's have two modes: Hunter Mode and Protect Mode.Differentfeeling , different modes .HOW TO PLAY:-equipment silencer will notbe found in few times to killer Enemy .-upgrade your weapon'smagazine to increase capacity and reduce reloads.-upgrade yourweapon's scopes to increase damage and zoom.-upgrade your weapon'ssilencer to increase critical.- upgrade levels increase hp maxvalue.-kill npc before he alert will not spotted.-kill star Enemywill get surprise.Features:-Enjoy shocking music and soundeffect!-Experience the sensation of firing wildly!-Kill differentkinds of zombies!-New weapons and upgrade system!-Challenging rolegrowth system!-Completely Free!