Animan Publishing Apps

Mystery Forest - Match 3 2.64
Not so simple in a mysterious forest - to collect berries andmushrooms you have to overcome many trials! Colorful game of thegenre three in a row with a huge number of levels, power-ups andobstacles! Do not waste your time and go to the mysterious forest!
Candy Land - Match 3 1.67
Candy Land is a sweet game genre match 3! In the game, you need toswap sweets to combine at least three of the same in a row.Collecting sweets next to obstacles, you destroy them and pass thelevel. In the candy land you will find a large number of levels,obstacles and bonuses! And also nice graphics, soundtrack andexciting levels-puzzles. At this point in the game more than 1000levels! And this is not the limit - new ones appear regularly!Welcome to the Candy Land!
Mini Casino Slots 1.02
This is a game for all lovers of gambling and slot machines! Joinand free try your luck in slots! If you are tired of playing formoney and want to relax, then this game is for you! Features: A newsystem of slots 3x3! 8 different combinations, as well as bonuses!Very compact game! The ability to play for free and regularlyreceive game currency! Pleasant graphics and soundtrack! Join Now!9f7b304ed7
Secrets of the Castle - Match 3 1.31
Secrets of the Castle is an exciting match 3 game with a thousandsof levels! Solve all the secrets of the ancient mysterious castleand go through a lot of puzzles! The rules of the game are that youmust combine at least 3 jewels in a row! But not everything is sosimple - in this you will be hampered by obstacles, which noteveryone can overcome! Features: Enjoy more than 2000 excitinglogical levels! Beautiful graphics and effects! Various obstaclesand bonuses! Completely free match 3 game! No internet required!
Raccoon's Adventure: The Pirate Island - Match 3 1.215
Adventures of the Raccoon: The Pirate Island - an exciting match 3game! Help Raccoon find the treasure on the island of pirates! Inthe game, you need to swap jewels so that you can collect three ormore identical jewels in a row! Thus, you will destroy obstacles,collect bonuses and pass logical levels! Features: Classicaddictive gameplay! Great graphics and sound! Lots of levels! Nolimits on life and time!
Tiger Adventures - Match 3 1.04
A lot of amazing adventures awaits Tiger in his treasure hunt!Inthis exciting game of the genre "match 3" you have to overcome manyobstacles, fight with insidious bees and make your way through thejungle for the sake of finding precious treasures!Features:Hundredsof fascinating levels!Lots of bonuses and obstacles!Completelyfree!Ability to play without the Internet!There are no restrictionson time or lives!
Owl Adventures: Match 3 1.011
Join the adventures of a mechanical owl! In this match 3 game: -Multiple levels - Nice graphics and soundtrack - Various obstaclesand bonuses - Ability to play for free and without internet Movethe jewels to collect three or more identical jewelson the sameline. Destroy obstacles and pass through many puzzle levels!
Alchemix - Match 3 1.103
The wizard Alchemix conceived to invent a magic elixir, but forthis he has to go through many difficult challenges! You arewaiting for an unforgettable adventure in our enchanted world, alot of secrets and mysteries. Rather, start playing this excitingmatch 3 game! What is interesting about Alchemix? - Lots ofinteresting logic levels! - Magic music! - Awesome atmosphere ofmystery and magic! - A large number of unusual obstacles! -Glittering crystals! - Unique bonuses and chip combinations! -Possibility to play for free and without internet! We wish you asuccessful game and unforgettable impressions!