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Anime Dress Up - Games For Girls 1.1.9
Hey, little fashionistas! Are you a Manga, Anime and Japanese popculture fan? If so, the new Anime Dress Up is the game for you! Inthis virtual beauty / makeover game, you get to style beautifulgirls! There are 6 cute girls, 4 backgrounds and 250 clothing itemsto choose from! There are no in-app purchases in the game,everything is free! Anime Dressup is one of the free dressup gameson Google Playstore, that gives you the chance to dress them allup. All you've got to do is bring out the fashionista in you! Startdressing up animatronic dolls as you wish! We admire manga culture,especially the kawaii highschool girl look. You may dress up aschoolgirl in high heels, the traditional short-skirted high schoollooks, chibi princess, or the Japanese sailor suits that girlslove! Every girl loves dress up games and makeovers. It's a cutegame that you'll enjoy playing in your free time. You'll love theawesome anime graphics, and the trendy and fashionable outfits! Itis like you are in a salon with lots of trendy, fancy, high fashiondresses and accessories. There are millions of possiblecombinations that will allow for seemingly endless fun! AnimeDressup Features: * No in-app purchases! You can't spend any realmoney here! * Awesome Hairstyles * Cutest Kawaii girls ever! * Nicecollection of dresses, pants, shorts, skirts, adorable pets andmore! * Several backgrounds to choose from * Over 250 of items,millions of combinations Download this game and start your fabulousmakeover now! Check "More by Games For Girls" to download and playmore girl games free!
Anime Princess Dress Up 1.2.1
This new makeover game features 6 cute princesses drawn in animestyle, 4 backgrounds and 240+ items (hairstyles, dresses, tops,skirts, accessories and lot more) which can be mixed and matched tocreate millions of combinations. Great news: nothing is locked! Thewhole game is free, no in-app purchases here, you can't spend realmoney! Actually, all our games for girls are absolutely free, withno small print or sneaky credit card charges. We've got a huge listof games already, be sure to check them out! Just follow the "Moreby Dress Up Games For Girls". In the similar graphical styledownload girl dressup games "Anime Dress Up", "Cute Anime", "ChibiPrincess", "Manga Dress Up". Or, for western style, see "PrincessDress Up", "Cute Princess", "Arabian Princess", "Indian Princess"and more.
Chibi Doll - Avatar Creator 2.0
That’s a brand new avatar maker and doll dress up game! Now you canmake your own character so easily! You can use your pastel doll asan cute avatar for social networks or make kawaii wallpapers withyour adorable dolls! Surprise your friends, unleash yourimagination and upgrade your creative skills! Pick up the skincolor of your chibi character from an infinite number of colors!Choose your favorite hairstyle and also customize it’s color. Dressup dolls from variety of clothing items. Pick up the wings for yourlittle doll. Now it’s time to decide what kind of eyes, mouth andeyebrows your cute avatar is going to have. Huge amount of faceaccessories such as freckles, moles, blush are also available inour anime maker. Pick up pets for your kawaii doll so that shedoesn’t feel lonely. Final touch is background! Many pastelwallpapers is in your hands. Well.. It’s time to save your pasteldoll on your device! If you like doll dress up and anime makergames, you will definitely love this one! Make your own chibicharacter and show it to your friends. Surprise them by makingtheir avatars. Gather your own collection of kawaii dolls! * Fullcustomization of skin color and hairstyle * High variety of wingsfor your pastel doll * Create chibi yourself or make avatars foryour friends! * Make your own kawaii wallpapers * Facial featuresand accessories * Cute pets for your chibi character * Many clothesitems ~ If you liked our avatar creator, check our other highquality doll dress up games and anime maker games! Just follow thelink: «More by Anime Dress Up Games» and enjoy new makeover games!~
Kawaii High School Fashion - Anime Makeover 1.0.6
This new dressup & beauty app is for otakus of mangacomics,fans of Japanese popular culture and all young fashionistaswhoenjoy styling virtual dolls. Create that beautiful,super-cuteschoolgirl look for animatronic characters from literallyhundredsof apparel articles (dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, jackets,suits,pants, shorts, socks), hairstyles, jewelry, accessoriesandadorable pets. You can design the Asian sailor college uniformaswell as casual outfits and many other, for different occasions.8high-detail backgrounds will define the setting. Choose from 4skincolors, pick facial features and makeup, then rummage throughthevast selection of fashionable garments to train yourfashiondesigner skills. When you've completed the best outfit forthedoll, press the "Camera" button to create a screenshot. Uploaditto social networks to show off your talent to your friends! Ifyouare in love with Japan, cartoonish anime graphics, chibiprincessesand short-skirted fashionista teenagers, press "Moregames" buttoninside the game to download and play more of ourfabulous cosplay,salon & dressing games. Our makeovers andoutfit designer appsare loved by millions of players in the world.Improve your senseof style and fashion in our girl games by fittingtogether clothesinto awesome looks: traditional, fancy, trendy,classy, casual,rebellious or sweet.
Anime Kawaii Dress Up 5.3
Modern street Japanese fashion coming to you with this greatcolourful animated "dress up" game! 6 cute dolls of different skincolor are ready to dress a stylish outfit which is a mixture ofstyles such as kawaii, daily European fashion, fairy tales,futuristic sci-fi and more. Create anime avatar and picture her!*** The game is absolutely free. No purchases needed! *** Japanesehip-hop been present among Tokyo's underground club scene,influenced the mainstream fashion industry with oversized andcoloured clothes and tanned skin. Plenty of Tokyo styles has beenmixed for the young fashionistas: Gyaru, Lolita, Kogal, Ganguro,Bōsōzoku, Decora, Kuroi Niji, Mori Girl, Kimono and sure Visual kei(oshare, angura, cult party, dolly, fairy). Nowadays it's commonclothes for modern asian youth aged from high school to college.Categories of this game includes skirts, dresses, hairstyles,shirts, tops, jackets, cute accessories, jewelry, necklaces,handbags, kawaii leggings, tights and more! When you play dress upand makeover games for girls you train your skills in stylist andfashion designer profession. Dress anime girls because theirwardrobe is impeccable and they are gorgeous anime-kawaiifashionistas. Modern youth which prefer wearing subculture attirecan be found in districts like Odaiba, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ginza,Aoyama or Harajuku. And if you really interested in this fenomenonand can't travel Japan right now you can play our game "AnimeKawaii Dress Up for Girls"! If you want to find other amazing freedress up games press "More Games" and you will get to the page of"Best Dress Up Games For Girls". More dress up games for girls:
Anime Couples Dress Up Game 1.0.8
Choose one of the 4 cute couples with different skin color anddressthem up! You can dress up both the girl and the guy on thesamescreen. There are over 250 items in the game (all free!), ofwhich150 are for the girl and 100 for the boy to wear. Design thebestoutfit for each couple, make a screenshot and share it withyourfriends! Make the lovers look adorable on their romantic date!Theyhad a crush on each other in high school, and they are stillin loveafter graduation. They will have a wedding soon! It will beso muchfun to pick a wedding dress and all those importantaccessorieswhich comprise a fancy bridal outfit. In her diary thegirl alreadydreams about the wedding party, the honeymoon (with aromantic worldtour!) and the future marriage life. Do you loveanime dress up orcouple makeover games with anime graphics, kawaiiJapanese girls andprincesses? Check out new similar games from ourstudio by followingthe link "More by Anime Dress Up Games" andplay high quality dressup games on your smartphone! All our gamesare completely free, withno locks, timers or in-app purchases.
Romantic Dress Up - Girls Games 1.2
You have probably been waiting for our new dress up game and hereit is! New anime date dress up game, where you should dress mangagirl for a walk with her crush. If you like anime love couples andromantic date dress up games, this game is what you were searchingfor. They should perfectly match each other. You are able tocustomize the whole girl’s look, starting from the selection ofskin color and face features to the selection of accessories. Theanime girl makeover salon is in your hands! Congratulations, youfell in love with the most handsome high school guy! You’re aboutto become a romantic couple and you can feel it! You’re walking inthe park, see each other in the school corridors, and even havelessons together! That means you should look perfect everyday! Nowyou have a huge selection of outfits, accessories, shoes hairstylesand many more items! Became the top high school couple and startromantic story. *Customize girl’s appearance* Yes, now you can pickup not only skin color but also face features such as eyebrows,eyes, mouth and nose. You can make kawaii girl who looks like youor like your girl friends in our anime girl makeover game! Have funand experiment with the girl's appearance. *Show your stylistabilities* There are a lot of accessories (sunglasses, decorations,pendants) and clothing items in this game, such as dresses,trousers, sweatshirts, tops, shirts, pants, stockings and shoes.The whole romantic date dress up game is at your disposal! Chooseappropriate hairstyle for the whole outfit. It’s a romantic story,so you should look really lovely! *Pick up a guy you like the most*As soon as you finish with manga girl, choose the guy you like.There are four types of boyfriends so you can pick up the perfectone to make a romantic couple of your dream. Everything is in yourhands in this game. In addition to the guy, choose the backgroundin which the meeting will occur. Everything is important, cause youwant them to be a top high school couple. They can meet each otherin school corridor or at a lesson, they may walk after studying orthe girl may preparing in her room for a date. *Take a love pictureas a keepsake* When you feel that your girl is kawaii and she withher boyfriend are perfectly match each other you can take a pictureof them, by clicking camera button inside the application. Show offyour work and your talent to your friends! In conclusion, this newromantic date dress up game for all fans of anime love couples,romantic story and anime girl makeover games. Dress up manga girland make a perfect romantic couple! Improve your stylist abilitiesand have fun with this high school couple! If you liked our gameand want more, we have a lot of anime dress up and anime lovecouples games! Just follow the link “More games” and play new highquality dressing games!
Anime Girls Fashion - Makeup & Dress up 1.0.7
If you are both a fashionista and a fan of Japan and asian popculture of anime comics, this new beauty & styling app is foryou. Design amazing outfits for cute animatronic characters drawnin manga style. Start with make-up for the beautiful virtual girl,then pick a fancy hairstyle, the garments and accessories from anawesome selection of 200+ articles. All otakus of comic chibiprincesses and moe highschool girls will enjoy the familiarshort-skirted schoolgirl look. Apart from the traditional sailorhigh school uniform, there is a huge lineup of other fashionableitems for a young woman: shoes with high heels, suits, dresses,pants, shorts, skirts. As a bonus, there are 25 adorable pets(cats, dogs, rabbits and squirrels). Everything in the game isfree: no in-app purchases, locks or tricks. Train your skills asoutfit designer by dressing up cartoon cuties in fabulous appareland creating gorgeous looks with makeup and hairstyles in a beautysalon. Download and play our best doll makeovers and trendy dressupapps in the "More by Anime Dress Up Games" list or by pressing the"More games" button inside the application. We have nice cosplaygames for otaku fashionistas with cartoonish graphics: "Anime DressUp", "Chinese Girls", "Kawaii High School Girls" and more.
Chibi Boy – Doll Maker 1.3
Special edition of "Chibi Doll - Avatar Maker" game! Brand newChibi Boy maker! New clothes and accessories, more colors and gameoptions! If you like creating pastel girls in our chibi maker, butalways wanted to have more boys items and more boys options, hereit is! We made a new version of our chibi character creator game:"Chibi Boy – Doll Maker", let’s play it now! This is the secondpart of the coolest chibi character creator "Chibi Doll" dress upgame! Now you have the opportunity to make not only little pastelgirls in chibi maker, but also chibi boy in our new doll game! Highquality chibi dolls dress up games to create attractive pastel boyavatar. You can use your chibi as an avatar for social networks oras a beautiful pastel wallpapers, it’s up to you! Create your owncharacter so easily! Choose the skin color for your chibi boy froman infinite number of colors of chibi boy maker! Then, pick uphairstyle you like most and also customize it’s color. The nextpart is chibi dolls dress up process. Use clothes from variety ofclothing items, pick up wings and accessories for your pastel boy.Now it’s time to decide what kind of eyes, mouth and eyebrows yourchibi doll is going to have. Huge amount of face accessories suchas freckles, moles, blush are also available in our chibi charactercreator. Final touch is background! Many pastel wallpapers is inyour hands in chibi maker. It’s time to save your pastel doll onyour device! If you like doll dress up and anime maker games, youwill definitely love this one! Make your own chibi boy characterand show it to your friends. Surprise them by making their avatars.Gather your own collection of kawaii dolls! * New chibi dolls dressup game to create chibi boy! * Full customization of skin color andhairstyle * High variety of accesories for your pastel boy * Createchibi yourself or make avatars for your friends! * Make your ownpastel wallpapers * Different facial features in chibi maker * Manyclothes items in our doll game If you liked our pastel boycharacter creator, chibi dolls avatar maker and other chibi dressup and doll games, check our other high quality doll dress up gamesand anime maker games! Just follow the link: «More by Anime DressUp Games» and enjoy new makeover games!
Anime Fantasy Dress Up - RPG Avatar Maker 1.3
Do you like manga or anime girl dress up games? Sure you do!Andwhat's you've really missed is fantasy anime dress up in aRolePlaying Games style! 6 cute anime girls are looking for a goodRPGfan to dress them up! The game is completely free. No purchasesinthis anime dress up game whatsoever! Among 300+ items you willfindall of the major RPG character styles: warrior or fighter,knightand paladin, archer and ranger, berserker, thief, assassin,rogue,monk or martial artist, priest and healer, mage and wizarddruid,even summoner and necromancer. Mix this styles and dress upyourcute and fancy avatar girl! If you're addicted to manga dressupgames, come see these gorgeous rpg character creator!Fantasyprincesses are just waiting for stylish makeovers and newwonderfuldressups. Use your kawaii sense and create your owncharacter, makethe best outfit for each fantasy girl. Choosehairstyle, dress,jackets, leggings, shoes, necklaces, weapons,fantastical fantasypets and other accessories for your anime orkawaii girls. All ofour fashion and makeover and doll dress upgames for girls arecompletely and truly free. Check them out anddownload them to yourAndroid phone or tablet, tap on "More Games"link to download BestDress Up Games for Girls. Thousands of itemsand dolls in allpossible settings and styles await!
Furry Dress Up 1.3
Good news for all fans of furries and dress up games! Here isabrand new furries avatar creator! Now you can make your ownanimecharacter. These furries are so different in our furry maker.Theycan have nose or beak, and sure there are a lot of clothes soyoucan dress them however you like! Do you like anime dress upgamesor dolls makeovers? Were you dreaming of anime furry creatororfurry maker? Then you will like this dressing game. Here youcancreate anthropomorphic avatar and to became a real furry! Youcanmodify your character’s eyes, mouth, and color of the skin orfur.Add wings and dress up your anime character in all sorts ofoutfitsin this furries avatar creator! Fashion salon for furries isatyour disposal! Features: - High quality graphics in the furrymaker- High variety of fursuits - Ability to change eyes and mouth-Skin color customization - Intuitive interface If you likethisfurries avatar creator and want more, we have other similaranimedress up games and makeovers. Just press the «More by AnimeDressUp Games» link and play high quality avatar creator andanimemakeover games!
Chibi Unicorn – Kawaii Avatar Maker 1.0
Do you like chibi dolls? Meet their adorable animals – unicorns🦄.Enjoy new kawaii avatar maker with pony unicorns. Thesemagiccreatures are so little, cute, colorful, and shiny. 🌈Createunicorns from scratch: start with skins and horns 🌈 Livelyanimatedeyes, brows, and lips 🌈 Vast choice of clothes, shoes,accessories,wings, glitter 🌈 Change color of any clothing item youlike 🌈Different poses and backgrounds 🌈 Save screenshots and usethem asyour kawaii wallpaper 🌈 All unicorns stay in your collectionNewchibi game is the coolest combination of rainbow unicorn gamesandanime avatar maker! Dress up and makeover little ponyunicorns,make as many characters as you want. Make them look likepaperdolls in bright or pastel colors, cute or cool, with wingsorwithout. It’s even more fun than a doll maker. Start dressingupchibi pets and create your magic anime avatar. Decorate littleponywith multiple animated items, glitter or turn it into Pegasusorunicorn. Anime characters have never been so cute with littleshoesfor four legs, shiny mantels, and winking eyes. Useyouropportunity to create unique unicorn wallpaper in these newgamesfor girls. Create your own character from the world ofmagicunicorns, choose backgrounds and save the picture on yourphone.The little pony unicorns are so cute, you’ll like to dressthem! Ifyou like to play anime games or unicorn 🦄 games for girls,dress upchibi dolls, create your own characters in avatar makers orjust afan of rainbow unicorns and dolls dress up games, downloadthesenew girl games about chibi unicorns. Then, come for moreanimedress up games for girls by clicking «More Games» buttoninsidethis avatar maker.
Anime Avatar - Face Maker 1.4
Do you think of changing your profile photo or just want tocreateyour own anime character? This game is what you where lookingfor!Create your own character in anime girls and boys animeavatarmaker! Change the profile picture and surprise your friendsusinganime portrait maker. Now, you can be whoever you want:kawaiianime princess, fairy, monster girl and boy or furry! Designyourown character in our anime avatar creator with differentclothesitems, accessories, hairstyles and facial expressions. Let’sopenavatar studio and make your own character today! 👩👩‍🦰👩‍🦱Download“Anime Avatar - Face Maker” - one of the coolest anime facemakersand manga character creators! 👨🧑🧔 New high quality animeavatarmaker, where you can make your own character the way youwant! Isit gonna be a boy or girl? What kind of skin color will ithas? Ormaybe your anime character won’t have a certain gender andwill bea fantasy creature? It’s up to you! Huge amount of detailsmakesthis avatar factory special among other character creators.Let’smake a monster girl or use the game as a furry maker. Somanythings are in your hands in this anime avatar creator.Fullcharacter customization in anime portrait maker: pick upfacialfeatures as eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth. Choose facialdetailsand accessories. Add human, monster creature or furry earsandfantasy tail if you want for your anime girls and boys.Hairstyleis a very important thing either. It can make yourcharacter moreordinary or fantasy RPG look like. Now it’s time todress up! Somany clothes items will help you to gather your outfit.The animeavatar maker becomes more and more funny! You boy andgirlcharacters want to have hair accessories Let’s put hats,bows,headbands and many other things on their heads. The finaltouch isgestures. Took perfect hands expression to finish youranime girlsand boys characters. Show off with your own avatar makerand createunique avatars! 🧝🧜🧚🦸 Features of “Anime Avatar - FaceMaker”: 👦Make your own character the way you want 👧 Surprise yourfriendswith your new digital appearance 👦 Avatar factory with highlevelof customization 👧 Express different emotions with all kindsofeyes, eyebrows and mouth in manga character creator 👦 Pick uphandgestures to express your characters 👧 Choose fromvariousbackgrounds to suit your characters 👦 Save your animecharacter inyour phone gallery 👧 Use your avatars of anime girlsand boys aswallpapers, profile pictures and share them with mates 👦Createfurry characters, fantasy RPG princesses or friend avatars Soifyou were looking for anime avatar maker and always wanted tocreateyour own character, this cute avatar factory is just for you!Standout from others by changing your profile photo to cool animeavatarusing this anime portrait maker! Do you love anime and manga?Thendownload this manga character creator! Now you have your ownavatarmaker and able to design your own character! Isn’t it cool?If youwant more anime face maker or manga character creator apps,click“More Games” button in the app and play high quality avatarstudioand anime avatar maker games.