Anton Makarevich Apps

Sanet Dice
Sanet Dice - virtual dice you always have withyou! You can use them in your favorite games, or just when you needto take a random decision.- the ability to roll from one to six dices;- to roll by shaking the phone;- the ability to fix some dices - do not roll them next time;- automatic scoring and definition of Poker(Yahtzee, Knifel)hands;- a nice pseudo-3D graphics and roll animation;- 3 visual styles of the dices;- the roll speed and view angle settings;- a lot of fun!
Funny Animals
Explore the amazing world of animals! FunnyAnimals is an addictive cross-platform mobile app for kids.It's laid out like an interactive picture book. With a singletouch, each picture comes alive - mooing, clucking, and dancing -to help your child learn spatial reasoning and animal names.The app is easy-to-use, which means your child can learn byherself. With thousands of downloads and reviews, Funny Animals isproven to please, tickle, and interest your child. She'll belaughing and learning at the same time! Funny Animals isappropriate for children 1-3 years of age or older. In-app languageoptions include English and Russian.Funny Animals comes with 3 modes:1. Learning mode: Touch the animal to hear its name andsound.2. Quiz mode: Press the question mark to hear a question ("Where isthe cow?") and match it in the picture.3. Puzzle mode: Develop your child's spatial reasoning. Eachpicture comes with its own jigsaw puzzle.
Comic remake of the classic "Sokoban" game.And this time you are not the Japanese warehouse keeper pushing theboxes in the labyrinth, but a Belarusian tractor-driver, drivingtractor MTZ "Belarus". Your task is to clear the field from therocks. But this must be done as efficiently as possible to savesome fuel you can fill into your ancient diesel car or trade forhomemade vodka or local wine made of fruits and berries.And despite this game is mostly a joke, the levels sometimes arevery serious especially the #30. The tractor is calling you!- Dozens of levels of different complexity;- Three ways to control your tractor;- Last move undo possibility;- More complicated rules as time factor is matters now.
Расчет ДО 1.1
Приложение к дипломному проекту студентаФТКБНТУ Бычковского В.М. "Высокоточный расчет дорожных одежднапрочность с применением облачных вычислительных мощностей"Приложение предназначено для ввода данных о моделиконструкциидорожной одежды и отображения результатов расчета.Непосредственнорасчет производится методом конечных элементов спомощьюспециализированного программного обеспечения, размещенноговвиртуальной распределенной вычислительной сети в облакеMicrosoftAzure.Appendix to thedegreeproject the student FTC BNTU Bychkovskaya VM"High-precisioncalculation of the strength of pavements using cloudcomputingpower"The application is designed for data entry on the model ofthepavement structure and display the results ofcalculation.Immediate payment is made by finite element method withthe help ofspecialized software that is hosted in a virtualdistributedcomputing network in the Microsoft Azure cloud.