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Flappy Dragon 2.0
Flappy DragonIt’s all about how to fly your dragon!But how do Iplay?Just tap tap tap, silly and your dragon will flap and fly. Buthey, it is no cakewalk because Flappy Dragon is clumsy like a birdand needs to move through the pipes. One wrong step, it crasheswith the obstacles and voila, has to start all over again.Features★An adorable baby dragon to call your own★ Vibrant HD 3D graphics ina wide palette of colours★ Magical, fairytale background★ Bringsthe excitement of finger ‘tap’ controls★ One missed ‘tap’ and yourFlappy Dragon is gone★ Make it a healthy competition. Ask yourfriends to beat your score★Like your grandma’s stories, this gameis priceless but comes to you for free!DescriptionThe backgroundstory is simple. This cute but clumsy little Flappy Dragon is lostand is looking to reach its mama. So, you need to don the guide’shat and help it cross the hurdles, pipes in this case, without amissed step. Remember the dragons you loved to watch in the Dragonmovies and itched to ride, and you are all set to take charge ofthis one. Based on the dynamics of real-life physics akin to yourfavourite Bird game, Flappy Dragon is here to test whether yourbasic gaming skills are in place or not. And if you like Bird game,you will be bowled over by Flappy Dragon. One look at the highdefinition environment and the glow worms in the background, youwill know precisely what we mean.Come and enjoy the game we solovingly created. It is our ode to the many many fairytales weheard growing up. Somehow felt that the dragon never got its due.This game is how we would like to make amends. Do your good deedfor the day and help Flappy Dragon fly its way home.So Download Nowfor FREE !!
Deer Hunting - 2015 Safari 3.4
Do you like hunting ? How dangerous do you think it is? how will bethe fun to snipe some animals during a safari trip on the Africanplains and cause a stampede ? Do you like to live some adventures,hunting, running and Tracking monsters in the Jungle ?So ! you arein the right place ! Deer Hunting 2015 the high realistic free 3Dadventure hunting game which will take you in a new huntingadventure in the jungle featuring a wide variety of wild animalsand monsters “ Deer, lion, Boar, Sheep and other”.Deer Hunting 2015surpasses the previous versions of deer hunting games at alllevels. It enhances the virtual hunter's experience by nudging himthrough a dense lifelike forest with trees, rivers and waterfalls,home to many wild animals, including the jungle king - theLion.**This app offers in app purchases. You may disable in apppurchases using your device settings**1. SOLE HUNTER EXPERIENCEwiththis deer hunting game you will take control right from the verybeginning hunter and you’ll load with a rifle designed to simulatereal adventure of jungle life shooting experience. As you proceedwith a hunter's determination to kill and shoot, you can move upthe leaderboard by hunting down bigger animals and bagging inbigger trophies.However, this is not easy hunter game, for thechallenge gets tougher as you struggle to find your target everytime the leaves rustle or the buck bellows and the artisticrendering makes the animal come charging right at you.Making this3D hunting game for free a truly adventurous and valiant experiencefor you. 2. FEATURESYou will choose to hunt down the roaring lionor the bawling wolf, bear. Rhino or a wild boar or spot and chase adeer guarding his fawn.Apart from keeping an eye on the attacker,you have to think as an hunter. Find your prey's bait, and use itto draw them in. Use it as a trap.As a hunter keep a check on yourhealth. There is a nurse on board who appears each time you have tobuy health points. The visual effects are enhanced further bygiving you the option to hunting during day and night! The nightsget more challenging as it conceals the wilderness in its darknessand brings alive the jungle sounds and fireflies. You have to be onguard every second and be watchful of every sound or move as yourfight is against the natural hunters whose iridescent eyes andpredator instincts are heightened in the night. You have to strikethem down before it is too late. Hunt the Deer 2015 controls arehighly interactive, allowing you to zoom in and out and aim in anydirection. You can also share your score/progress on facebook andcompare your results with other gamers.3. ENJOY IT EVERYWHEREYoucan enjoy it at a temple, or while traveling in a real airplane ora running train, also in the subway, or in your car on the road, inschool or while running.It's suitable for everyone; if you're alover of mincraft game, adventure or hunting game. You should likeHunt the Deer 20154. LIGHT GAMEHunt the Deer 2015 don’t consumedata from your device, it was created to be suitable with all kindsof your devices phone or tablet.If you like our game, please rateit and recommend it to your friends. Hope you will enjoy huntinganimals.**Hunt the Deer 2015 was created by the best hunters gameteam to be compatible with all ages and there is not real animalswere harmed in the making of this game**--------------------PrivacyPolicy : for assistance orinquiries.Feedback: Share your feedback [email protected]:Facebook:
Living Dead City 1.2
★★★Remember do not let them bite you. ★★★After the deadly mutationvirus escaped from the lab most of the city is turned into a ZombieCity. You must do whatever it takes to retrieve the anti-virus andput a stop to the undead nightmare.They are recently found in allmajor city, zombie hordes started to appear out of nowhere andterrorize the human race. Dive into the dead city and save theHuman from the deadly zombies. Now you need shoot and kill all theZombies and recover the anti virus. Zombie shooting was never soexciting as this one. ★★★★ Features ★★★★★Cutting Edge of Tomorrowgraphics ★HD and Award winning graphics ★Amazing living dead dollsrag-doll effect on die★INTENSE, fast shooting experience ★DEFEATendless Zombie hordes ★Scary sounds★DESTROY and kill ZombieMonsters★STRIKES an impressive balance between humour andfear.★Horror games free scary, scary maze gameIf you have aquestion that are zombies real? Then the answer is yes. The returnof the living dead because of the tvirus was possible. On the nightof living dead you should shoot zombies using ak47, mp5, assultrifle. Zombies run everywhere in city looking for humans to eat.Zombies ate many of your friends and this is the time you shouldact upon them and show no mercy. They are deadly andbloody.FEATURES• Grab your phone/tablet, get in control and bringinfected horrors down. Your interface is zombie-shooting ready. •Zombies are weak at the Head, try to shoot them at the Head tobring down the Zombies.• Throughout the campaign you will find newweapons and money to upgrade your armory. • Living Dead City willthrows you into the gruesome world of the zombie apocalypse wherethere are no second chances. Do what you have to in order to stayalive. Unlock guns and act fast to save the Living Dead City. •Modern combat has become lot more complicated - dead triggeramongst us once again with unbelievably power. Humanity called allsoldiers to fulfill duty which they promised. Frontline battlefieldbecomes blood baths and humankind once more tastes their own blood.Dead trigger's once again.• The crawling dead, dead zombies cancome from all underground subway station. You need to pull the deadtrigger to kill them. Zombies are weak at the neck and head part.Try to shoot them at head part to see the dead effect. Edge oftomorrow graphics. Will you take up the challenge and try to defeatall Zombies in survival mode game? --------------------PrivacyPolicy : for assistance orinquiries.Feedback: Share your feedback [email protected]:Facebook: leave a review if you like ourapp. Thanks!
Spooky Realm - Mini Shooter 2.1
Get ready for an incredible and mini shooter journey through ahaunted and spooky world with our star Ray who has to rescue hisGrandma from hideous beasts in an unusual Dreamworld.Join LittleStar Ray and get ready for the spookiest Halloween with SpookyRealm Mini Shooter ! Our war hero is determined to bring down themaster of the menacing minigore army of ruthless supernaturalbeasts. GAMEPLAYAre you ready to clash with supernatural pharaohs,little kid frankie, saw champ and the magical and powerful lichking? On their Master ‘s command they swarmed the ghostlydreamworld and fight till they are slaughtered. Equip yourself withsuperb and incredible weapons in this stunning game of minicreatures & minions. Earn candies and become a superb mini herowho rescues his grandma from the wicked brain eater zombie & amenace of the ruthless spider army of the dark minigore world inthis spooky kids game where you have to fight in a dreamworld.Afree action packed 3D game where you take command of our Star Ray’slife and help him rescue his grandma from Boogeyman’s horrificghouls and other freakish dreamworld creatures. With our herolittle Ray, enter his spooky kids dreamworld and travel to the mosteerily haunted places as you move from on outworld looking level toanother. Unlock the spooky worlds that belong to the dark minikingdom & clash with haunting ghosts.MISSIONYour mission is toslaughter the spooky minigore army of the outworld with yourincredible magical toy guns like sniper & shotguns and takedown various bosses like the lich king. Like every army base, thesefreaky ghouls, ghostly boogeyman and horrific demons have a boss inevery level. Kids do not underestimate their fighting skills asevery ruthless attack of these mini beasts brings down your health.Beware! Choose from a variety of cool toys like weapons shaped likerifles, sniper & shotguns. Earn experience by killing the minibeasts and earn gold coins on winning the wars and moving to thenext level. Call your friends for this mini shooter treat &earn daily rewards and unlock treasure chests. Unlock superb toyweapons. FEATURESCute 3d graphics, spooky music, variety of weird,nightmarish & horrific creatures, fast-paced haunted storyline& stunning Gameplay, with alien world, snow world and many morefreaky things, like unusual weapons with different shootingeffects, make Spooky Realm one hell of a game! Spooky comes withChristmas gifts.Stop Waiting and Download Now for FREE thespookiest game !!--------------------Privacy Policy : for assistance orinquiries.Feedback: Share your feedback [email protected]:Facebook: welcome all of your comments andsuggestions at [email protected] !
Spooky Realm Pro 2.1
Pro Edition:No AdsBundled GoodiesGet your hands on Exciting NewFeaturesGet ready for an incredible and mini shooter journeythrough a haunted and spooky world with our star Ray who has torescue his Grandma from hideous beasts in an unusualDreamworld.Join Little Star Ray and get ready for the spookiestHalloween with Spooky Realm Mini Shooter ! Our war hero isdetermined to bring down the master of the menacing minigore armyof ruthless supernatural beasts. GAMEPLAYAre you ready to clashwith supernatural pharaohs, little kid frankie, saw champ and themagical and powerful lich king? On their Master ‘s command theyswarmed the ghostly dreamworld and fight till they are slaughtered.Equip yourself with superb and incredible weapons in this stunninggame of mini creatures & minions. Earn candies and become asuperb mini hero who rescues his grandma from the wicked braineater zombie & a menace of the ruthless spider army of the darkminigore world in this spooky kids game where you have to fight ina dreamworld.A free action packed 3D game where you take command ofour Star Ray’s life and help him rescue his grandma fromBoogeyman’s horrific ghouls and other freakish dreamworldcreatures. With our hero little Ray, enter his spooky kidsdreamworld and travel to the most eerily haunted places as you movefrom on outworld looking level to another. Unlock the spooky worldsthat belong to the dark mini kingdom & clash with hauntingghosts.MISSIONYour mission is to slaughter the spooky minigore armyof the outworld with your incredible magical toy guns like sniper& shotguns and take down various bosses like the lich king.Like every army base, these freaky ghouls, ghostly boogeyman andhorrific demons have a boss in every level. Kids do notunderestimate their fighting skills as every ruthless attack ofthese mini beasts brings down your health. Beware! Choose from avariety of cool toys like weapons shaped like rifles, sniper &shotguns. Earn experience by killing the mini beasts and earn goldcoins on winning the wars and moving to the next level. Call yourfriends for this mini shooter treat & earn daily rewards andunlock treasure chests. Unlock superb toy weapons. FEATURESCute 3dgraphics, spooky music, variety of weird, nightmarish &horrific creatures, fast-paced haunted storyline & stunningGameplay, with alien world, snow world and many more freaky things,like unusual weapons with different shooting effects, make SpookyRealm one hell of a game! Spooky comes with Christmas gifts.StopWaiting and Download Now for the spookiest game!!--------------------Privacy Policy : for assistance orinquiries.Feedback: Share your feedback [email protected]:Facebook: welcome all of your comments andsuggestions at [email protected] !
Downtown Surfer 2.0.3
Surfing in the water is, well, stale news! Dowhat the world is currently hooked on to. Imagine the rush hourtraffic of a metropolitan city and you are surfing against it. Sayhello to DOWNTOWN SURFER.How Do I Play?Pick a surfer avatar that reflects the fun and adventurous personyou are. Wipe your hands squeaky clean and grab your smartphone forthe time of your life. Dash ahead and dodge the obstacles! All yougotta do is “jump up” the cars and bikes coming your way orwherever the possibility, “slide down”. Become the undefeatedsurfer who has nailed the ultimate challenge, even bigger than thesubway, that of the merciless downtown.Features★Subway Train passing over the Bridges★Exciting Subway and Metro trains pass by★Grind traffic in an all new and super cool style★Bright and vibrant HD graphics★Downtown Surfer is an exciting game that will have you surfingaround the big city traffic trying to reach the highestscore!★ Super easy controls to play★ Use your skills to get more Golden Coins★ Play using SWIPE or TOUCH controllers★ Paint powered jetpack★ Lightning fast swipe acrobatics★Brilliant range of avatars to pick yours from★Accurate representation of the downtown★Real-life physics and dynamics guiding the car and trafficmovement★Special power that allows you to blow up all the vehicles on theroad★Neat Facebook integration so that you know which friend is next toyou and you can beat his/her score★Challenge your friends★If you like Subway Surfer, then you are going to love DowntownSurferDescriptionDowntown Surfer has a taken the law in his hands! No, he is notyour hero or villain but the quintessential anti-hero who is on therun. Wrongly accused of a crime, he is making a dash for freedombefore the cops catch up and put him away in prison for a longtime. Worst of all, Downtown Surfer’s only chance to escape hisunfortunate fate coincides with the intense rush hour of the city.There are hundreds of cars whizzing by, motorcycles vrooming aroundand other vehicles speeding up to reach their destinations.Downtown Surfer takes an agenda against all of them!The gameplay starts with the two Ds – Dash and Dodge. However,once the Downtown Surfer has earned ample coins, he can activatethe jetpack that triggers his speed like how! That’s not all. Aspecial power that can be purchased with coins, allows the DowntownSurfer to BLOW up vehicles clearing his/her way to move the fastestthat he/she can.So, do you have it in you to be what the world will call theUltimate Downtown Surfer!
Zombie Shooter 3D 2.2
BEST ZOMBIE SHOOTER EVER**350 Million Zombies have been killed tillnow !! **Take your part on saving the world and win unbelievableprizes in specially designed zombie shooter game. Earn the moneyevery day from fields!Zombie Shooter 3D is full of action, weaponsgame with deadly zombies and walkers. This First Person Shooter(FPS) game with stunning HD graphics and eye-catching visuals turnsyour mobile into a handheld game console. Zombie Shooter HD is allabout survival of mankind and killing the dead who have escaped thequarantine zone. As a First Person Shooter (FPS) you have to gagethe situation well and watch out for the blood thirsty giants, whocome crawling and scrambling from all corners. One bite of creepyand morbid dead walking creature is enough to infect & send youinto a state of eternal oblivion. The zombie will not shy away totake a bite of your flesh as they all have been infected.The humanhabitat has turned into a dead city, portending the downfall ofhuman race. The air is contaminated and infected, augmenting thespread of the deadly virus. Reload your guns and weapon-up withshotgun, sniper, M1911, AK47, MP5 and even use melee weapons,katana & knives for a close hand-to-hand combat where the bloodcomes spurting out. In the beginning of this fantastic 3D horrorgame, to kill undead people / zombies you can strategize your movesbefore hordes of bloody zombies with insatiable hunger come toattack you. The touch screen game controls are at par with a gamingconsole . Zombie shooter Gameplay - Beware as the dead rise again!-Zombie Hunter- Videogame fever- Walking dead getting hungry.-Walkers don't hesitate to kill- If you want to be a sniper be one.-Sniper can save the city- You can kill with your naked eye-Assassin- You will become a walker/ zombie if you loose control-Dead triggers again- Kill the undead in FPS game - Terminatezombies in this FPS game - Stop the zombie plague - You are theHunter - Rescue the human race from zombie plague - You vs thezombies!- Free FPS shooting game- Grab a weapon & shoot or bedead! - Weapon up for zombies or be dead- One of the bestvideogame- Human vs Zombies in 3D FPS game- Puncture zombie brainswith headshots- Headshot is the best shot - Go for the bloodyheadshot - Hunt them all in the in hunt or be hunted- Be the hunterthey need.- It's Mission impossible.- Dead triggers in your city.-Shrek size walkers- Shrek zombie will come from subway- Bittersneed only one bite of your flesh!- Be the savior for the city.-Flawless graphics- Kill or dieAre you ready for the longest Zombieshooter war? Are you excited to kill the dead / undead hard toidentify & move high on leaderboard? Download this FREE fpsZombie Shooter 3D game now, choose from lethal weapons, aim &shoot zombies & become a first class contract killer of zombies/ walking dead. Be the rescuer of the Human race in this deadlyworld. Be the savior of this world else t -virus will spread in theworld !We welcome all of your comments and suggestions [email protected] !Follow us onFacebook: leave a reviewif you like our app. Thanks!
Car Racing 1.0
Citizens of the Gaming World,If you grew up liking speedy car, you are going to love CarRacing!First time in the history of Android gt car racing, there comes agame that is the perfect answer to your need for speed that too ona sports car. It’s as realistic as it gets combining the laws ofPhysics and the adrenaline rush that one gets when racing an realcar racing on the highway.Look out for the stunning, high fidelity graphics with anaddictive car racing game play that will have you swerving throughsharp turns on incredible high speed race tracks. Did we mentionthe powerful, most awesome sports car that’s yours to drive at yourfastest best on the highway!# How to PlayPlaying the car racing game is easy peasy compared to other games.All you have to do is just tilt your phone to control the carsteering direction and tap the screen to brake or to reverse thecar.Race Now !!# Two Car Racing Modes1. Quick Race: Nothing beats the thrill of beating a couple of badass fellas and be the undisputed car racing champ on the highway.It is right here that you get to compete with 2 other expert CPUplayers and show the world your speed racing skills.3rd and 2nd places fetch you game money $500 and $1000respectively. But if you rule the highway racer roost, you can walkaway with a virtual sum of $2000. 4th and 5th places get you thetag of a L-O-S-E-R.Remember in the Quick Race mode, car racing has only ONE lap. So,act quickly and don’t be afraid to take sharp turns. That’s how youcan be a road warrior.Most important thing collect the booster to get sudden boost to thespeed. This is very very helpful to win the race.2. Elimination Mode: Ready to put it all in one exhilarating carracing adventure? You are at the highway to car racing heaven. Now,the last driver gets eliminated in each round. Car racing goes onfor 5 rounds and the winner takes it all.# Tips & Tricks- Try to take sharp turns- Brake less- Better your bike handling skill- Block the direction of other cars# Game Features:- 3D racing game with brilliant graphics- Earn virtual cash rewards to unlock new tracks- The prize money is virtual and not real money- Car racing on a famous Indiana Track- Choose different race tracks- Camera ControlKeep playing!App Interactive Studios
Drag Race on Venice Street pro
Play the 3D drag race in beautiful Venice City Street.Real Venicecity Drag Race experience. Hit install to play the real 3D Dragrace.★ Real driving experience with your device accelerometer★ 4+cars to own and race★ Stunning graphics★ Play more game and earncash ★ free to play★ Choose your own carVenice City Drag race willgive you ultimate drag racing experience. Every car and track ismore beautiful than ever thanks to graphics that push the limits ofyour device. Each drag racing give you cash and you can use thecash to purchase more sports car which allow you to win againstmuch stronger opponents.--------------------Privacy Policy : for assistance orinquiries.Feedback: Share your feedback at [email protected]
Run Bob Run 1.1
Grab your dream car and run away from cops chase with dominance inthe first white-knuckle edition of money theft escape made just formobile – from the developer that brought you Deer Hunting 2015,Zombie Shooter 3D. Choose your dream ride with an unbelievablerange of Auto, Cars, Taxis and even Tanks to blow away the cops.★ ★Rated in Top 10 New Most Addictive Android Games by Game Zone★ ★ !! Race your way away from the cops, grab your favorite theftride, you Goal is to reach the Hideout after robbing the bank. Thethief is clever who knows his ways around and have come prepared.**This app offers in app purchases. You may disable in apppurchases using your device settings**CRAZY CAR RIDESPick up thegrand collection of fantasy world cars you’ve always wanted, youwould love to ride the army tank, auto and other collection ofcars. Try avoiding the getting in chase with policeDRIVE FAST – ANDFEARLESSTake the help of the map and try avoiding getting intotraffic, hitting against walls, and running out of fuel. Aroundevery corner a quest for you to getting in clash with the localcrews and local cops. You need to take your car, auto or army tankaway from them. It’s a world full of wannabe drivers – can you stayin front and earn respect?REACH HIDEOUT TO WINNever back down asyou race away after committing crime. Collect coins, avoid localpolice, hitting each inch of the map hard by the time you reach thebig end. ★ Beautiful new graphics★ Gorgeous new environments★ Newobstacles★ More achievements★ Choose our favorite FREE car ride!!!** Game is free to play but the game requires the LOCATIONpermission to target and deliver video-based advertising: The gameimplements opt-in video ads that players can watch to revive in thegame if they choose.--------------------Privacy Policy : for assistance orinquiries.Feedback: Share your feedback at [email protected]
Living Dead City : FULL 1.0.1
★★★THIS IS A PAID VERSION ★★★★ ALL GUNS CZ-11, WPN-1, MK-16, PPSH-41, M4A3, RS-25 and SniperareUNLOCKED★ AD FREE★ UNLIMITED GRENADE USAGEAfter the deadly mutation virus escaped from the lab most ofthecity is turned into a Zombie City.You must do whatever it takes to retrieve the anti-virus and putastop to the undead nightmare.They are recently found in all major city, zombie hordes startedtoappear out of nowhere and terrorize the human race. Dive intothedead city and save the Human from the deadly zombies. Now youneedshoot and kill all the Zombies and recover the anti virus.Zombieshooting was never so exciting as this one.★★★★ Features ★★★★★Cutting Edge of Tomorrow graphics★HD and Award winning graphics★Amazing living dead dolls rag-doll effect on die★INTENSE, fast shooting experience★DEFEAT endless Zombie hordes★Scary sounds★DESTROY and kill Zombie Monsters★STRIKES an impressive balance between humour and fear.★Horror games free scary, scary maze gameIf you have a question that are zombies real? Then the answerisyes. The return of the living dead because of the tviruswaspossible. On the night of living deadyou should shoot zombies using ak47, mp5, assult rifle. Zombiesruneverywhere in city looking for humans to eat. Zombies atemyfriends and this is the time you shouldact upon them and show no mercy.• Grab your phone/tablet, get in control and bring infectedhorrorsdown. Your interface is zombie-shooting ready.• Zombies are weak at the Head, try to shoot them at the Headtobring down the Zombies.• Throughout the campaign you will find new weapons and moneytoupgrade your armory.• Living Dead City will throws you into the gruesome world ofthezombie apocalypse where there are no second chances. Do whatyouhave to in order to stay alive. Unlock guns and act fast tosavethe Living Dead City.• Modern combat has become lot more complicated - deadtriggeramongst us once again with unbelievably power.Humanity called all soldiers to fulfill duty whichtheypromised.Frontline battlefield becomes blood baths and humankind oncemoretastes their own blood.Dead trigger once again... Modern warfare weren’t the samesincethen.• The walking dead, running dead zombies can come fromallunderground subway station. You need to pull thedead trigger to kill them. Zombies are weak at the neck andheadpart. Try to shoot them at head part to see thedead effect. Edge of tomorrow graphics.Will you take up the challenge and try to defeat all Zombiesinsurvival mode game?NEWS & EVENTSWebsite http://www.livingdeadcity.comFacebook
Hunt The Deer 1.0
*** Disclaimer: No real animal was harmed in the making of thisgame ***Prepare to experience the thrills of the evergreen centreof all excitement – the Jungle! It is here the jungle animals runin the wild, so it is here that your hunting skills will be testedto their potential. Grab your sniper rifle and shoot the STARTboard and you are all set for the biggest deer hunting adventure ofyour life with Hunt The Deer.Taking inspiration from a real-lifedeer hunting expedition, Hunt The Deer lets you enjoy the thrillsof being a jungle hunter. This free hunting game comes with abrilliant 3D jungle environment and sharp HD graphics. 3D deer movearound, grazing in the grass while novice and expert deer hunterslike you can take aim and shoot.Enter the jungle and spot the deer.The arrows on the left let you move forward, backward, left andright. So, take the most strategic vantage point for that perfectaim. Don’t venture too close to the deer for you may just shoo itaway. Once you have identified your target, choose the WEAPONoption and your person will be armed with a rifle. If the deer isfar way, press ZOOM to take aim through the sniper lens and FIREthe shot. If you are feeling especially lucky, you can shootwithout aiming through the zoom lens. Time is of the essence as youget only 60 seconds to hunt down a deer. Are your reflexes quickenough? Let’s find out…A little hunting tip: The deer likes to hidebehind the bushes when scared. Features- An exciting hunting gamefor free- First-person perspective- Real-life deer huntingexperience- 3D environment- Console quality HD graphics- 3D deer-Ability to move to strategic vantage points to shoot the animal-Option of taking aim through sniper lens for smart huntingSo whywait, download now and kill them all !!
Neon Run 1.2
Run with the ball on this sweet adventure through the Neon World.Travel through tron world, running on laser path and meeting flashycharacters! Grab the ball and run in this tron world, made just formobile. Neon run is an addictive game and it will keep you engagedfor hours. Neon Run, from the makers of Deer Hunting 2015 andZombie Shooter 3D!Your job is to avoid hitting any obstacles ormissing the goal post.-------------------------------Take on thisNeon Run and alone or play with friends to see who can get thehighest score! -------------------------------Neon Run features:●Swipe up / down to change shape between sphere and square !● Swipeleft / right to change lanes !● Cute laser obstacles to keep youentertained● Tasty neon graphics that will leave you hungry formore● Helpful magical boosters to help in scoring more ● Easy andfun to play, challenging to master ● Leaderboards to watch yourfriends and competitors!● Easily sync the game between devices andunlock full game features when connected to theInternet------------------------------- ** Game is free to play butthe game requires the LOCATION permission to target and delivervideo-based advertising: The game implements opt-in video ads thatplayers can watch to revive in the game if theychoose.--------------------Privacy Policy : for assistance orinquiries.Feedback: Share your feedback at [email protected]
Crazy Drifting 1.0
Crazy drifting is the best real driftracingcar game available for Android.This game gives real drift gaming experience which will make yougocrazy on it.Combined with best drift simulation engine along withper-configuredcars to unlock for the drift championship.Features :★ Best drift simulation and drift car physics★ HD and clear Graphics optimized for Tablets and phone.★ Perform drift stunts to earn extra drift points.All the cars and tracks will be unlocked by Drift Pointsearnedthrough drifting or performing stunts.There are 2 track but wait you cannot just go to the secondtrack.You need to perform drift stunt and jump over the 10 feettall wallto go to other side.Extra options to increase the engine performance and buyingextratime on track is available. This game is all about crazydriftingand earning drift points to top on the leader boards. Mostof theRussian driver out there, this can be a fun and real driftinggamefor them. Russia Israel play this game and have fun.Instruction :Tilt to control the steeringUse Handbrake or tilt slight to activate the drift thurst.Maintain the drift for lnger time without crashing toearnpoint.Industrial area containers and trucks make the scenesuperalive.NEWS & EVENTSWebsite http://www.crazydrifing.comFacebook
Bubble Finger 1.0
Bubble Finger is free arcade one fingergamewith the urge to play again and again.With very simple one touch control you have to guide thedelicatebubble through sets of very spikey hurdles.But be careful once you touch the bubble don't lift up yourfinger.Challenge your friends with your score and see who scoresmore.Score more to be on top of leaderboard.Features- Very Simple one touch control.- Addictive Gameplay.- Awesome HD Graphics.- Nice 3D sound effects.- Leaderboards.- No In App Purchases