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Apartment App - ApnaComplex 3.0.167
ApnaComplex is one stop App for everything related to yourApartment. Its a must have add-on app for anyone staying in anApartment Complex. ApnaComplex App is a complete ApartmentManagement App. ApnaComplex App offers a private social network forowners and residents of Apartment Complexes to converse withneighbors. ApnaComplex App offers keeps the owner and resident intouch with various happenings in the Apartment - Alerts for SchoolBus pickup/drop of your child, Alerts for Guests/visitors to theflats, Alerts for attendance for domestic staff, Reminders forMaintenance Due Payments, Booking a facility such as a tenniscourt, Tracking of Vehicles, Issuing Gatepass to domestic help,Ordering from local services and many more. With ApnaComplex Appowners and residents can * Access Apartment Owners DiscussionForums and participate in discussions. Helps reduce the e-mailclutter * Access Apartment Interest Groups to share interestingevents, stories, news, images with your neighbors. * ApproveVisitors at your Apartment Gate * Inform expected visitors toSecurity * Lock and Unlock their Vehicles from the app foradditional Security * Raise Maintenance Complaints to the Staffalong with pictures of the issue * View dues to the housing societyand pay dues * Access ApnaComplex Bazaar and exclusive marketplacefor Apartment Dwellers to experience doorstep services. * Access toApartment Member Directory, * Access to Apartment Neighborhoodcontacts * Track and Update Action Items of Society ManagingCommittee * Access to Apartment Maintenance Staff details * SharePhotos of Apartment's cultural events and celebrations with rest ofApartment Owners and Residents * Switch between apartments forthose who are part of multiple complexes * Get alerts for importantnotices and meeting reminders * Add new members from theapplication The app also can be used by maintenance staff to manageentire helpdesk operations. Staff can * Log new complaints * Updateand Close Complaints * Take pictures of an issue before resolvingand after resolving and attach to complaints. * Record Readings ofUtilities (such as Water Meters, Reticulated Gas, Energy Meters) bygoing door to door - there is no more a need to write into the bookand then key in later from society office. * View Action Itemsassigned to them In addition to various other things, usingApnaComplex admins can also * Broadcast Emergency Notifications viaMobile Alerts and SMS to all Owners / Residents of the ApartmentComplex * Access financial statements of all flats * TrackComplaints of all apartment residents * Issue Gate passes to stafffor moving material out of society campus for repairs. ApnaComplexApp is your companion for Apartment Living!
Gatekeeper by ApnaComplex (App for Security Staff) 1.0.78
*****Important - This app is exclusively for the use of SecurityGuards and Security Supervisors at your gate. If you areowner/resident you should be downloading ApnaComplex ApartmentApp.****** ApnaComplex Gatekeeper App is an intelligent solutionfor your property (Apartment or Layout or Commercial Complex orOffices) to be used at the Gate of the property for Personal GuestManagement, Visitor (Delivery Personnel) Management, StaffAttendance Tracking. Gatekeeper App works along with ApnaComplex -Apartment App. Visitor Management: The app allows the Security atthe entrance to capture the details of Visitors such as Name,Mobile Phone, Apartment # being visited, purpose, duration of stayetc. The app has a unique capability to verify and validate themobile phone number given by a visitor to ensure incorrect detailsare not given creating a security lapse. * Gatekeeper App has beendesigned keeping in mind of the constraints of security guards atthe entrance. * Gatekeeper App is extremely easy to set up in just2 steps. * Security has to just enter the mobile number of thevisitor and the app automatically pulls up the data of thevisitors' details and his/her past visits to the society, if any.This makes tacking of frequent visitors a breeze * A PIN-basedlogin is provided to the security for easy access to the app *Capture the photo of a visitor, of a vehicle along with thevisitors' details * Can integrate with thermal printers overBluetooth to print visitors pass * Easily search by visitors' nameor vehicle number or pass number to record the exit of the visitor* Can be deployed at multiple gates and can record entry at onegate and exit at another gate. Staff Attendance Tracking: *Gatekeeper helps you track Attendance without the use of any otherhardware such as biometric devices. * Security can view the list ofall Staff working in the Campus * Security can look up and mark In/ Out against each Staff as and when an in/out happens * Residentsof the building get alerts on mobile (via ApnaComplex Mobile App)whenever Staff working for them moves in/out of the Campus. *Gatekeeper app also does a Real-Time Authorization of Visitors bysending audio push notifications to residents to allow/reject avisitor without a need for security to call residents. * Initiatesauthorization of delivery personnel visiting multiple homes inparallel saving significant time for security and for deliverypersonnel. * Residents would also get mobile alerts when apre-authorized visitor checks in at the security. * Security canview the details of Residents, and make calls to the Residentsdirectly from the App if configured. * Gatekeeper can also work inoffline (without internet) and syncs up to ApnaComplex.com when theinternet is available. Once configured, the security can take thedevice to an internet access point (if not connected to theinternet) on a periodic basis to upload the data to the cloud. Inshort, Gatekeeper by ApnaComplex is a new generation, intelligentand must have for any Apartment / Housing Society / CommercialComplex to manage Gates of their property enhance the overallsecurity of the property.
Water Monitor by ApnaComplex 1.0
Water Monitor App is a companion app for Apartment ManagementSoftware ApnaComplex.com . Water Monitor allows the security in aProperty (Apartment or Co-operative Housing Society or RWAs orCommercial complexes) to track the delivery of water through watertankers. The security can take photos of the tanker which areautomatically timestamped by the application. This ensures thatwater tanker delivery actually takes place. Water Monitor supportsmultiple water vendors which can be setup with different watertanker capacities and rates. Each tanker trip can be recorded bythe Apartment Security using the Water Monitor App. This data isautomatically uploaded into the ApnaComplex cloud platform. TheProperty Management office can track which of the water tankerdelivery is billed / not billed and also record the bill number inwhich a specific water taker delivery is accounted. This preventsthe duplicate billing of the same water tanker in the Property andthus saves efforts and more importantly money. The Water MonitorApp even works in an offline mode and pushes data to the cloud whenit gets an internet connectivity.This is a companion App and isneeds that the Property is already using ApnaComplex.com.Sign upyour property on ApnaComplex by visitinghttps://www.apnacomplex.com/get-started