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Battle of God: Warrior Sparta 3
The story is told mostly in flashback story,after being framed with a scene from the present whereinKratos,standing atop the tallest cliff in Greece, laments how the godshave abandoned him and tosses himself into the waters below.While the player starts the game Battle of God: Warrior Spartathree weeks prior to this event,Heroes background is told by the Narrator during the game (revealedto be the Titan Gaia in God of War).Kratos was a fearsome Spartan warrior, and grew his fifty-man squadinto an army of thousands via strategy, tactics, ferocity andconquest.However, in a battle against a barbarian horde, his army wasmassacred, and, in a desperate measure, Heroes offered his life andservice to Ares, the Battle of God: Warrior Sparta , in exchangefor Ares defeating the Barbarians.Ares, sensing enormous power in Kratos, accepted his offer anddestroyed the Barbarians.He also granted Heroes the Blades of Chaos, curved blades forged inthe pits of Hades that were attached to long chains which werefused to Heroes arms.Kratos then became Ares' servant, leading his Spartan army inconquering much of Greece.In one battle, they came across a village that worshiped Athena andput the residents to the sword, and their homes to the flame.There, Ares put Heroes into a blood lust driven rage and it madehim kill anyone standing in his way.Despite his own foreboding feelings and the warnings of the localoracle, Kratos entered the village's temple and slaughtered allwithin.Unfortunately, after his blood-lust cleared, he realized that histwo last victims had been his own wife and daughter;Ares explained that this village had been a test of Heroes power,severing the last of his humanity.The village Oracle cursed Heroes, binding the ashes of his deadfamily to his skin;this new pale coating gave rise to Heroes new title, "the Ghost ofSparta." and it made everyone in Greece fear him.Kratos renounced his service to Ares and began to wander the Earth,lamenting his deeds, while serving the other gods of Olympus forten years.
Optimus Prime: Great battle 3
As the Autobots speed away from Hoover Damwiththe All Spark in their hands, they are attacked byDecepticondrones.Optimus Prime: Great battle defends Bumblebee, who escapes asheroesfaces off against Bonecrusher.After besting his opponent, Prime looks at the destructionallaround him and is given pause to recall how it allbegan...Hunting for the All Spark, heroes arrives on Earth and followsthetrail to Sam Witwicky,whose grandfather discovered the lost Megatron frozen in theArcticyears beforehand, and had the location of the All Sparkimprintedupon his spectacles by the Decepticon leader.Posing as the boy's car in order to stay close to him,Bumblebeesneaks away to beam a message on his progress toOptimusPrime,but is followed by Sam, who discovers the truth about hissupposedcar.Sam is in turn followed by the Decepticon Barricade and a platoonofdrones, who have pursued heroes to Earth, but Bumblebee is abletodefeat the villains in a battle in a steel processingplant.Soon after, Optimus hero arrives on Earth, accompanied byIronhide,Jazz, Ratchet, Hound, and Trailbreaker.Prime dispatches Hound and Trailbreaker to the Arctic toinvestigatethe site where Megatron was discovered, while he andthe rest of theAutobots stick with Sam.Unfortunately for the Autobots, Barricade is not the only bad guyonEarth.At the same time, in Qatar, Blackout attacks an Americanmilitarybase in search of information on the whereaboutsofMegatrong.As he razes the base, Shockwave and Thundercracker arrive totellhim of Barricade's discoveries.Subsequently, Shockwave and Thundercracker head for theArctic,where they discover that the secret government organizationknownas Sector Seven has moved Megatron's body from itscavern.The trip is not wasted, however: Shockwave scans anabandonedcomputer terminal and discovers that Megatron brought averitablearmy of drones to Earth with him to aid in the search forthe AllSpark, drones which are currently lying dormant alloverEarth.Hound and Trailbreaker's Autobot team get the drop ontheDecepticons and plant charges in the cavern, but the twovillainsare narrowly able to escape the blast and quickly head fora rocketlaunch site.Well, let's go to the game Optimus Prime: Great battle...
Street club for FIFA Football 3
In the game mode Rule The Street you havetowin matches to earn Skill Bills with which you can buy newclothesand other things and upgrade your player.When you player gets better you can captain your team andwinplayers for your team.The further you get, the better the players are you can win. Inthelast part you can become an international.The game was released for the GameCube, Nintendo DS, PlayStation2,PSP and Xbox. Football Player is shown on the cover ofthegame.In the game you can play with several national teams from aroundtheworld.You can win matches on various ways in several game modes.For example by scoring a set amount of goals or points withtricksor winning within a time limit or goal difference.Street club for FIFA Football is the sequel to "Fifa Street"whichwas the first game in the series.The game includes a lot of players from top football nationslikeBrazil, England, Italy, Spain, Germany and France....But there are also Legends in the game like BeckenbauerandCantona.Street club for FIFA Football has its own Radio stations in thegamewith several music styles.Legends of football such as Roberto Carlos, RonaldinhoandKarl-Heinz Rummenigge are unlockable during the game.The game has its own in-game radio station, presented by ZaneLoweformerly of BBC Radio 1and featuring music by artists such as Roots Manuva, Sway,Pendulum,The Editors and The Subways.Take part in game modes, such as friendly, rule the street,andskills challenge. Choose from 20 national teams and300-plusreal-life soccer stars.There are 10 playable venues ranging from London's WestwayLeisureCenter to the sandy beaches of Brazil.
Logan : Legends Xmen mutation 4
The game begins with the Logan : LegendsXmenmutation and Brotherhood of Mutants uniting forces tosaveProfessor X and Polaris.Cyclops, Storm, and Wolverine meet up with Magneto, Mystique,andSabretooth at a military prison outpost in Greenland tofreeProfessor X.Upon freeing him, the teams relocate to the fictional mutanthavenof Genosha.They find the island ravaged by Count forces, and work throughthewreckage and find out what he was searching for.They learn that Quicksilver was kidnapped by Apocalypse, whoalsokidnaps Beast from the X-Mansion.Beast manages to point the team in the direction of the SavageLand,a secret prehistoric preserve in Antarctica.The teams work their way through the Savage Land,temporarilyhindering count plans.Count then travels to conquer New York. The teams work atsabotaginghis army and resources, but Emma Frost and Angel arekidnapped aswell.Angel is unwillingly transformed by count and Mister SinisterintoArchangel, a Horsemen of Apocalypse.He is assigned as a sentry to count tower.The teams defeat Archangel and infiltrate the tower where theyfindBeast, now under the control of Mister Sinister;he kidnaps Sabretooth and escapes with count and Mister SinistertoEgypt.They learn that count plan is to use Polaris, Quicksilver,EmmaFrost,and Sabretooth—four mutants with what he refers to asHarmonicDNA—as part of a machine to fuel an experiment to grant himmassiveamounts of power.The teams then follow count to Egypt where they defeatMisterSinister, freeing Beast from Sinister's control.After besting the final guard, the Living Monolith, the teamsbattlecount and defeat him by stealing the powers from hismachine.In the final cutscene, Magneto and Professor X-men part onceagainas adversaries, noting that Apocalypse was defeated butnotdestroyed.Beast ponders why the machine did not work properly, wonderingifsabotage was a factor. As the X-Jet flies away, Sinister is seenontop of the pyramid, laughing, hinting that he sabotagedthemachine.