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ArduinoCommander 4.2.2
Anton Smirnov
Control your Arduino board from your Androiddevice over Bluetooth, Ethernet or USB (Diecimila, Duemilanove, Unor1/r2/r3, Mega, Leonardo, Nano) using WYSIWYG interface, Androidsensors or JavaScript script.View video on how to use it on YouTube: out ArduinoDroid - Arduino IDE for Android: do you think about this idea of crowd-funding for featuresin the apps: ArduinoCommander UI into your native language: discover and connect to Arduino board:- over bluetooth (Bluetooth shield like Sparkfun bluetooth modems( or these ( is required)- over ethernet (W5100-based ethernet shield (official ( or these ( and sketch arerequired)- over USB (USB Host mode support on android device and Android3.1+ are required)- over USB as Android Accessory (USB Host shield like these(, Android 3.1+ and sketchare required)- display board firmware version, name and Firmata protocolversion- set pin mode (analog/digital input/output, pwm, servo)- get/set pin values- LED and pin mode animation- beautiful WYSIWYG interface for any screen dimensionsAdvanced features:- arduino sensors (set PWM output using android device sensors(accelerometer, gyroscope, ...))- save and load pins configuration from file- speech input- Arduino Mega board support- PWM JavaScript generator (set PWM output using JavaScriptscript)- meter view (vintage VU meter for analog input)- Arduino Nano v2/3 boards support- oscilloscope- sketch uploadingAdvanced features are paid and marked using asterix (*) in theappUpload StandardFirmata sketch to your arduino board first (Menu/ Upload sketch */ StandardFirmata @ 57600)Visit application page ( view screenshots, read full app description and usageinstructions.© "Arduino" is a trademark of Arduino team.