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Ever Wonder Photo Frame 1.1
This app is a Wonder Photo Frame app, User can do following>Select photo from gallery or shot it from your camera.> Choseyour favorite frame from app.> you can adjust each of photo bytwo finger gesture.> User is free to adjust photo in any sizeand angle.> It has in build photo viewer. That has feature toview photo from different angle and zoom feature.> User canshare creation into social media from this app.> It has manybackground texture.
पेट को कम करने के उपाय 1.2
This app allows you to tips and strategies that you can use to geta flat lean stomach in record time.This app will explain whatcauses an expanding waistline and how you can make that spare tirego away.Some one will claim to remove the belly fat in days , butdon't fall for that , in order to cut your belly you need at least30 days with proper diet and exercises.Features Of The App:1.Exercises for Abdominal Muscle2. Workout for thighs3. Complete Dietchart to lose weight4. To lose your extra Belly Fat5. Improve yourBMI (Body Mass Index)6. Improve your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)ifyou benefited from this free app please share & give yourvaluable feedback soon.
Caller Tracker: Mobile Number 2.0.1
Use our free “Caller Tracker Mobile Number” tools for showing onoperator details on your android phone before receiving anycall.Quick search for Caller Location Tracker on Map and TrackIndian Mobile Number ,STD code and ISD code without internetconnection, it will display location of caller with serviceproviders name, with City, State information on everyincoming/outgoing calls.-- Key FEATURES --- A Simple & Uniquesolutions.- Track any incoming or outgoing caller location, serviceprovider, location on map and caller name.- Search any mobilenumber information with search feature.- Direct check mobile numberfrom your call log on both GSM/CDMA technologies.
GirlFriend कैसे बनाये 1.2
By applying this simple tricks you will find the girlfriend of yourdreams.As we all facing trouble in how to get a girlfriend, here isTips & Facts will help you.let’s go for this free android app,which makes your life simply awesome, by opting some idea likegiven to impress a Girl or Boy.2.How to avoid makingthe biggest mistakes in love.3.The seven essential qualities tolook for in a mate.4.How to spot fatal flaws in a partner.5.Anumber of tips for making your relationships better.So go for it,analysis tricks according to your requirements which helps you toget a girlfriend live in a relationship & make it meaningfuland better pleasure of life for both of you.Enjoy & send yourfeedback about how to make girlfriend!
Call Receive On Air Swipe call 1.0.1
This app uses built-in proximity sensor to detect whether you haveswipe your hand in-front of the device.Based on the Light sensor toprevent auto-answer when the device is kept in your pocket.★MainFeatures:» Receive the call with proximity sensor, Answer CallsAutomatically!» Reject the call with proximity sensor.» Manage AirMusic player (Next, Previous, Play/Pause) .» Manage Air Galleryimages with proximity sensor.(Next, Previous)» Share thisapplication using social network (Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, Wechat,Gmail)»Tested on all android device/works for all androiddevice»Tested successfully on High end /Low end android mobile♥HowAir Call Answer Works?Call Receive on Air makes use of theproximity sensor of your mobile and allows youto answer or rejectphone calls by swiping your hand gently over the screen!Answercalls without moving the phone from your dashboard or Reject phonecalls while driving.Talk as much as you want using Bluetooth or byturning on speakerphone of your device.NOTE: Share your feedbackabout this cool app :)
Name speaker for caller’s 1.2
Worried about whose calling on the go,. just try this useful freeapp for complete solutions, it assist you better via speaking thename & number of each caller's, so that you can decide pickupor not while driving or in a busy module.-- FEATURES OF Namespeaker for caller’s:- Customization option in settings menu toenable/disable or Silent mode.- Speaks SMS Sender Name & FullContext.- Light weight even less than 1MB.