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Game Controller 2 Touch PRO 1.3
Ankit Chowdhury
Game Controller 2 Touch PRO is an UNIQUE app which allows AndroidGamers to use their USB/Bluetooth Gamepads with almost ANY Gamemade for the Android. It is the most feature rich, refined and easyto use, premium Touch Emulation software. It allows for using anyUSB/Bluetooth Game Controller/Gamepad to control Android gamesthrough Touch Emulation. Turn any Touch-Screen ONLY game to acompletely Game Controller supported one.Get precise control overyour games. Win Online Battles. And much more. Now compatible withall Android Versions. No Custom Kernel required. IMPORTANT: NOWCOMPATIBLE WITH ANDROID OREO, PIE and ANDROID 10(Version Access required with the latest Magisk, SuperSu. InstallBusybox for Automatic Profiles. Read User Guide carefully here: New Features : ------------------------ -Relative Touch[Camera Movement] System - Automatic Profile Switch -Support for All Generic Gamepads/Joysticks,as well as renownedControllers such as DualShock 4, Xbox 360(Wireless & Wired)Controller, Dual Shock 3 & 4, Moga Pro,etc - Background ImageProfile Tag - Material Design User Interface - Momentary Key Press- 8-Way DPAD - Refined 8 -way Swipe mechanism - Integrated Gamepadtesting interface - Easier setup compared to Non-PRO. - 4x-5x sizedAnalog Sticks , Buttons for Touch Profile Editor. - UniversalVirtual Touch Screen Driver - Works perfectly with emulators e.g.Reicast, PPSSPP , FPSE, Drastic, N64oid , Mame4Droid, etc . TestedGame Controllers : -------------------------------------- Xbox OneControllers GameSir Controllers Wireless & Wired Xbox 360Controller PS4 Dual Shock 4 All iPega Controllers All LogitechControllers All Moga Controllers including the New Moga Pro Powerand Hero Power[HID MODE] Nyko PlayPad/Pro Ouya Controller Mad CatzController Samsung Gamepad SteelSeries nVidia Shield's GamepadWired PS4 & PS3 Controllers Snakebyte iDroid Green ThrottleAtlas G910 Some Fake Dual Shock 3. NOTE: Game Controller 2 TouchPRO supports lot more Controllers compared to Non-PRO.This list isNOT an exhaustive one. Just some Controllers the Developer has beenable to test personally. Have a pair of Joy-Cons? Joy-Con Enableris now out on Play Store. Get it NOW : AppDiscussion Thread : Read the User Manualthoroughly & please contact at forassistance, before putting up a negative review.
Game Controller KeyMapper 0.3
Game Controller Test is now Game Controller KeyMapper. GameController KeyMapper is World's most Downloaded and Trusted GamepadTesting & Mapping utility. Now you simply map your GameController buttons and Analog Sticks in the simple interface ONCE.And use Any Controller to play Any Game or Emulator. Simply Plug& Play. The app remains as simple as ever, with a beautiful andeasy to use interface which follows the Material Design guidelines.Supports all Gamepad buttons, DPAD , Bumpers, Triggers and AnalogSticks. IMPORTANT: Root Access required with the Magisk or SuperSUfor Keymapping. User Guide:/ Extra Featuresincluded: - Invert Analog Sticks - Use Analog Stick as DPAD(Greatfor Emulators). - Adjust Dead Zone of Analog Sticks according toliking. - Use DPAD as Analog(Useful for Controllers without AnalogStick) - More features under development. Common issues it fixes: -Infinite Spinning of Camera on Connection of Controller - Mostbuttons not getting detected by Game/Emulator - Incorrect buttondetection by games. - Incorrect Analog Stick axis detection. Catchall Gaming News from the Top Gaming News Channels at One Platform.GRYP Gaming is FREE. Get it here : Have apair of Joy-Cons? Joy-Con Enabler is now out on Play Store. Get itNOW : Usage:- •Long press on the button namefollowed by Physical Button press. •Use the reset button on theAction Bar to reset all buttons assignments to default values. Logo& Graphics by :
Game Controller 2 Touch 1.2.8
Ankit Chowdhury
IMPORTANT: GET THE PRO VERSION OF THIS APP, GAME CONTROLLER 2 TOUCHPRO WHICH IS NOW COMPATIBLE WITH MARSHMALLOW & NOUGAT. THISNON-PRO VERSION WILL NOT WORK WITH MARSHMALLOW AND ABOVE. GameController 2 Touch is an UNIQUE app which allows Android Gamers touse their USB/Bluetooth Gamepads with almost ANY Game made for theAndroid. This app also allows you to Play Touch ONLY basedGames(with No Native Gamepad Support) with ANY Gamepad of yourchoice. Works with all the Emulators. It can EMULATE Touch ScreenActions from Game Controller Input. It's the Easiest to Configureand features an Intricate yet Intuitive set of tools. Nowcompatible with Android Devices above Android 4.0(Ice CreamSandwich) to Android 5.0(Lollipop)..Download Game Controller 2Touch PRO. It includes advanced features like Easy GamepadDetection, Relative Touch, 8-Way DPAD, Automatic Profiles, aRevamped Material UI. Now compatible with Marshmallow and Above.Get it here : INFO: Root Access required withthe 8.7 out of 10.Gameplay on Note 10.1 with Nyko PlayPad Pro : on Shield:•A Simple and Easy to use UI- Very easily configurable.•Support forAll Generic Gamepads/Joysticks,as well as renowned Controllers suchas DualShock 4, Xbox 360 Controller, Dual Shock 3, Moga Pro.•ATouch Profile System which is very easy to manage-Allows you tomake separate Touch Profiles for each game.•Multi-Touch Emulationof upto 10 Simultaneous touch points On-Screen on ANY device.•AnIntricate but Simplified Touch Profile Editor with Referencebackground support.•An Exclusive 8-Direction Swipe System - UseController buttons as Swipe/Drag On-Screen. •Works with emulatorse.g. Reicast, PPSSPP , FPSE, Drastic, N64oid , Mame4Droid, etc .Allgame content present in the screenshots are property of theirrespective owners.All trademarks are property of their respectiveholders.[Credits to Fabian Cruz a.k.a Uber for the newgraphics][Credits to wwjoshdew for the Tutorial video.]
Game Controller Test Ad Free 1.0.0
Ankit Chowdhury
Game Controller Test is World'smostDownloaded and Trusted Gamepad Testing Interfacewhichallows users to test HID Game Controllers on Android.The app features a simple, beautiful and easy to use interfacewhichfollows the Material Design guidelines. Supports allGamepadbuttons, DPAD , Bumpers, Triggers and Analog Sticks. It alsoletsyou assign custom Controller button values.Download the Most Viral Free Game of the Season -> DoesitFly? : Playstation Controllers supported only whenWired.Xbox One Controller NOT supported by ANDROID.Usage:-•The Default assignments work for most Controllers. If theydon't,simply Long press on the button name and manually assignit.•Use the reset button on the Action Bar to reset allbuttonsassignments to default values.
Does it Fly ? 1.0.5
Does it Fly ? is a beautiful & intuitive game. Flying discswith various Objects, Animals, Birds,etc depicted on them appear insuccession . The question being the same "Does it Fly ?". Soundseasy, doesn't it? Let's make it difficult, You have just 1 Secondto answer, which decreases as you progress. Are you spontaneousenough? :) - First Bundle Contains more than 100 Diverse Objects,Animals, Birds, etc.- 3 Difficulty Presets, Easy for EducationalPurposes, Normal and Hard for Gamers who like challenges.- Rewindlet's you go back in time to resume a game which was over. UseRewind wisely. Get that High Score.- Great for educating childrenthe fun way. Greatly improves Knowledge and Reflexes.- LivelyBackground Music for a high fun quotient.- It's absolutelyFREE.Upcoming Features in Does it Fly ?• New Themes• New Powerups.• New BundlesLike Does it Fly ? on Facebook : Does it Fly ? on Twitter : Press Kit for Does itFly ? : HAVE FUN
Joy-Con Enabler for Android 0.0.5b
***If Joy-Cons lag on your Device, Joy-Con Enabler will not fixit.*** Joy-Con Enabler Pro allows you to test & use yourJoy-Cons together in Android Games and Emulators. It takes inputsfrom both Joy-Cons individually, and combines it by emulating theGame Controller which can be easily recognized by Android. Workswith almost every Game with Native Controller Support. Compatiblewith all Android Versions. No Custom Kernel required. You can testthe JoyCons without JoyCon Enabler Pro. Important: Joy-Con EnablerPro requires root with SuperSU. If you don't know what "root" is,then don't purchase Enabler Pro. It won't work without root! ExtraFeatures: - Invert Analog Sticks - Use Joy-Con Capture Button asAndroid Back Button - Use Joy-Con Home Button as Android HomeButton - More features under development. Note: - Games &Emulators may require In-Game Remapping. - Reduce In-GameSensitivity if facing issues.
Fingerprint Action Pro 0.0.5b
Fingerprint Action Pro lets you to control your device with SimpleGestures on the Fingerprint Sensor of your device.Important : ManyStock and Custom ROM's have disabled the Fingerprint Gestures API.This app will not work on such ROM's. For eg. Some OnePlus deviceshave disabled this API. Fingerprint Gestures Supported :• Swipe Up•Swipe Left• Swipe Down• Swipe Right• Double Swipe Up• Double SwipeLeft• Double Swipe Down• Double Swipe RightActions Supported : 27Actions• Toggle Notification• Launch App• Scroll Screen Up• ScrollScreen Down• Back• Home• Show Recent Apps• Open Google Assistant•Open Notification Panel• Play/Pause Song• Previous Song• Next Song•Show Power Dialog• Toggle Split Screen• Show Quick Settings• SwipeScreen Left• Swipe Screen Right• Swipe Screen Up• Swipe ScreenDown• Toggle Flashlight• Brightness +• Brightness -• Audio +• Audio-• Toggle Auto Brightness• Maximum Brightness• MinimumBrightnessSupport thread : app iscurrently under development and is a beta release. Rate the apppositively to show support. If you find issues please write in theXDA thread or email at, instead ofrating the app negatively. Enjoy :)