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Space Shooter 1.0
The Ultimate Space Ship Shooting Game is here.Simply Mind Blowing…Play a free highly dynamic fast paced shoot’em up inspired game byarcade shump console games of the 90s.The world's most powerfulspace combat spaceships are at your fingertips.Become a frontline Space Commando in the war against the alienships and engage in combat missions across the galaxy.BATTLE SPACE SHOOTER is a space action game that combinesstunning graphics with flight control simulation and engagingmilitary scenarios to pull you into an immersive combat experiencethe moment you start the game.The Earth is under attack invaders are striking the Earth andyou are the last hope.Stand up for your planet,Only you can savethe world! An alien race has decided to attack on Earth, and theonly opposition force left is you and your gunship spaceship! takecharge and fight with the brutal alien enemies.Fly your space ship and destroy all the aliens. There are no Rulesin this Battlefield except one; Victory!!! Losing is not an optionfor you.You have to win at any cost! The fate of planet Earth is inyour hands. It’s time for action; Strike Hard, Equip with PowerfulWeapons and shoot like Hell!!!A great vicious clash is waiting for you, so show your strengthto kill enemy aliens. Destroy all the Enemy ships and Crash theartillery; it’s no time for Mercy.Be the best space shooter and destroy as much alien ships as youcan with your gunship spacecraft to score more.BATTLE SPACE SHOOTER is the best Thrilling Destruction alienShooter Game you can ever play!!!You'll find yourself whirling through the outer space acrossintense crossfireHOW TO PLAYJust touch the left or right area of your device screen to move theplayer left or right.Firing is auto, just aim and destroy the enemy fleet!FEATURES- Full HD Space Combat game!- Battle hundreds of enemies across galaxies.- Experience fast-paced, retro-gaming action with incredibledetail.- HD graphics and breath-taking explosions- Enjoy controls optimized for flight.- Arm your space battleship with a variety of weapons andequipment.- Challenge yourself with extremely dangerous missions.- Also optimized for tablet devices.- HD graphics- And much more!
Spinny Circles-Smashy Road 1.2
The ball falls into the edge of the shape withthe same color or you lose. Tap the screen to hit the ball up.Compete with your friends with our leaderboards. Send themchallenges and show them whose the boss!Give yourself a true challenge! Start Playing!
african movies 9.0
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Watch Nigerian Movies 4.0
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Watch Nigerian Videos 3.0
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