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Spy camera scanner simulator 1.5
Feel like a detective and pretend you can search cameras and findspy gadgets with a secret scanner! Are there any listening deviceor hidden camera in your room? Tell friends you can find gadgetswith a secret scanner – private camera or listening device or anyspy cam. Note: this is not a real spy cameras secret scanner, it’sprank. Your phone can’t search detective cameras, spy cam imagesare given randomly.App features:~ Listening device detector prank~Secret scanner simulator~ Search cameras prank~ Find spy gadgetssimulator~ Hidden camera detector prank
Tease the dog sound 1.6
Tease toothy dog sounds: whistle, howling, barking, growl. Barklike toothy dog! Try training home with teasing sound education:dogs toy fetching & shake paw. Tease toothy dog attention withwhistle & growl dogs toy: bark like small chihuahua, yorkie,rottweilers – they react to teasing sounds (howling &barking)!Note: teasing sound education (training home to shake paw)is laborious. Pet may not react to barking & howling sounds.Appfeatures:~ Bark like dogs toy: tease with barking, howling,whistle, growl sounds~ Toothy dog sound education: training home toshake paw~ Tease your pet: bark like yorkie, rottweilers or smallchihuahua~ Training home with teasing sound education: shake paw,dogs toy fetching
Fire siren alarm 1.6
Sound of a real fire truck sirens or police during a chase in thecity! Alert! Turn on the flashing light on the screen and play as afirefighter or police officer!Turn on the siren in a moment ofdanger, the criminals fled! Or Vice versa pursue violators with theincluded flashing lights of a police car!Ambulance, rescue service,police, security forces and firefighters use blue and red flashinglights and a loud recognizable siren alarm! Turn on the siren andperhaps hearing the sounds of danger, the drivers on the road willfree travel for you!Dream of becoming a fireman or a policeman? Tocatch criminals in car chases, or remove victims from a burningbuilding? Like the shape of a rescue or intelligence agencies ofthe government? Get used respond instantly to the sound the siren -put the sound of a fire siren to sound the alarm clock!ATTENTION!Be careful when using alarming sounds - this might scare others!Remember about the mental health of people around!
Animal in the face simulator 1.7
Define it in the face what are you an animal on the simulator testin the face with the camera! Start the analyzer, point your phone'scamera at a human face, and find out what animal you look like! Thescanner imitates the technology of complex analysis of the eyes,mouth, ears, smiles, color and shape of hair, master test - whatanimal is like you? It was a joke, but often, simulation indeedshows similar to people animals! Bold as a lion? Modest as a mouse?Mud like a pig? Clever as a fox? Lazy like a sloth? Strong as abear? Faithful as a dog? Proud as an eagle? Yes, here's a wholezoo! Gather a collection of animal and share it with your friendson social networks! Compare their opinions about the person thatwill give the simulation!ATTENTION! Simulator designed forentertainment and gives the results of analyzing a random way! Thephone only detects a face on the screen of the camera and simulatesa high-tech scanning!
Dog language translator joke 1.6
Talk with your beloved pet on the language of dogs! Translator jokein your pocket. Don't understand what trying to explain the dog?Would like to understand barking, howling, growling or piteouswhining? For sure!Train your puppy from a young age, using clearsound team - choose a phrase and teach the dog to respondappropriately, as in the translator. Barking to attract attention,howling to induce pity, growling, to scare. Dogs are very smart,and with proper education are well aware of team ownerATTENTION!The developer does not guarantee a dog's response to commandstranslator! Only diligent care and attention to the desire of thepuppy will give a mutual understanding with the animals! Translatordogs - just a joke! Train your pet, and will understand itslanguage without a phrase book or translator! Love animals!
Rap karaoke simulator 1.6
Rap karaoke - record songs with hip hop beats on simulator.Partybegins:Ready? Come out to the cool music scene of battle, andviewers will meet you with applause and flashes of cameras!Nervous?Choose from three microphones: standard, red, hip hop.Voicetrembling? Available in a choice of 6 rap beats and the ability toupload your own.You can do freestyle? Diversify song of the hitsounds on a karaoke simulator - Yo! Eee! Come on!Like a street or aglamorous song? Choose the recording mode of singing a standard ora studio record in the headphones, where only the voice isrecorded.Sure that you read a cool rap? Your talent will appreciatethe cool rappers of the scene. Study and train to get 100 pointsfor your hip hop. Rhythmic freestyle will appreciate the fans andthe judges - You are great!Do not agree with the result? Find outmore in detailed analysis of the song - intonation, timbre andstyle in a random rating.App Rap karaoke - simulator. You will notsee text on the screen, but will be able to sing along to hip hopbeats. Check out the talent on the musical battle - scene iswaiting for you!
Real X-ray scanner simulator 3.3
Xray real simulator: ultrasound scan prank! Xray hand scanner &body checker – x-ray ultrasound sensor simulator. Use x ray camerajoke to scan metal, bone, hands feet – feel like a real securityguard with serious face!Real X-Ray scanner simulator app features:~X-ray body scanner & ultrasound hand checker joke (make seriousface to prank your friends!)~ Imagine being a security guard with xray camera and serious face!~ X ray camera vision & ultrasoundscan sensor simulator~ Not real xray metal camera: x-ray handchecker prank & x ray body scanner joke!~ Xray metal visionprank: scan metal, hand, bone, body, hands feet!
Hypnosis trance simulator 3.2
Hypnosis trance technology simulator – mind change control prank.Watch swirly rotating circles and imagine you can hypnotize peopleand mind control them with a hypnosis trance technology simulator!Tell you friend to look to rotating spinny circle and try tohypnotize them. Control your mind and feel like a real hypnotist!Note: this is not a real hypnosis trance, it's just a prank andopticial illusion imitation - rotating swirly circles. Appfeatures:~ Mind control prank~ Spinny circle optical illusions~Hypnosis trance simulator~ Hypnotized dream state imitation
Drink or pour water simulator 1.4
Pretend you can drink water, tea and pour drinks from your phone!Pretending drinking water, tea or juice from your phone can bereally fun.Pretend you can pour drinks or drink water from yourphone – just tilt it! Imagine pour drinks and drinking tastybeverages. Drink tea, juice or smoothie.App features:~ Drinking appprank~ Pour drinks from phone prank~ Water games~ Drinking games~Drink your favourite beverages, prank
Parasites x-ray scanner prank 1.6
Parasites in the stomach - a joke application that simulates x-rayscan, ultrasound of the body on worms, germs and viruses! Run thescanner, point it at the belly of each, and pretend you havediscovered worms in the stomach! Look scared, as if worms is aboutto come out! Ask whether he ate unwashed fruit? Wash hands afterusing the toilet? Infection and germs around! Scare a friend! Hugeannelid worms inside the stomach shock the bravest! Tell thatfriend needs to go to the hospital! Realistic photos of beetles,worms and viruses can cause nausea and vomiting! Becareful!ATTENTION! Parasites in the stomach - simulator joke,designed to draw friends! The phone technically can't do an x-rayor ultrasound of the body!To keep healthy, wash your hands beforeeating, follow the hygiene, exercise and periodically pass amedical examination at the hospital doctor! Your health is in yourhands!
Laser Flashlight 🔦 1.6
Laser flashlight - simulator of rays of the pointer from flashcamera phone! Powerful light flashlight gadget, complemented by thefamiliar image of the actual pointer on your phone screen, createsthe illusion of the real laser pointer! Use the flash of theflashlight as a strobe to the music! Of course, the rays ledflashlight paws weaker than xenon headlights at the car, but candamage eyesight or blind! Be careful - don't shine a flashlight inthe eye! Install the simulator and remember as a kid playing with alaser pointer shined in the sky and planes, the windows of theneighbors on the class board in the school and played with a cat ordog!ATTENTION! Laser flashlight pointer simulator from flash phone!The application does not improve the gadget, and not introducingthe new technology! Led bulb in the flashlight cannot shine a laseror xenon light! The simulator is designed to draw friends andacquaintances
Stun man simulator 1.3
Stun man - simulator of a stungun with a loud ultrasound from yourphone speakers! Turn off sounds the most powerful ultrasound! Stunfriend's ear! Don't try to shout down a cursing man - stunner! Theloss of orientation in space and the desire to clash secured!Theneighbors are annoying with loud music? From behind the wall heardthe child crying or howling dogs? Do not swear and do not wasteyour nerves in vain! Use earplugs, and show them who's boss - stunyour neighbors through the wall ultrasound simulator! The shock ofthe squeak in my ears!ATTENTION! Stun man - simulator, prank ofultrasound! The phone does not emit sound exceeding the technicalcapabilities of the device! The app maximizes the volume of thespeakers, but the developers do not recommend to listen to thesound from the speakers for a long time - it can damage yourhearing and ears! Use earplugs to preserve hearing health andnerves! Simulator does not hit shock or electrical discharges!
Age in the face simulator 1.6
Analyzer face simulator: psychological gender & friendsboysreal biological age! Scan age simulator & analyzer face for youand friendsboys. Real biological age simulator: do you behave alderthan you really are? Facial features & analyzer face scannersimulation: know your friendsboys psychological gender!Appfeatures:~ Scan prank: do you behave alder than you really are?~Psychological gender & real biological age simulator~ Know yourfriendsboys psychological gender~ Analyzer face scan results arerandom!~ Friendsboys facial features scanner simulation
Lawnmower: writing on grass 3.3
Lawn mower – cutting grass lawnmower simulator. Enjoy lawn mowing –freshly cut grass smell nice! Relax antistress grass cutting torelieve stress and calm down. Garden maintenance is not so easy –your garden needs watering and so on. Feel like a gardener – cutgreen grass with a lawn mower. Lawn mowing grass cutting – calmdown nerves, relieve stress and relax. You don’t need to grow grassto use lawnmower– you already have a nice garden here and can cutgrass like a gardener with a real professional lawnmower. Gardenneeds your attention – do you have things to write about with alawnmower? Cutting grass with a lawn mower – if you feel nervous,relax antistress lawn mowing! Garden care is very important if youwant to be a gardener. Garden needs watering and so on… If yourlawnmower parent annoy you or anything, relax, calm down andrelieve stress with antistress gras cutting. Cut green gras with alawn mower is one of the best antistress. Calm down, look at blueskies... Cut green gras with a lawn mower. Lawn mower is easy touse - slide with your finger on gras and write words or drawpictures. Now you're a gardener with your own mower, and yourgarden needs your attention, mowing and cutting. Green gras want tobe freshly cut! Take your lawnmower and start mowing! Your mum anddad are lawnmower parents? Calm down, relieve stress and enjoycutting mowing green gras in your virtual garden. Antistresswriting games are very important for your calm life. Or after a badargument - take a break, relax and relieve stress. Lawnmowercutting will help you! Imagine green calm freshness smelling...Imagine blue skies and clear blue water... Imagine birds singing.Try deep breathing and be a calm gardener. Imagine things to writeabout and enjoy writing games. No need in watering and othermaintenance. No need in meditation to relieve stress and relax.Breath deeply, write on greens. Moms and dads, your parent will behappy that you're without stress. Thanks to our antistress greensgame! Start stress relieving - imagine birds singing in yourgardens. Don't be nervous, enjoy your sunday and relax from school.People throw shade on you? Don't start an argument - relax andrelieve stress nerves. Write about anything you want - about yourparent mum and dad, about your dog toy, about birds singing orabout love - anything. No need in watering - write words and havefun! We have cool tools for your greens gardens here. Lawnmower:writing on grass app features:- Relax antistress – don’t benervous, calm down with a mower- Writing games- Lawn mowersimulator- Enjoy lawn mowing cutting grass- Freshly cut green gras– feel like a gardener in a garden- Garden care mowing game- Deepcalm nerves and stress relieving game with a mower simulator-Lawnmower cut gras- Imagine freshly cut gras smelling- Mower mowingimitation- Calm nerves game antistress- Backyard games in yourphone- Cool tools for greens gardens care
Cat language translator joke 2.1
PhraseBook translator to communicate with the cat! Talk to thekitten on the animal's language! The real joke!Pet meows, trying toattract attention? Communicate with the nubbin on his tongue! Maybekitty wants to eat? Or play? Or to sleep? Try to answer in catlanguage! Show your friends a funny - translator from human to cat!The sound from the speakers of the gadget may attract the attentionof the cat! Train your pet with cat hiss, meow and purr fromsimulator PhraseBook! Audio joke will cheer up you andPets!ATTENTION!Language translator cat - simulator for theentertainment! The phone does not translate the cat language intohuman and Vice versa! A prank application for jokes with friends!Perhaps the kitten will react to the sound from your phone, but thedeveloper does not guarantee the reaction of the animal!Meow!
Laser for dogs ? Simulator 2.1
Laser for dog – a perfect toy to draw attention! Does you creaturelove attention? Play with it and see how your pet will react! Thisanimals app is suitable for adult fluffy dogs and for puppies.Imagine projecting beams 3d from your phone’s camera – bright toyson the screen sim. Try playing with your companion – see if s/hetries to catch a lazer red dot on the screen.Enjoy watching puppyplaying – very funny prank! A perfect congenial toys joke for yourlovely creature. Imagine projected flashlight beam and spend thetime playing with your puppy. Take care of your companion – does itlove having fun with a cane? Time to try something new! What aboutflashlight beams lazors prank simulator? Imagine lasers projectionand let your pets play! There will be no real lazer beamsprojection 3d, because it’s an imitated lazer, but you can use yourimagination and feel like projecting real beams.You don’t need atranslator to play with your companion with a doggy dots projectionsim. If you also own a cat, it will like playing too! Enjoywatching pets joy – every pet love bright toys! Lazer beam prank –perfect for pets, a realistic imitation of lasersprojection.Flashlight pointer prank – try to simulate a doggypointer! Simulators with a flash games – fun game. Will your petbelieve in simulated lazers red dots? We hope your domesticcreature likes our simulations on the screen! App is perfect forevery breed: doberman, pomchi, bull terrier, boxer and so on. Allowners should take care of animals!Invite puppy's attention to thelazers pointer imitation and watch pets! Doggy flash light willblink to joke pet. We hope fluffy fun dogs love having fun with aflashlight joke! Imagine that prank is real – pretend there arefalling dots, pointers and other toy for funny animals. Play withanimal, no matter what kind of dog you own - doberman, pomchi, bullterrier, boxer or some else. Pomeranian may be? Or maybe you own acat? Cats will like this lazers simulator too! Do you like fluffydogs? We highly recommend you this toy! Your puppy will like lazorbeam imitated toys. Turn on a flash light, imagine a lazor beamsand let puppy play. Let your puppies imagine that flash light is aprojector of a lazor red dot. Every animal likes to play with alazors - so make your puppy happy! All you need is a flash lightand lazers red dot imitation. Spend the time with your domesticanimal, we hope you'll have a lot of fun!Note: this is not a reallaser beam projection, but a quite realistic joke. Laser dot willonly be on the screen. Don’t play with a sleeping domestic animalusing lasers – let your puppies have a rest. Don’t tease cats andother animals if they don’t like playing with a flashlight lazerssimulator.App features:~ Dog games~ Dog games for free~ Lazer dogs~Free lasers simulator~ Real laser toy joke~ Leser beam simulationtoy~ Animal games for free~ Pet games for free~ Lazor for dog sim~Lazor dot imitator for puppies~ Toys for doberman, pomchi, bullterrier, boxer, pomeranian and other puppies
Scales for kitchen simulator 2.1
Weighing food scale prank with pocket scales for kitchen simulator!Weigh food or chemical ingredients in chemistry class as if you hadreal kitchen scale on your phone. Make serious face and tell yourfriend that you have real pocket kitchen scales – and whileweighing, pocket scales simulator will show a random weight. Eventhough this is a good scale prank, don’t weigh heavy objects!Appfeatures:~ Pocket scales for kitchen simulator~ Weigh food orchemical ingredients in chemistry class for fun~ Weighing foodscale prank~ This is just a simulator – never weigh heavy objects!
Anti-mosquito sound simulator 1.3
Anti-mosquito sound simulator - scaring and killing insects!Joke!Biting insects? Summer camping spoiled obnoxious buzzing? Donot sleep at night for fear of being bitten by mosquitoes? Itchybites on the skin? Use anti-insect - anti-mosquito repellents inthe cans! The sound of insect repellent is a joke! But if you thinkthat the fly in the room, the mosquito that drinks your blood, tryto calm down, including sound repeller! Ultrasound may deterinsects (or maybe not)ATTENTION! The developer does not guaranteethe reaction of mosquitoes, flies, bees, wasps, roaches, spidersand other insects for an ultrasound from your phone speakers! Notscientifically proven effectiveness of sound anti mosquitorepellent! The simulator created as a joke to reassure friends whocan't sleep from biting buzzing insects!
Trap for ghosts simulator 1.5
Hunt ghosts with the simulator traps for ghosts, demons, spiritsand other undead! Look for paranormal activity in the city andthrow a trap, as the real hunter! Afraid of ghosts? Let spiritsafraid of you and your trapped in your phone! Assemble a team ofhunters, start the car and go on a quest to the city streets! Thehunt began! Undead can't hided! Perhaps the simulator traps willnot help in fighting vampires or zombies, but it will help to havea good time with friends, playing the hunters!You are love storiesabout ghosts, psychics, UFOs and unexplained paranormal phenomena?Download the weapon - trap!ATTENTION! Ghosts don't exist inreality! Simulator traps created games with friends and fun!Zombies, vampires and demons only exist in movies and books! In anycase, scientists say. Do you believe in spirits?