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Weight Check by Finger scanner Prank 1.0.1
Weight checker by finger scanner is a prank app which can be usedto see your body weight. This is a special app which will displaysome number as your body weight which may be equal to your realbody weight also. Do enjoy this app and share it with friends andfamily members. Leave your comments and suggestions
Age Finder Face Scanner Prank - Age Scanner 1.2
How young you look find out from this Age finder Face scanner prankapp. Download and install this free to download app. Scan face andcheck result of how many years old your skin looks like. You haveoption to share the result if your age is displayed as young in theapp. If you age comes older than you really are then re-scan yourscan and check result again. This is a prank app and made purelyfor entertainment purpose only. Do share this app on social mediaalong with your comments and ratings. Also let me know yoursuggestions and modification required in this app
Eye Scanner Mobile Locker Prank 1.0
Eye scanner mobile screen locker is a prank app which can be usedtoprank friends. Using this special app you can fool friends thatyoualso got Eye scanner mobile lover app in your mobile. Downloadthisphone lover app now and share it with other on social media.Alsorate this app and leave your comments
XRay Body Scanner Prank 1.0
XRay Body scanner will scan any body part a user want to scanandwill display XRay scanned images which is a randomlygeneratedimage to prank friends and family members. You have optionto saveand share this image with others. Download and install thisfreeXray body scanner app now. Select a photo from mobile galleryorclick a selfie. Adjust the photo to the body outline providedoncamera in this app. Scan for Xray prank result. Have fun anddoshare this app on social media. Rate this app and also provideyourcomments and suggestions
Truth or Lie Finder Finger Scanner Prank 1.2
Find whether a person is speaking true or telling as lie usingthistruth finder finger scanner prank lie detector app. This isfree todownload app. You need to install this app in your mobileandanswer few questioned asking in this app. Read about this appinthe app to use this app perfectly. You need to speak tocheckwhether its true or false. This is a prank app and made purelyforentertainment purpose only. Do share this app on social mediaalongwith your comments and ratings. Also let me know yoursuggestionsand modification required in this app
Face Projector Simulator Effect Prank 1.0
Face projector Simulator effect app creates projection effect.Usingthis app you can impress your girl friend by projecting theirphoto.You can prank your friends by projecting your photo. DOenjoy thisface projector app and do rate it along with yourcomments. Sharethis app if you like on Social media
Clap to ON Off Flash Light 1.0
Clap to ON off Flash light is a useful tool to find your mobile.Youcan also use this app as a game to play with kids. This is amagicalapp whose flash light can be turn ON or turn OFF byclapping yourhands. You just need to activate this feature andenjoy with yourfriend and family members. DO rate this app andleave your comments
Finger print Mood Scanner Prank 1.2
Finger print mood scanner will scan your mood by fingerprintscanner and display prank results. This mood scanner can beused inmany ways and make your friends happy. Download and installthisfree app. Scan your finger print and check the mood. Do ratethisapp and share your experience on comment page along withratings
Ghost Scanner – Find the Ghost Prank 1.2
Ghost scanner will scan for Ghost in your room or area andwilldisplay prank result to have fun with friends and familymembers.This app is free to download. Upon install this scanner appyouwill see a scanner which display result on scanning. DO rateaboutthis app inside the app to enjoy it more. Do rate this appandleave your comments. You can made video when you prank yourfriendsand share it on social media for likes and comments
Do Not Touch My Mobile Alarm 1.2
Do not touch my mobile upon activation will ring ALARM whensomeonetouch your mobile without your permission. This app can alsoact asanti theft alarm. Just download and install this free appnow.Activate the alarm and keep your mobile. This is a useful appwhichcan help to safeguard your mobile . Do share this app withallfriends and family members. Also rate this app and leaveyourcomments
Cloth Scanner Simulator to Prank Friends 1.0
Cloth Scanner Simulator to prank friends will provide effectofcloth scanning. This is purely entertainment app which can beusedto have fun. Download and install this app now and startscanningto see the final scanning report. Do rate this app andleave yourcomments. Also share this app with other on social media
Video Projector Simulator 1.2
Video Projector Simulator app provides video projection effectonyour mobile screen. This is a simulator based app whichcontainsprojection frames. Download and install this free videoprojectorapp now. Select the video you want to project. You willsee thevideo on your mobile screen projections. Do rate this appand leaveyour comments and share this app on social media
Germs Scanner Simulator - Bacteria Checker Prank 1.0
Germs scanner is free to download app which have an option toscananything to check bacteria level in it. This is a simulatorbasedapp which display prank result. This app can be used toteachchildren good habits. We are not responsible for any wrong useofthis app. This app is made to make kids learn how to stayhygieneand healthy. Do rate this app and leave your comments.Remembersthat this is a prank app which display some amount ofbacteriapresence.
Finger Print Love Scanner Best Prank 1.2
The best prank finger scanner to calculate your lovepercentage.This prank app will display result as love percentageupon enteringthe required data. The nuber displayed as lovepercentage is arandom number which can be used to impress yourlover, girl friend,wife, husband, boy friend or friend. Do leaveyour comments alongwith rating. If you like this app then share itwith friends andfamily members