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Database Script Tool 2.3
Database Script Tool is a Code Generator. It can generate severaltypes of code (DDL Scripts, Stored procedures, SQL Standardcommands, Classes, Resource files, HTML5 forms, Data Managers andmore). Code generation can save you a considerable amount of money,reducing time of coding and debugging. Speed up your projectsreducing human errors and avoiding repetitive tasks. Now you canfocus on what matters most. How does it work?Design your databaseschema (database, tables, fields and relationships), then use thebuilt-in generator to get the corresponding Script / Code. Finally,share or save the result as a file. General features:DesignDatabases (Schemas with tables, fields andrelationships).Generators:- DDL Scripts for MySQL, PostgreSQL,Oracle, SQL-Server, Firebird and SQLite.- Stored Procedures forMySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL-Server and Firebird. - Standard SQLCommands (Select, Insert, Update and Delete). - Model Classes forPHP, Java, C#, VB.Net, C++, Python, Delphi, Ruby, Swift, ORMLite(Android) , Hibernate, Entity framework and Kotlin.Examine, shareand save your results easily.Support for 8 UI Languages (English,Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian andPolish).PRO features (available via In-App Purchase)AdvancedGenerators:- Android DatabaseHelper & ORMLiteDatabaseHelperclasses.- Android (XML) Layout Forms (Compat v23+) & ResourceStrings.xml.- iOS Localizable.strings- iOS Swift (Model &SQLite.swift managers)- HTML / HTML5 Forms.- Hibernate DAOs.-AD-FREE.Every piece of Code / Script will be simple andfeature-equivalent no matter what DBMS or Programming Language youchoose. Descriptions will be included as comments when provided.Just keep in mind that some features such as generating Storedprocedures or SQL Commands require that every table has an autonumeric field as a primary key (attribute must be enabled) to workproperly.Do you need more features? Review our App and let us knowhow to improve! Database Script Tool is not available in yournative language? Help us translate it to your language! It’s easy,just find us on contribute.App Permissions: Internet: To feed Ads using GoogleAdMob. In-App Purchases: To allow purchases inside the app (upgradefrom LITE to PRO version).Storage Write/Read: To enable Backup& Restore option. The result code can be saved as files.
Dental Record - Dental management app 1.7
Dental Record is an Android App designed for dentists and oralhealth professionals. Increase the efficiency and productivity ofyour business managing most tasks easily without compromises.Dental Record provides several modules adapted to internationalstandards.Key Features:* Manage Patients and their Medical History.We provide detailed forms.* Fully manage the Tooth-Chart orDiagram:- Manage permanent and primary dentition simultaneously. -Support for 3 Numbering Systems (Universal, FDI and Palmer).-Support Color highlighting by sections that allow you to setseveral attributes, annotations and coded tasks (ideal for budgetsbased on proposed treatment).- Every tooth includes basicinformation. * Manage Appointments, Payments and Tasks.* Setreference prices for every task.* Measure your performance withStats and Reports that include dynamic filtering capability. *Handle several specialists and clinics at the same time.* MultiLanguage: English, Spanish and Portuguese. We will add morelanguages soon.* The User Interface is very intuitive and optimizedfor tablets.* It's safe; you can create backups at any time.* Orderlists (Patients & Appointments) PRO Exclusive Features:* Accessto primary dentition in the Diagram.* Access to Statistics(Charts), save as PNG.* Up to 10 images per patient* CustomizeMedical History template.* AD-FREE (No Advertisements).Pleaseremember to Review our App. Your comments will help us to improveat a faster pace!You can easily contribute to make this App evenbetter! Just send us any request, bug report, idea or languageissue to Do you want to help us totranslate ‘Dental Record’ to your language? It’s easy, just find uson and contribute.Notes:* This app is free to download but it requires a paid upgrade forfull functionality. Your support is a guarantee for periodicalupdates.* This app is designed as standalone software; we won’tprovide a way to sync the data with 3th partysoftware.Permissions:- Internet access: LITE version isAd-Supported by Google AdMob. - In-app-purchase: Allows the user toupgrade to the PRO version.- Access to Storage: Allows you tocreate backups of your database.
Insurance Agent 1.5.1
Insurance Agent is a virtual assistant for Insurance professionals.It handles all the information needed for developing a strongInsurance database. Keep up to date detailed info about yourclients, products (Insurance policies), Insurance Companies(Carriers) and important Contacts.Nowadays, Agents spendconsiderable time developing and pursuing sales leads. Automatingthe insurance lifecycle you will reduce the amount of time that youspend on time consuming tasks (your workload), which will improveyour efficiency and allow you to concentrate on increasingproduction. Now you can focus on what matters most... building aprofitable and competitive business!This app provides an intuitiveinterface to help you accomplish your most common task effectively.Key Features:- Manage Insurance Companies (carriers) and Contacts.-Manage several Insurance Agents simultaneously. This is reallyuseful for small agencies.- Keep a complete record of your Clientsand Prospects. We provide an effective search capability on everymodule of this app.- Record your Appointments.- Create InsurancePolicies. Support for several types of Insurances (Property /Casualty, Home, Auto, Health, Dental, Life, etc). Fully manageClaims and Payments. Attach up to 10 images.- Multiple Statisticsavailable. Beautiful Charts with detailed data for precise,effective, quick analysis of your sales performance.- Quick reportsare available for commissions and premiums. There are severalfilters available (Company, Agent, Periods, etc)- You can get quickreports including clients, commissions and sales filtered bycompanies, dates, etc.- The User Interface is very intuitive andoptimized for tablets.- Provides powerful and effective set offeatures that will keep growing in future updates. PRO Features(Available via In-App Purchase):- Access to Images in Policies andClaims- Access to Products (templates)- AD-FREE (NoAdvertisements). This App handles a big amount of data andfeatures. When we design Apps, our main goal is to combine theconvenience of mobile apps with the power of desktop apps. We prideourselves in offering the best value in the App Store.Pleaseremember to Review our App. Your comments will help us to improveat a faster pace!You can easily contribute to make this App evenbetter! Just send us any request, bug report, idea or languageissue to you want to help us totranslate ‘Insurance Agent’ to your language? It’s easy, just findus on andcontribute.Permissions:- Internet access: LITE version isAd-Supported by Google AdMob. - In-app-purchase: Allow the user toupgrade the App to PRO version.- Access to Storage: Allows you tocreate backups and restore from them.
Color Scheme Builder 1.7
Color Scheme Builder is a powerful tool for developers &designers. Several color selection modes in a single tool. Startcreating your own library of themes for your projects! Why settlefor less when you can have it all? General Features: • Fully manageyour schemes. Add descriptions, Rename colors. • Classic RGB colorselector, Mixer and Wheel (Shades, Tones, Primaries, Pastels,Lights, Pure, Darks, Browns and Grayscale). • Color Palettes: Namedcolors (with search), Standard and several Popular palettes(Favorites, Web-Safe colors, Pastel, Metro WP8, Material Design,iOS, etc). • Pick colors from any Image on your Gallery or directlyusing your Camera. Retrieve them automatically. • Every color showsdetailed info. Ex: HEX/RGB, CMYK, HSV, HSL, XYZ, CIE-L*ab,Hunter-Lab, Name, Web-Safe Status, and more. • Many preloadedschemes. • Share your Color Schemes as TEXT, HTML or Android colorresource format. • Support several UI languages (English, Spanish,Italian, French, Polish and Russian). • It’s optimized for tablets.PRO version Features (Available via In-App Purchases): • ColorTheory Wheels (mono, analogous, complementary, triadic and tetradcombinations) • AD-FREE. Please don’t forget to Rate/Review ourApp. Help us to improve! You can easily contribute to make this Appeven better! Just send us any request, bug report, idea or languageissue to Do you want to help us totranslate Color Scheme Builder to your language? It’s easy, justfind us on andcontribute. Permissions: • Internet access: AdMob and In-Apppurchases need this permission. • Read from external storage:Required to pick images from your gallery for color selection. •Camera and Write to External storage: Required to save photos afterusing the camera for color selection.
Material Design Palettes 1.2
Material Design Palettes is a tool for Android App Designers &Developers interested in using support library (AppCompat v23+).Are you committed to make your next Android App one of the bestlooking Apps in the market? Do you need help picking the rightcolors from Material design palettes? "Material Design Palettes" isgeared toward developers interested in Designing Apps with the mostup-to-date version of Android (Marshmallow) Themes/Styles, usingthe support library AppCompat v23+ (Theme.AppCompat based onTheme.Material). "Material Design Palettes" is ready to Build &Preview your themes / styles results on the fly. You can exportcolors, themes, styles (XML files) with one touch. Your new Appwill look exactly as you want. Features: - Android UI conventions:Color palettes, file format, structure & guidelines. - Saveyour design. Create your own gallery and compare. - Selectors forthe intensity of the color. Including colorPrimary,colorPrimaryDark, colorPrimaryLight and colorAccent. - Selector forLight, Dark and Light with Dark ActionBar. The rest of the colorsshould fall into place accordingly. - 100% of the Material DesignPalettes are available and categorized by Google codes. -Individual and Consolidated Material Design Palettes. - Export:colors.xml, themes.xml, styles.xml, toolbar.xml and a small demoActivity/layout. - Multilanguage: English, Spanish, Italian,Portuguese and Russian. PRO version features (available viain-app-purchases): - AD-FREE (No Advertisements). Permissions: -Full Internet Access: To allow Google AdMob SDK & In-apppurchases. - Billing: Google In-app purchases (It allows upgradingto the PRO version). But this is just the beginning; there is a lotto be done. Are you enjoying "Material Design Palettes"? There area few ways you can help us make this app even better: 1) Ratingthis app. A nice/honest valuation is always welcome. 2) Help usspread the word and encourage others to try this app. 3) Considerbuying Pro version (Ad-Free). It could help us to continueimproving. 4) Help us translating this app. 5) Reportingany bugs, typos or mistranslations to from our users is always welcome. Let us know what youthink about our App. Although we have taken every care to ensurethe accuracy of our templates, mistakes do happen. We would begrateful if you would report any mistake to us. That would help usto improve subsequent versions of this App.