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Ants ?! 1.3
ANTS ?! - Free Action Tower Defense! Ants explores player’sreasoning ability, forcing them to make quick decisions in anaction / tower defense game where waiting to take the next step canmake all the difference, all of this just at your garden, wherehordes of ants, spiders, grasshoppers, bees, an and many otherinsects tries to destroy your beloved bushe. FEATURES: - It is afree game without invasive ads. - Variety of insect: enemies withunique characteristics . - Easy to play: just defend your bushsmashing the insects . And, of course, the Ants ! - Bosses, bosses,and more Bosses! - Ants, ants and more Ants - Collectable items tohelp you. - Matches are fast, but still fun, perfect as a pastime.Suitable for all situations. - Collect achievements to release newlevels and content. - Great soundtrack, turn your volume up andenjoy the music! - For all ages and also great for kids! - Gamestatistics. - Multi Languages. - Awesome graphics with smoothanimations. - Lightweight game, runs on older devices, and does notrequires much memory . - Hours of action and fun guaranteed! Do notlet the ants win, accepted now this challenge by downloading thebest game of the genre! Hope you enjoy the game. If you do, don’tforget to rate! Have fun ! ANTS ?! was developed by AnivmsEntertainments - Comments, doubts andcritics, please contact us:
Ore Collector 1.2.1
You don't know how fun mining is until you play Ore Collector. Showthat you rule over space and time collecting all the ore you can.Ensure that every single ore is collected by the mine-cart. Thisgame is integrated with Google Play Games, featuring social ranks,achievements and more. You play with your friends on Google+battling for first place on the Global Ranks and on yours socialcircles. Each ore collected takes you closer to the top! This is asuper-simple casual game, just tap the screen at the right time torelease the ore into the mine-cart. You can stop the game andresume it after anytime you want! Ideal for those looking for quickmatches and also interacting with friends. Have fun!
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Thoth 0.13
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is thelaw,love under will.
Yerco 5.0 0.7
Acompanhe Yerco na sua trajetória até alcançar o 5.0.