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Galaxy Wars 2.1
Take part in large-scale battles for theplanet Earth.Survive and destroy the alien enemy ships in the best space shooterlists you cautious but the game graduallywith the passing game becomes more difficult. From you need tocomplete analysis of in order to achieve that objective! Peace onEarth!Compete with your friends what would become the best in pilotingthe spacecraft!◆◆◆ ▶▶▶ Gameplay ◀◀◀ ◆◆◆◆ millions of enemy ships◆ simple operation with a single click◆ an opportunity to prove that you are the best of the best◆ interesting gameplay◆ constant updates and valves that will not let you get bored__________________________________________________________________________________We are respecting your scores and revokeand we hope that you will help to make the project betterContact Us E-Mail:
Doodle Cube Jump 1.3
Download best simulator jumping the guy,hewill guide you into the crazy world of cubes!Doodle Cube Jump is not just a game, it's an infinite cubicworldconstantlychanging as you progress through the game!◆◆◆◆◆◆GAMEPLAY◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ Easy control with just one finger◆ Endless world that won't let you go just like that!◆ Show your an amazing response◆ Be the best, thanks to excellent points!◆ Free updates, all just download and play!__________________________________________________________________________We really appreciate your feedback for the furtherdevelopmentof the project!Have an idea, write us!!!E-mail:
Runner Cube 2.2
Try to avoid the zombie ,go through thearrowdead, jump over the burning lava...----GamePlay----# Tap on button to jump and Attack# Play the maximum complexity# Do not fall into the trap# Watch your feet there burning lava# sharpen their agility arc runner will be easy for youProblem is there? Write on E-mail, we will reply!
Slime Jump 1.0.1
Bouncing cube is in trouble and can not getout! You will find a fascinating adventure and obstacle course witha green slug, all you need - is to run and jump on the blockswithout stopping.Only so little zheleyka be able to find your house. Suppose that inthe run, do not forget to dodge the spikes and fire, whichinsidiously await your hero at every turn.Immerse yourself in the exciting begalki free! Just click Downloadand install the best runner online on your android.Main features:★ Many levels do your skipping rope endless★ The most comely green slug★ Multiple modes of difficulty for those who love arcadeheavier★ An exciting game of survival, which has won thousands of fans ofarcade games in the genre runner worldwide★ Train your dexterity and speed in the amazing contest ofendurance★ Challenge yourself and your friends and become the best runner inthe world!Jump as high as possible, run faster, and never give up! Littlediver really wants to go home!