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Beach Farm 1.9.0
"Beach Farm" is a completely free game, but inthe part of the game items, such as gold and red diamond with realmoney you need to buy. If you do not want to use this function,please set a password protection for the payment.-------------------------------Beach Farm is an island paradise owners.✔ Just gently slide your finger on it planting and harvestingcrops✔ Unique coastal planting crops and your favorite fruit, andmake delicious drinks✔ You can breeding variety Q and interesting farm animals✔ Lively pet parenting✔ Flower shop, decoration Mitsushima✔ Cars, ships, aircraft shuttle✔ Trade, visit mutual aid, Funny between Friends andneighbors✔ Global players who ask the most Madden, the weekly chartsingle outcome✔ Slack period is not that nothing to do? No, a lot of gameswaiting for you to enjoy✔ Hundreds of random prizes waiting for you to come and collectat any time✔ Still feel it is not fun? Become a VIP member and let youexperience the superior feel and quick upgrade experience
Just +1
This is a very fun casual game, can takeadvantage of your leisure time to play on a game of debris.Gameplay is simple, with figures of three consumer-based gameplay,easy to understand.But when the longer your time to play a game, but the difficultyincreases in multiples Oh, but this time on a test of mental.It could be a Clash of Digital! !Believe in yourself, no problem, to accept the challenge of globalplayers it! ! ![How to play?]1. Click any of the digital box , the digital will increase1.2. When 3 the same digital connected , these boxes will be clearedaway.3. Each game has five energies, each click will cost 1 energy, whenthe number is 0 , the game is over.