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SAACI Congress 2015 android-candidate-v3.29-20150603-1158
Download the SAACI Congress app to get all thelatest event content at your fingertips.
MTN App Of The Year
The annual MTN Business App of the Year Awardshas grown dramatically in size and stature and this is onlypossible because of the calibre of our entrants and our partnerswho have come together to grow the event year after year.In this app you can find:About The Awards, Venue Map, App Review, Contact Us, Twitter,Scratch Card, Finalists.Download it and engage with us at the MTN Business App Of TheYear Awards.
Connect Oracle User Conference
Set on the shores of one of South Africa'spremier tourist destinations, the CONNECT 2015 Conference programwill provide members of the user community with a thought provokingand insightful user driven program. The platform created willinvolve two days of cutting edge, in-depth views and learning onthe latest Oracle developments and how customers have leveragedthese applications and technologies within their organizations.Get all the info you need for the conference right at yourfingertips. This app includes the Agenda, Venue Directions,Feedback Form and Info about the event.Get all the info you need for the conference right at yourfingertips. This app includes the Agenda, Venue Directions,Feedback Form and Info about the event.In this app you can find:About, Agenda, Venue, Feedback Form
Have the Training Times, WOD's, Photos,Facebook, Twitter, Training Videos, Events and more at yourfingertips with the Sledgehammer Crossfit App.
SES Africa Connected android-release-v4.6
Download the SES Africa Connected mobile apptoaccess the latest info for SES Week at the AfricaCom event. Seethelist of events, download brochures and network withattendees.
Oracle Cloud Day ZA android-release-v4.6
This is an official app for Oracle Cloud DayZAwherein users would be able to access sessions, speakers,attendeesinformation and other conference relatedinformation.
Oracle Digital Transformation 4.16
Be part of the Digital Disruption wave thatisprevalent in all our customers’ discussions today. Join usinBudapest to continue to develop your Digital practicesandsolutions based on Oracle’s Digital Platform proposition andfindout how the value of Oracle’s Cloud Platform can help changeyouropportunity within your customer’s digital journey.The goal of this event will be to give you, our DigitalAgencypartners, global and regional system integrators andregionalsolution partners the opportunity to understand:The complete Oracle Digital Platform and DigitalSalesPlaysHow it can be leveraged to build and grow a sustainablerevenuestreamHow to leverage the wider partner ecosystemAll available Oracle assetsOracle executives driving the different product areas willsharetheir insight on new products and market trends, and willbeavailable for one-on-one meetings to discuss go-to-market plansandsales opportunities.
Suits & Sneakers 4.14
Suits & Sneakers is a “humandevelopment”concept aimed at every living, breathing human being inSouthAfrica! Our style is inspired by TED talks from all aroundtheworld. Think of Suits & Sneakers as the university ofinformallearning.
ISRHML 2016 4.12
This is going to be the first ISRHMLconferenceon the African continent, emphasizing ISRHML’s goal toreach andinclude excellent researchers from all parts of the worldand expandour scientific network globally. The ScientificOrganizing Committeedeveloped four exciting educationalpre-conference workshops forMarch 3 as well as eight scientificsessions for the mainconference, March 4-7.
Speedsta's View
Been djing since 2008, and has doneremarkablethings in his dj career so far having played alongsidethe biggestnames in the South African dj industryIn this app you can find:About Me, Audio, Video, Photos, Instagram, Facebook,Twitter,Events, Loyalty Cards, My View, Booking Enquiry
PIPC 2016 4.23
The PASA International Payments Conference2016presents a unique opportunityto the broader South African and SADC payments communitytoexperience a world class conference right on theirowndoorstep.
Open House 5.2.1
Facebook Open House is a conference dedicatedto learning how our platforms - Facebook and Instagram - can helpgrow your business. At Open House, you will get a chance to meetglobal Facebook thought-leaders and hear best practices from aroundthe world.
EMEAPartners 5.6.1
Plan your schedule, engage with otherattendees, download resources, access all the event info and somuch more.
VMware Scratch Card
In this app you can find: Info, ContactDetails and enter the Competition.
Discover Digital is a dynamic, young businessand one of only a few digital media companies in the world to offertotal end-to-end technology and content solutions for the deliveryof entertainment and educational digital video content throughInternet Protocol Television (IPTV), Over-the-Top (OTT) internettelevision services and Off-line delivery solutions.
This is the app for Dell EMC for theireventhappening in SA where all the attendees can access data andotherrelated items within the app to have the complete control ontheinformation happening in the event.
Oracle Digital Days 2016 5.2.1
This is the official app for oracledigitaldays which is happening on 9th November 2016. Attendees havefullcontrol to manage their profiles and agenda. They will alsohaveaccess to agenda, speakers and other app relatedfeatures.
SA Imaging 2017 5.18
This joint initiative from RSSA and SORSA will be hosted from 03–05 November 2017 at the International Convention Centre(ICC)Durban. Highlights of the programme include a MSK course,Ethicscourse and a course on Adult Fractures. Sessions devotedtoscientific papers, will include tracts on Advances in imagingandRT, Role extension & Scope of practice, Fusionimaging,Management and advances, Education: Review of newqualifications(all 4 categories) and Radiation protection in termsof doseoptimization, justification and authorisation.