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Anterin 2.5.13
Anterin is a city transporting network or a marketplace applicationfor online transportation. Derived from Indonesia language,‘anterin’ means ‘take me along’ in English. With Anterin, you havefreedom of choice for your travel experience, either you are usingonline transportation such as car or motor online, or deliveringyour packages. What kinds of freedom of choice you can find inAnterin application? 1. Freedom to Choose Fare No more surge chargein rush hour. You are free to choose a driver that offer you areasonable fare. 2. Freedom to Choose a Vehicle No more cancelingorders, if the type of vehicle does not meet your expectation. Inthe Anterin application, users can view types of vehicle and brandchoices that can fit with their travel needs. 3. Free to Select aDriver In Anterin application, you may select female or maledriver. You can choose a driver with good service and look too fromthe picture, rating, and reviews. Even better, you can subscribesame driver service for your daily activity as well! Well, now justdetermine your service options. Want to travel fast everywhere? Usemotor or ‘ojek’ online with ANTERIN MOTOR! But if you have ameeting appointment or a date, and want to keep good looking untilyou arrive at the destination, just order a car online service onANTERIN CAR menu. Do you want to travel with group of friends orfamily with a large capacity car? Just choose the type and brand ofthe car based on your travel needs. Leaving an important documentor need to send a package for personal or business? Use ANTERINEXPRESS for quick and reliable package delivery! Are you ready toenjoy your first travel experience with Anterin? Here are thesteps: 1. Download Anterin application now 2. Determine the pick upand destination point of your travel or delivery 3. Select thedriver, the vehicle type, and the fare. Then, click the orderbutton and have a pleasant trip with Anterin! Anterin is foundedand developed in Indonesia. Anterin, Bebaskan Pilihanku. Anterinyuk!
Anterin Driver 2.5.13
Description Anterin Driver is an application for registeringAnterin driver, accepting motor or online transport order, as wellas goods or package delivery. Anterin's social mission is toimprove people's livelihoods, with no deductions and suspends ofdriver accounts. Anterin believes the fare of transport services isnot determined by the company, but by market demand. Through thecity transporting network platform or online transport marketplace,application users will have the freedom to choose the fare,passenger, and distance or vehicle. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF SIGNUP AS AN ANTERIN DRIVER ? 1. Free to determine fare for customerswhen using manual bid feature. If you activate the auto-bidfeature, you will automatically get offer from passenger. 2.Drivers are charged only low-cost application subscriptions,without commission deductions. 3. No need to worry the driveraccount is suspended. 4. Driver can accept orders from the samecustomer repeatedly. 5. Free to choose passenger based on criteriaof price, distance, and gender. 6. Set your time to ride or drivefreely and flexible with Anterin. 7. Be the real online transportentrepreneur. The more excellent your service quality, the more youearn income. HOW TO SIGN UP AS AN ANTERIN DRIVER ? 1. Download theAnterin Driver application. 2. Register online by uploading your IDcard (KTP), driver's license (SIM), and vehicle registrationcertificate (STNK). 3. Accept your first order trip, once yourregistration has been approved. WHAT ONLINE TRANSPORTATION SERVICESIN THE ANTERIN APPLICATION ? 1. ANTERIN MOTOR for receiving onlineojek or motorcycle taxi order. 2. ANTERIN CAR to pick up and driveyour passenger with your own car. 3. ANTERIN EXPRESS for deliveringcustomer’s package. Go download Anterin Driver application and grabyour chance now to become real online transport entrepreneur.Anterin, Liberates Me. Anterin, Bebaskan Pilihanku. Anterin yuk!