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Chess Pro 3D 2.0
Version 2.0 now fixes all issues! Please update ASAP. Top Ratedpaid Brain & Puzzle Android Game! New version 1.1 fixingnumerous issues. Chess Pro 3D takes a unique twist on a classicgame. With varying ease and numerous settings, you're allowed tocustomize your degree of difficulty to suit you, all while viewingthe board in gorgeous 3D! Become the next Master Chess Gambit! Youmay compete against your friends by having the quickest time, orearn achievements by beating the hardest levels. See if you canattain checkmate on the hardest level. Chess Pro 3D uses the latesttechnology in emulating various skill levels. Also included are theability to take back moves, change viewing angles and cameraperspective, and a simple touch and move interface. Download ChessPro 3D today and become the next Chess Master! Features: *Optimized for latest droid device! * Spectacular 3D Graphics *Intuitive Chess Engine * Various camera angles * ability to togglebetween birds eye and numerous 3D views * Take back moves * FluidChess Animation * Different Difficulty Levels
Pocket Pool 3D 1.0
Pocket Pool 3D is the hands down the most intuitive andaesthetically pleasing Billiards Pool Game in the Play Store. Itfeatures gorgeously rendered graphics, easy yet intuitive gameplay,and competitive Artificial Intelligence. If you are a BilliardsPool or Snooker fan, this game is a must have! You may chooseeither 8 ball pool or 9 ball pool. Pocket Pool 3D allows you tocompete again the CPU, another Player, or play by yourself just forpractice! See if you can have the highest winning percentage!Pocket Pool 3D is designed for your latest Android device andfeatures Google Play integration so you can compete against yourfriends to see who's the biggest Pool Shark! Features: -Optimizedfor your latest Device -8 Ball Pool or 9 Ball Pool -CPU, VS, orSingle Player Modes -Beautifully rendered 3D graphics -RealisticPool Hall and Bar -Easy Gameplay with touch controls -Multiplecamera angles, including 3D view -Realistic audio and sound effects-Ability to zoom in and out with camera -Customize Pool Tables!-Use Leaderboards and compete against others!
Cosmic Bowling 1.0
This cosmic bowling game is optimized for your latest droid! It notonly fully embraces the incredible 3D physics engine and effects,but uses beautiful art work to put a fun twist on a classic game!See what score you can earn! Be the world's best player in this 3Dcosmic bowling game! Game Features: - Stunning 3D graphics - CosmicBowling - Optimized for latest device - Special Effects andintricate colors - State-of-the-art 3D physics engine for real pinaction - Over 20 different bowling balls Simple instructions on howto play: 1. Move finger and drag ball to the left or right toposition the ball for your throw. 2. Flick the ball with yourfinger to bowl, and drag finger straight or towards the left/rightto guide the direction. The harder you move your finger and touchthe harder the ball goes!
Master Chess 1.0
Master Chess takes Chess to a whole new level!With varying ease and numerous settings, you're allowed tocustomize your degree of difficulty to suit you, all while viewingthe board in gorgeous 3D, optimized for your latest device.Beautiful scenery and 2D/3D toggling. This game is optimized to runquickly and seamlessly on multiple devices with the utmostquickness! We have streamlined this game to be the most proficientmobile chess game ever made!Become the next Master Chess Gambit! You may compete againstyour friends by having the quickest time, or earn the respect ofyour peers by beating the hardest levels. See if you can attaincheckmate on the hardest level and the fewest moves.Master Chess has 3 different skill levels to choose from. Youcan change the 3D/2D perspective and compete against other playersaround the world via Game Center.Download Master Chess today and become the next Chess Guru!Features:* Customized for both tablet and latest mobile devices!* Optimized for newest Android versions* Spectacular 3D Graphics* Fully optimized world class Stockfish Chess Engine* Various camera angles in 3D* Beautiful backgrounds and scenery* Fluid Chess Animation* Quick play, and responsive design* 3 Different Difficulty Levels* Customize pieces and board with a plethora of colors
Chess King 1.0
Chess King is your ultimate cross platform Online Social ChessSimulator.Chess King features online multiplayer capabilities,numerous game modes. and countless other features making it thebest chess simulator in the appstore. This game is currentlysupporting Play Services. Not only can you play against thecomputer, but also your friends on both iOS and Android mobiledevices around the world!Currently supports loading chess notationscript files. Since the late 1800's numerous famous games have beenrecorded and documented in time. Now with over 20 famous games youcan see what unique techniques the Chess Grand Masters used!Alsoyou can play multiple renditions and variants of Chess includingBlitz, Normal Timer, No Timer, Displacement, Chess960, Peasant'sRevolt, and much more!The fully adaptable and customizable 3D worldis impressive to say the least. You can zoom in, zoom out, pan andpivot through the 3D chess board. Also special effects have beenadded for aesthetics, as you can see.Various sharing methods, andsocial media sharing features allow you to send your game to yourpeers, and capture your victory in true essence! You can postnatively in numerous social outlets including Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and much more. We also allow e-mailingand texting the PGN text, Screenshots, and the actual PGN textfile.Also included are numerous scenes, and customizable chesspieces and boards. You can choose from 3 different scenes and 10different themes. Optionally you can turn on animation, andmusic/sound effects. You can also toggle numerous camera viewingangles, and change either a fully customizable camera or fixedcamera. Almost every aspect of this game can be customized for anoptimal playing experience!
flight fight 3D 1.0
flight fight 3D is a an immaculateflightsimulator with addictive game play. Fly and destroy enemiesin 10levels, each varying in challenge. The easy game play usesyourgyroscope on your phone to turn and go up and down so youcanmaneuver your ship.Each level has enemies, intense graphics, and smoothgameplay.Original soundtrack and lifelike sounds make theworlds/levels cometo life!Countless hours of entertainment and fun.d Download today!
Pinball Wizard 1.0
Pinball Wizard is a classic arcade gamebroughtto your latest droid device! Spend countless hours tryingto becomethe ultimate Pinball Wizard, and see if you can beat yourfriendswith your high scores.This arcade classic features realistic graphics, andintuitivegameplay. Choose from many different boards, all withuniquestrategy and nuances. The controls and touch play makes youfeel asthough you are in the arcade playing this timelessclassic!Features:-Many different boards-3D beautifully rendered graphics \-Immersive Sound FX-Easy touch controls
Motocross Pro 1.0
Motocross Pro is your ultimate 2D side-scrolling motocross/dirtbike trick game. The objective is to score as many tricks aspossible all while achieving the lowest time! This intense gamerequires skill, precision, and quick hands, do you have what ittakes to be great? For any avid biking or motorbike enthusiast thisgame is an absolute must have! The game features the following: -12 courses of intense excitement and varying difficulty in gameplay- good variety of traps and tricks in each level - easy to use andmaster controls, intuitive interface design - Streamlined graphicswill work smoothly even on older devices and newer devices! -Ability to choose many levels - Realistic Physics, and creativegame play! - Beautiful Graphics and Special FX
Virtual Beer Pong 1.0.0
Are you ready for addictive gameplay, stunning graphics, andintuitive fun? Virtual Beer Pong is the classic game Beirut akaBeer Pong. Nearly every college student will convey the popularityof this game!Virtual Beer Pong is ultimate Beer Pong simulator.Virtual Beer Pong is leaps and bounds the most unique and addictiveBeer Pong game in the AppStore today. Aside from multiplayercapabilities, you may play against the CPU in standard versusmode!There are 10 different characters with varying difficulty tochoose from, as well as over a dozen different balls, tables, andscenes. The combinations are endless! Each character has numerouscomments, and custom animations for your enjoyment!You won't beable to put your device down once you begin playing Virtual BeerPong. - Plethora of characters- Stunning 3D graphics- Simple swipeplay, and no learning curb!- vs CPU Mode, 10 levels of difficulty-Achievements and Leaderboards- Rich 3D sound effects- Customsoundtrack- plethora of different scenes- Dozens of custom ballsand tables- Gamepad Support!Virtual Beer Pong is optimized for botholder and newer devices, as seen in the fluidity of gameplay.
Jumper 3D 1.0
Jumper 3D is the ultimate side scrolling adventure. Make your waythrough each level, and help the hero find the treasure chest. Eachtreasure chest is hidden away in each level. Each elaborate levelis full of mysteries, and surprises keeping you entertained forcountess hours. The controls are simple. Click on the bottom rightof screen to go forward. Click on the bottom left to go back. Clickboth to jump. Unlock the mystery and adventure today with jumper3D!
Golf Pro 3D HD 1.0
Golf Pro 3D HD is a real life minigolfsimulator. These 18 holes are geared for quick andlifelikegameplay. The controls are easy, and the graphics andanimation aresmooth leaving the user with a cathartic experience.See how low you can score on each hole, challenge your friendstobeat your low score, and optimize your game.Features include:-beautiful natively rendered 3D Graphics-life like sounds-realistic gameplay-18 challenging holes with various obstacles-high replay value!Download Golf Pro 3D HD today!
Rally Racer 1.0
Ready, get set, go! in this fun, andexcitingracing game. With Rally Racer, you have 7 challengingcourses, withvarious mud tracks, jumps, and gorgeous scenery. Eachincreasinglychallenging level has intense racing gameplay, andsmoothanimation/controls to allow the user to compete againstthecomputer, and achieve the fastest time!- unique racing physics and unique and fun race car buggy- smooth racing experience on your droid- immersing sound FX, and original artwork- use device's tilt to steer, and touch screenforbrake/acceleration for easy to use controls!- 7 unique, challenging, and intense courses
Basketball Shooter! 1.0
How is your shot from the top of the arc? How quickly can you sinka bunch of 3 pointers with the shot clock winding down?BasketballShooter! is the latest addictive flick game for your device. Putyour skills to test with this 3 point basketball shooter game.Basketball Shooter! features 3 different player modes, integrationwith leaderboards, achievements through Google Play so you cancompete against your friends! See which one of you guys is the best3 point shooter amongst yourselves!Find yourself playing thisaddictive flick game for hours! The controls are easy to learn butdifficult to master. It may sound easy, click the ball and flick ittowards the basket, however you will find yourself becoming muchbetter with practice and continual gameplay. There are 5 positionsfrom the basket which you will shoot from. From each position youwill get 5 attempts to sink the shot. Remember, you are on a timer,so don't hesitate to take that shot when ready!Features:- Dozens ofcombinations for scenes and skyboxes- Customizable backboards, andballs- Stunning visual effects- Little to no learning curb- Easyand simplified interface- Gamepad support (Android 4.0 andgreater)- Leaderboards, Achievements- 3 Modes -> 120 Second(Normal Game), 60 Second (Short Game), No Movement, No Timer(Practice)- 5 Urban/EDM Tracks featuring The Passion Hi Fi as wellas DJ Apollo- Realistic Sound FX 3D SoundDo you have what it takesto make it rain 3 point buckets?