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Tiny Diver 1.4
You're going diving! Explore the depths of the sea and complete thequests in this action packed, aquatic adventure game. Sounds easy?It's easy to play but gets tricky! After dropping into the ocean,simply hold your finger on the screen to ascend and release todescend your diver towards higher scores! Throughout each gameyou'll collect coins and complete quests to earn cash which can beused to buy new weapon upgrades and vehicles in the store! Pickyour favorite vehicle and stock up on harpoon guns, missile gunsand then get back out there for more diving action! Make sure youavoid the obstacles and deadly creatures in your path. Theseinclude jelly fish, grampus, sharks, octopus and even torpedoes. Asyou dive further there will be even more powerups to pick up andhelp along the way. Swim from danger and you'll reach massivescores, unlock achievements and beat your Facebook friends on theleaderboard!
Wingsuit Boy 1.1
Wingsuit BOY is a new fun flying game. Try to fly the longestdistance without smashing into oncoming obstacles. Challenge yourFacebook friends and play for the highest score on the leaderboard.[HOW TO PLAY] ~ Tap and hold your finger on the screen to fly up. ~Release your finger to fly down. ~ Fly through the canyons andavoid smashing into them. [FEATURES] > Easy to play and control> Game Center Support > Leaderboard which shows your Facebookfriends high scores. > Compete with your friends.