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Word Hunt
Word Hunt: a fun Word search puzzlegame.Solve the puzzle by finding and swiping all the hidden words.- Three difficulty levels, with many categories.- Endless puzzle play using randomly generated "Quick Game" inEnglish, Spanish, German, French or Dutch- Saves progress when you log in with Google+. Seek your friendsand challenge them, earn achievements with GoogleLeaderboards.- 20 categories of word search puzzles: Anatomy, Animals, Boardgames, Boy names, Capitals, Countries, Food, Girl names, Movies,Sports.- Optimized for both phone and tablet.Get this fun free word search puzzle, challenge your friends, andsee who can best find words!This word search game was made popular by using the AppBrainpromotion system:
Color Flow 1.2
Color Flow: a free and addictive flowpuzzlegame! Rotate tiles to connect the dots with the same colortocomplete the colored flow. Many challenging levels make thisfreegame an excellent exercise for the brain!Color Flow features:- An easy and hard adventure track with manychallengingpuzzles.- Quick game mode with countless unique puzzles.- Many different puzzle pieces, such as bridges, T-sections,androtating end points.- Up to six colors to connect.- Intuitive controls and clear graphics guarantee greatpuzzleexperience.- Attractive material design looks.Download this free puzzle game now and connect the dots!
Berry Blast 1.0.1
Berry Blast: A fun fruit themed match game!The farmers lost their berries and fruits. The arenowdistributed all over the place and it's up to you to clear upthemess by forming chains of fruits of the same type. This gamehas215 exciting levels of 4 types, and a variety of boosters thatmakethe gameplay even more interesting. In some levels you'll needtoachieve a certain score. In others you'll have tocollectmushrooms. A bit later in the game you'll also meet levelswhereyou have to clear some ugly slime or destroy some flowerpots.Hours of fun guaranteed!Berry Blast features:- 4 different level types: achieve a certain score,collectmushrooms, clear all slime, and destroy flowerpots- Match 5 types of fruit: Strawberry, raspberry, melon, lemonandplum- Sound effects, boosters, fun animations- Google Games achievements and see your google games friends onthelevel map- Progress is synced across multiple devices through cloud syncifyou log in with Google+.So match the fruits and win!
Color Twist -> Swipe & Connect 1.16
Color Twist is a free and addictive puzzle game! Tap, twist tiles,connect colors and win! You start with a white field with greypipes on tiles and a few colored dots. Tap tiles to switchdirection and connect the dots with lines of the same color. Onceyou complete the connection a colored stream starts flowing betweenthe dots. You win the level when you connect all colors. Manychallenging levels make this free game an excellent exercise forthe brain! Color Twist has the following features: - An easy andhard adventure track with many challenging puzzles. - Quick gamemode with countless unique puzzles. - Many different puzzle pieces,such as bridges, T-sections, and rotating end points. - Up to sixcolors to connect. - Intuitive controls and clear graphicsguarantee great puzzle experience. - Attractive material designlooks. Download this free puzzle game now and connect the dots!
Leapy Frog 1.3
Leapy Frog is an exciting, addictive and challenging actiongame.You're a frog caught in a mysterious dark jungle cave, and theonlyway out is to collect diamonds! You need to perform trickyjumps,avoid the lava and look out for ghosts, cannons and otherhazardson your way. This free exciting game features 100 levelsinincreasing difficulty. You tap the screen to leap ontoplatforms,moving elevators, chainsaws and platforms that disappear.Look outfor the chestnuts! The gameplay is a cool mix betweenplatformer,physics, action and it's, well, just plain awesome.Check this freegame out now!
Splash of Plants - pipeline game 1.1
Splash of Plants: water the plants with your pipeline and win!Ohno! Your plants are about to dry up and shrivel. Quick! Buildapipeline to each plant to restore the flow of water. Everyplanthas its own color and there are water tanks of the same color.Bytapping the tiles you can rotate the pipes on them. Match themupwell and restore the water flow to your plants. This funpuzzlegame features: - Two adventure tracks: easy and hard - Quickgameto play as many puzzle levels as you want. - In later levelsthestreams get more advanced: you'll get rotating tanks, Tsectionsand crossings. - You don't have to tap endlessly, you canaligntiles with a quick swipe as well. Connect all the plants andthewater and win!
Shape Connect - Puzzle Game 1.31
Shape Connect: an addictive FREE shapes match puzzle gameforchildren and adults. AppTornado launched its new hit gameShapeConnect. Can you connect the longest chain of shapes ---triangles,squares, circles, octagons or pentagons? This gamefeaturesboosters, 135 amazing puzzles, 5 different shapes. GAMEGOALS -Some games require a certain minimum point score by removingeveryshape - Some games need to be cleared of gray fields - Somegamesneed you to catch the diamond Train your brain and get in theflowwith this free puzzle game. In-app payments can be used toenhanceyour experience, but are completely optional. Other GAMEFEATURES -Google Games achievements, high scores and challenge yourgooglegames friends on the level map - Works great offline on anyAndroidphone or tablet - Share screenshot of your epic wins -Making longchains of shapes gives you a free blaster. Blasters areawesome,and clear whole rows of shapes at a time! - Like manygames, youwill occasionally see an ad