Anthony Khaiat Apps

Space Invaders 1.0
This 2d arcade game, which was produced by Anthony Industries, has3d modern graphics unlike the original space invaders. The purposeof this was to revive the game in a 21st century style. It containstouch controls for left and right, as well as to shoot. The gamecontains a high score text as well as an instruction scene on howto play the game.
Calculator 3.0
This is the first application designed and coded by AnthonyIndustries. This application performs basic tasks such as:addition, squaring a number, subtraction, division andmultiplication. It has a built-in pi button which allows the userto directly calculator a number by pi. The simplistic userinterface makes it very easy to use for anybody, whether it be forfinance and education or daily life tasks. The logo was created byJakob Amster.
Space Border Runner 4
This endless runner, created by Anthony Industries, has exceptionalgraphics and has many customization options. The user can choosewhich character you would like to play and you get to see differenttypes of platforms and enemies. You have a high score to tell youhow you are doing and to compare with your friends! There areinstructions to tell the user how the game works and you can shareyour experience on instagram or on the google play store! Enjoy!