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Clash of the Robots 3D 1.7
Ladies & Gentlemen introducing to you arobot... the super hero... the people's champ "SAM". He is ultimaterobot fighter and is favourite among most robot fight lovers. Inthe game... he will be battling with most dangerous opponents ofhis kind.His opponents may vary in power & actions... whichincludes1- ASH - King of Comic Books2- YOD - The Extreme Warrior3- PLEX - The Genius Hacker4- MR.ZED - The Ultimate Fighter5- SOLO - The Fearless Fighter6- B.BEE - The Ruthless KillerThe bots will be fighting in different venues like:1- Scifi - Lab2- Scrap Yard3- Around the City4- Crash Site5- Street Fight6- In the RingsHow to Play:- Colour up SAM's attire from the colour pallets- Select the opponent robots- Each robot have different powers, Hydraulics, Chip-set- In game play... there is power bar displaying Bots power- And power bar .. will be used as super combo when power barfills- The action buttons are on right includes: front punch, roundpunch, kick straight, flying kick, block, power button for powercombo action- The movement joystick buttons are on left- The action buttons with navigation buttons will give differentactions.Make Video & Share (New Feature)Now you can make videos of your play... and upload to EveryPlaywebsite...Also Share your video on Facebook & YouTubeGame Features- Excellent Graphics- Announcer introduces the robot before fight- Fight will be within 7 bots- Quality Sounds- Fight on different venues- Smooth & friendly navigation- All live 3D menusThe players with his robot will fight with powerful titans toweringover 8 to 9 feet tall and weighing in over 1500 + pounds. Playerwill fight to prove that SAM is actually a People's Champ. TheClash of Robots features rich game-play and high replay values. Andwe hope that the game will loved by all.Privacy Policy:-----------------------We don't collect any personal information , any non-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google is used foranalytic and game improvements.For details please read our Privacy Policy
Commando Killer Strike 1.4
As an army commando, you have been assigned a mission by armygeneral officer to clear the base camps from enemies. Jump from theheli into the enemy base camp. Kill the enemies hidden at differentcheck points by using your commando skills.You can use machine gun. After killing 6 to 7 enemies, grenade isgiven as a reward. After successfully clearing all checkpoints,your mission is completed and you will find a map of other basecamps that are occupied by enemies, and that will be your nextmission.How to Play:- Touch the screen to target enemies.- Tap Fire button to kill the enemies.- For enemies at far distance, use the telescope for snipershoot.- Tap Grenade button for massive explosion and kill enemies.Features:- Third person shooting- Realistic 3D graphics- Excellent environments- Easy GUI and controls- Multi-touch enabled
Race 3D Unleashed - Car Racing 1.0
Burn up the streets & highways withthefastest and most furious racing action in fast highway carracingstoday!!Race 3D Unleashed combines collection of cool stunning realracingcars, high fidelity graphics of highways, with addictivegameplaythat will have you swerving through oncoming traffic,collectingpower-ups, and knocking other highway racers off theroad.The Game takes this turbo car racing to new heights withstunninggraphics, new game modes, extra features, addictiveexciting fullthrottle missions.Race in 4 different real tracks like Sea View, ThirstyDesert,Animal Jungle, Stormy Night view with cloudy, rainy,sunnyenvironment and other exciting mind blowing locations!Earn Points to unlock new ultimate crazy extreme real racingcarsand environments. Use NOSS to boost your car speed. RaceUnleashedis an immersive, high-quality real car racing game.Brilliant HD graphics in a artistic visually stunning3Dexperience. High-end car racing drifting cars outrunning eachother6 high-performance simulation cars with heavy turbines andparts.Race and chase hot cars.Key Features- Smooth and realistic car handling- Detailed & stunning environment- Adventurous ride- Different Tracks are available- Different crazy extreme cars to choose from: sportcars,roadsters, muscle cars!- Realistic game play- Breathtaking visuals and amazing tracks- Earn cash to unlock cars & tracksGameplay- Tilt to steer- Touch brake button to slow down- Buy better cars to have better handlingHave fun with your car... in this crazy car highwayracingaction.... You will love to play and will addicted onceyouinstalled it...
Zombies Hand Fight 3D 1.1
Derek Galloway is a retired U.S navy sealserviceman; who is now living a peaceful and happy life with hisbeautiful wife Julia. One day when he comes home; his world turnedupside down and his vision got blurred by what lay ahead of him.His wife Julia was lying dead in her own pool of blood with herflesh torn to shreds and her body half eaten.Derek now realized why he didn’t come across people on the streetson his way back home and the town looked desolate and deserted. Adeadly nerve agent Minoz-Z has accidentally been released into theair from a nearby top secret government research lab. The deadlyvirus wiped out the whole population of the small community and hadturned them into flesh devouring Zombies.Upon reaching New York City, he is quickly recruited by theFBI’s to return to the deserted and zombie infested city forseeking any survivors left in the city.The game is fun to play alone, with a lengthy and excitingsingle-player campaign. This best zombie survival game shouldsatisfy your need for experiencing some frantic scenarios involvingthe undead.How To Play:- Smooth Navigation- Tap Run button to run and tap punch button to fight- A one button kick-punch fighting system- Resucue traped human survivors in the areaGame Features:- Zombies Hand Fight is pure hand combat with zombies- It’s an action-packed game filled to the brim with enjoyablesurvival elements.- It has some brilliant content packed in it- Lively visuals- Diverse and incredibly enjoyable gameplay.- Pure open world zombie madness- Large scale zombie hand combat battles- A horror-themed first-person combat game- Gripping and detailed environment- Gorgeous graphics
Real Squash Sports 3D 1.2
Do you have skills to to play Real SquashSports? If yes then play the popular indoor racket sport game:Squash Champ and prove your squash playing skills in this 3Dversion of Squash game by hitting ball against the wall in attemptto make your opponent miss rebound.Real Squash Sports is simple & ultimate mobile sportsexperience and addictive sports game based on realistic physics.Grab your racket and play against world top ranked Squash playingCountries.Tip for you: the center of the court is a very strategic place.Always keep an eye on the corners and you won’t miss anyserve.Top Ranked Squash playing CountriesThe game includes 10 different opponents of different top rankingSquash playing countries1- Colombia2- Egypt3- France4- Germany5- Hong Kong6- Netherland7- South Africa8- Spain9- United Kingdom10- AustraliaGame Rules:- For service the ball must strike the front wall with in theservice area and lands on the floor; and pick up by opponentplayer- After the serve, the players take turns hitting the ball againstthe front wall with in the Playabel Area, above the Tin Area andbelow the Foul line.- A ball landing on either the out line or the line along the topof the tin is considered to be out.- After the ball hits the front wall, it is allowed to bounce onceon the floor before a player must return it.Game Play:- To start game enter your name- Select opponent country- Next opponent will be unlocked when winning game- The player who will score 11 points first will be winnerPrivacy Policy:-----------------------We don't collect any personal information , any non-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google is used foranalytic and game improvements.For details please read our Privacy Policy