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Brainster Quiz 1.20
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Be smarter, quicker, brainier than your rival. Put your quiz skillsto the test with our most popular game ever- The Brainster Quiz.Join our ever-curious community and broaden your knowledge whilehaving lots of fun! Brainster Quiz consists of four swift games,allowing very limited time to think. Challenge your friends, or letus pick you a competitor. Play with letters, hints, secret words,matching terms. Build your character by collecting rewards and growthroughout the game. Ultimately, be proud of your achievement andshare it on Facebook. Key features: • Four brain-teasing, highlychallenging games • Find the longest word using provided letters •Pick the right answer to the trivia questions • Connect two wordsand make a meaningful term • Find the secret word by discoveringrelated hints • Move-by-move game type • Challenge friends orcompete with a random rival • Collect points and grow through theranks • Share your scores and achievements on social media
Words 4 Diamonds 1.46
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Step into the world of letters, words, safes, diamonds andtreasures.This is a word guessing game. Multiplayer. Turn-based.Itincorporates the best sides of “4 picture 1 word” and “Words withfriends” types of games.You can play against your friends or randomopponents.It’s based on associations between words.Crack the safe,before your opponent does it. If you need a little help, usedynamite. Take gold coins and diamonds kept in it, and make variousexpensive items, from level to level, moving from town to town.Safeconsists of four auxiliary locks and the main one. Each of the fourlocks is associated to four corresponding hints, and the main oneis associated to four solutions that each lock represents. Once youguess key word that opens the main lock, the safe will becracked.Each move shows you one hint, which points out to the wordyou’re trying to guess. Combine them together and figure out thekey word.
Mushroom Mania 1.22
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Once you understand how it works, you are hooked. We guaranteeit!Join our sharp-minded community and try to crack each of themushroom boards out there. All you need to do is to connectmushrooms of the same color and make as many horizontal linesdisappear. You’ll have to use your mushrooms wisely and follow therules. Mushroom Mania will make you ponder each move thoroughly.From the creators of Brainster comes another mind-twister, MushroomMania! Play with mushrooms in this saga, discover new boards, andexercise your brain. Pick one mushroom and drag it to another ofthe same color, leaving a path of the “inactive mushrooms”. Theyall become active and disappear once you fill up the entire row.Sounds easy? Don’t be so sure. There might be a few or even onlyone way to solve each puzzle. If you get stuck, simply use some ofthe power-ups and keep playing. It might take you a minute or twoto figure it out, but you won’t regret it, we assure you. Keyfeatures:• Clear and straightforward tutorial for the beginners •Numerous boards, several different worlds• Easy to play,challenging to solve
Mindster 1.8
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Put your visual memory, concentration, speed, logical thinking andnumeracy to the test with our BRAND NEW GAME – The Mindster Quiz.Quick. Tense. Fun. Addictive. With no language barrier! This is agame that everyone will love playing!Mindster includes four braintraining games, allowing very limited time to think and respond.Each game lasts about a minute. Therefore, this is the perfectshort break from the everyday hustle and bustle. Challenge yourfriends or let us pick you a competitor. Unlock achievements,collect points and grow through the ranks. Lastly, be proud of yourprogress and share it on social media.Key features: - Fourbrain-teasing, endlessly replayable games: ✔ MEMORY – Memorize asequence of objects and see if you can recall them. ✔ SCALES – Putweights on the scales, but mind the limit. ✔ MASTERMIND – Break asecret color code! ✔ FINGERS – Practice your basic arithmeticskills. - Nonverbal game - Quick games – each game lasts less than2 minutes - Connect through Facebook or play as a guest - Challengeyour friends or compete with a random opponent - To get a littlehelp, click on the light bulb icon - Unlock achievements, collectpoints and grow through the ranks - Share on social media howclever you are!
Word Race 1.16
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Word Race is real-time, multiplayer word game. Game is played by 8players through 4 word riddles.After each round players with thelowest score are eliminated. Game winner is decided in the finalround - the clash of last three remaining players.Word Racerounds:1. Word Puzzle - Find long word from given (available)letters.2. Word Concat - Words are split into fragments and mixed.Combine them correctly.3. Word Search - Find hidden words lookingin all directions before opponents do.4. Word Connect - Find asmany words as you can by connecting given letters.