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Chip Chain
"fun and addictive" "entertaining" "wellcrafted, simple and fun" "love it, addicting" "Highly enjoyable" "Ican't stop playing" "fantastic" "blend strategy, thinking fast, andplanning ahead" "Highly recommended!"We are very proud to be a Google Editor's Choice game for 2013 and2014!Place and match 3 or more identical poker chips to earn a morevaluable chip, then chain together matches for huge bonuses! Playpower-up cards to make combos, extend chains, and maximize yourscore. The dealer tosses chips to get in your way, but if you playsmart and think ahead, you can turn the tables and use them to youradvantage. Earn gems to spend on better chips, more powerful cards,bigger hands, gem multipliers, and more!Chip Chain is FREE and features beautiful HD graphics! Each day, 2of 4 unique modes will be featured for FREE! Earn or buy gems whileplaying to unlock them all, FOREVER!TIMED - Time is running out: quickly place your chips before it’stoo late.SHORT – Do your best with 40 chips: place them with care and takeyour time!LONG - Unlimited chips, but be careful not to stack yourself into acorner.DAILY - Compete against friends to see who can rack up the mostpoints using the same chips. A new board every day!Like us and Follow us!
Armadillo Gold Rush 1.1.3
Best-selling arcade puzzler now on the Google Play Store! Life’stough when you’re an armadillo who can roll but can’tstop—especially when you’re trying to strike it rich in the WildWest! Position the armadillo so you can scoop up the gold whileavoiding snakes, scorpions, spikes, and other dangers. ArmadilloGold Rush has 75+ levels of obstacles, enemies, and traps standingbetween your armadillo and precious gold. Puzzle out a path thatrolls your armadillo over the coins without losing its life. Tograb all the gold you’ll need to get clever with bombs, blocks,tunnels, one-way doors, rockets, switches, and most of all yourbrain! A mobile best seller for 10+ years, Armadillo Gold Rush hasbeen recreated for Android devices with updated graphics andeasy-to-learn touch controls. Features: • 75+ unique levels testyour reflexes and challenge your puzzle solving skills • Rollthrough forest mazes, rocky deserts, underground caves, darkcanyons, and more with progressively harder puzzles • Built-in starsystem offers many hours of replay • Clever solutions will increaseyour combo meter and yield huge scores • Challenge yourself tosolve levels in fewer moves and the fastest possible time • Unlocknew levels as you beat different parts of the game