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Masks: Boys Heroes 1
Anton Games
Masks: Boys HeroesChoose your favourite hero character to play with and journeyacrossthe moonlight rooftops, and through the night, collecting asmany pjspheres as you can. But beware of those bats, they’re up tomischiefagain!Collect pj spheres to win points or run across the many map inyourpj car.HazardsBeware the bats!FEATURES- Collectable pj Spheres- Nice pj graphics for all kids and adults- Cool funny surfer music for masks games- Easy controls- Nice interactive pj platformThe Masks: Boys heroes are on their way, into the night to savetheday!
Mark and Louis 1
Anton Games
"Super Mark and Louis Run" is alegendaryplatformer, So, get in on the fun!Be nimble... be quick... and help Mark and Louis find hisStars.It's hidden in a range of awesomely well-designed levels, andhe'sdetermined to find it all!PLEASE NOTE: Super Mark and Louis Run is completely free toplay,but there may be some in-game items that you can purchase. Ifyoudon't want to use this feature, simply disable the in-apppurchasein your device settings mode.Mark and Louis features:+ Well-designed levels+ Fabulous animations and in-game graphics+ 6 different world themes+ Challenging enemies+ Game Services with tricky achievements andawesomeleaderboardsMark has lost his Stars, so to find it he needs you to help himrunand jump through the fantastical realms of Mark World. Becareful,though. This place is full of beastly monsters, and they'lldoeverything they can to stop little Mark. If you collect aFruitsand Vegetables, Mark´s health grows. Ah, but health alonewon'tkeep Mark out of trouble. Even an angry bee could sting him!Useyour smooth, easy moves to guide Mark on his adventure.