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Eid Mehendi Design 2017 1.2
App Lab USA
This app has 500+ designs of mehndi which are categorised as below.-Eid Specials-Designers Mehndi Designs-Mehndi Designs for FrontHand-Mehndi Designs for Back Hand-Mehndi Designs for Fingers-MehndiDesigns for Foot-Mehndi Designs for Body-Mehndi Designs forKids-Designs for Boys-Learn Mehendi Designs Step By Step-MehndiDesign Video Tutorialsand many more......Mehedi, menhendi, henna,design, art, eid special, eid mehedin, eid mehendi, eid mubarak,2017, new, hot.
Toss The Coin 1.0
App Lab USA
Toss and see what's in your future.The tossing is totally random,so you can trust the app as you trust the toss of a real coin. Itis too much fun if you know Bangla since the app is designed forBangladeshi people.
Anti Theft Droid Protection 1.0
App Lab USA
This app will protect your phone from thieves or someone who triesto dislocate your phone.You can use this app:1. To prank withsomeone.2. To be alarmed if someone tries to dislocate yourphone.How to use:step 1: Launch the app by tapping the applogo.step 2: Tap the button appeared on the screen to activate. Itwill take 3 seconds to be activated.step 3: You can simply lockyour phone pressing the power button. Now if anyone, even you tryto dislocate the phone the app will start the siren.step 4: If theperson wants to stop the siren, he must be able to unlock yourphone then tap the deactivate button.If you face any problem orhave any suggestion for improving the app performance pleasecomment below...