Apache Developer Apps

Easy Cut Paste Photo Editor 1.0
Cut Paste Photo Editor Copy any face or photoportion of one cut photo and paste it on another photo.How to Used: cut and edit photos- Select a photo you can having option for cut copy paste, here youcan having more than one photo cut and save in the listautomatically and when you need to use you can used it.- You can paste photo from gallery or camera with your cattingimage and best way to set it.- You can also Save and share this new image.
Edit Your Voice 1.0
Do you want to edit your voice Do you want tohave a funny voice and make a jokeUse this Voice Changer Girl Voice for free! It contains more than30 voice effects! You can have voice like after helium! You canhave low or high voice. You choose! Modified voice can be saved orsent to a friend! Just record your voice and change it with soundeffects! This voice changer is really easy to use! Listen to yourmodified voice and fool friends! Change your voice and enjoy yourmodified sound! This app was designed also for families andkids.Scary Voice The App will change the tone and frequency of yourvoice, As if some Ghost voice. (Very scary Voice).Prank Funny Voice that's really funny feature which change the toneand make your voice sound very funny.
GPS Navigation Lifetime 1.0
GPS navigation application for Android phone powered by googlemaps.GPS Navigation Lifetime and maps are installed on the onlineso there is need for an Internet connection when navigating. Mapand application updates are FREE All lifetime. Our application canroute you around accidents, help with multi-stop directions andeven has alternate routing capabilities, robust bookmarkingoptions, and handy sharing features. Map quest is here to help getyou where you need to go, wherever life takes you. Is your go-toapp for live maps , GPS , and live traffic updates. Whether you’rerunning a quick errand across town or taking a road trip across thecountry, map quest has the trusted directions and traffic info youneed for stress-free navigation.Street view real time With thistracking App you can locate, find and track other people throughthe use of Live maps Satellite view. Note, the app would find onlythe number that is register on our server, so to Satellite LiveMaps locate of another person, both should install the app andregister the phone which is stored on a Global server. If phonenumber any of your friend is not configured the app wouldautomatically prompt to send an invitation to them to use thisappStreet View Map Currently, it is not possible to get Satellitemap live images for GPS satellite location mapLive by lookingonline. It is relatively simple to access live images ofinteresting and important places in the world, however, as a fewsites are dedicated to providing live satellite feed for theseparticular sites.This app can display the trajectory of GPSsatellite MAP navigation with movement speed on the map. If youneed to find a local map or get directions, you might prefer toused that. street view gps let people easily find, discover, planand share relevant local information that is important to them.Itis relatively simple to access live images of interesting andimportant places in the worldIt enables you to find directions tojust about anywhere right from your own car.It also helps of a LiveSatellite View service,You can use it to track your friends andfamily locating.Features:+ Get Live Maps 2016 on Your device.+ Seea Real Time Street View map of your home and neighborhood.+ ViewSomeone's House or another places Via Satellite.+ See LiveSatellite Map ViewsEasy share with social media platform such asfacebook , twitter , instragram and other.