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King Bricks Breaking Saga 1.0
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Indulge in a revolutionary world of a puzzleand arcade gameplay with Treasure Bricks Breaking Saga. Drive intotop tapping and reflex gears, as you guide your baffle to treasurebreak bricks in 20 exciting levels of gameplay, and with 3 gamingmodes to test your arcade skills to the maximum.MULTIPLE LEVELS WITH 3 MEGA MODESEmbark on a breaking streak, moving swiftly across the seam totake the ball at the correct points and angle them towards thetreasure bricks. Try and eliminate the soft treasure bricks first,then go all out tapping on the hard bricks to complete thelevels.The game gives users 3 different and exciting modes to play, witheach mode featuring increased speed for the ball.Think Mode 1 and 2 were too easy? Take on the Ultra Speed Modeof Bricks Breaking Saga and see how long you survive!!!COLLECT MEGA POWERUPSKeep your bricks breaking streak alive by collecting and unlockingpowerups along the way. Boost up scores and gain extra lives,increase baffle size to cover more real estate, pump up the ball toBlazing Fire mode, so not even the great hard bricks can stop yourway and collect extra balls to play with multiple ball bumping inat the same time.If you're venturing for something extra, unlock the baffle firepowerup, turning your baffle into a high powered bricks breakinggun. Shoot continuous fire and complete the toughest levels withease.Be careful though, your fast reflexes might get you in troubleif you catch the baffle decrease powerup, making life difficult forthe best of bricks breaking saga experts.FEATURESExciting Puzzle/Arcade themes20 brilliant levels with three pace modes of gameplayCollect various powerups to gain advantages in gameplay
Wild Animal Sniper Hunter 3D 1.4
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Run into the jungle, kill the clans of deadlyspecies of wolves, grizzly bear and other clawed predators. Becomethe hero and Stop them from invasion at all cost.The game is on as you set foot into the shoes of a deadly hunter ofdeadly jungle locations to hunt wolf, deer and face off against theangry & mighty wild animal the jungle has to offer and facetheir onslaught. Your job is to stop their invasion & a chanceto become a hero.Show your ultimate killer and survivor instincts as you prey yourwolf, deer, grizzly bear and wild animals targets, while it mightbe you who could turn out to be one, being ambush by all cornersfrom wild Animal like wolves, eagles, grizzly bear andtigers.GameplayWelcome to the the dangerous world of the forest marksman. You arealone in the forest with fierce and dangerous beasts, you have toambush them and kill them before you get yourself killed. Yourenemies are massive and stronger, they have huge clans and want todefeat you. Do not get elusive by the exotic locations and steadyfeel of the forest because the exotic and steady feel is a trap.Clans of stronger and massive werewolf and grizzly are in wait toambush you. They have massive numbers on their side, have big clawsand sharp jaws. They have wilderness and forest on their side, haveagility, stronger claws and jaws, fierce in approach, notorious andbrutal in nature.Your enemies have agility but you have your marksman skills, showthese enemies who is the dangerous one. Ambush them with all thefirearms at your disposal. You have unlimited enemies in yoursight, kill each of these targets to get out of this elusive forestwith exotic and steady feel. Do not be hasty be steady in yourapproach as you have all the firearms you need for yourtargets.If you make a single mistake this wilderness will devour you. Donot give up before the agility and notorious behavior of thesedangerous beasts, show them your marksman skills and eliminate yourtargets. Wilderness is not your only enemy, you have a lot ofothers such as clans of grizzly and wolves.Enjoy the realistic environment of this intense shooting game,track and hunt different beasts in this intense shooting thriller.Become the predator or the prey. Survive the onslaught of brutaland cruel species, defeat them using your marksmanship in thisrealistic and cruel action thriller.A SURVIVAL & WILD SPECIES HUNTING MIX UP LIKE NOOTHERThe animal hunting grounds take a different take on an fps snipershooting action, as our sniper hunter is a potential predator aswell as a prey.While taking out prey on wolf, bear and deer run, there will be anonslaught of angry animals from everywhere, so having quickreflexes and a will to survive is of extreme importance. Therewon’t be a place left to survive as land attacks will be followedby an air ambush from overhead eagles.EXQUISITE MISSIONS WITH ACCURACY REWARDSEarn rewards with each successful hunt in werewolf, deer and othercruel species, with added bonuses available for eliminatinginvading animals like werewolf, bear, eagle and tiger.Earn bonus rewards for taking out deer with head shot as comparedto body shots. Starting over with an initial animal hunting run,where players have to hunt down different brutal species at will,the upcoming levels will be time based and taking shots at longyards will prove to be a challenge, even for our greathunter.SNIPER RIFLE UPGRADE SYSTEMEarn rewards and utilize them to purchase and unlock attachmentsand power ups for your sniper rifle along with other firearms. Asthe levels and hunting distances increase with each successfulhunt, unlock scope zoom, reloading speed and ammo capacity to keepan edge over the fierce jungle opposition.
Army Commando Death Shooting 1.3
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Death shooting gets serious withdeadlyweapons, as you face challenges as an army commando blackops.Embark on a commando adventure, exchanging gunfire againstdeadlyfoes, as you attempt to ensure your safe passage throughunfriendlyterritories.Get thrown into a vicious environment in a survival baseddeathshooting. Put up with all challenges, gaining momentum withyearsof war expertise in army commando squad, as your soleobjective isto uproot the enemy from the territory and surviveagainst theonslaught of bravo shooter attacks till you reach theextractionpoint.FEATURES- Detailed graphics and battle environment designs- RPG like death shooting gameplay with stealth basedmissions- Radar system for enemy shoot tracking- Ingenious enemy Artificial IntelligenceA HIGHLY ENGAGING FPS BRAVO SHOOTERYour commando survivor instincts will be put on ultimate display,asbeing a bravo shooter amidst of a hostile war will reducechances ofa successful escape. Keep your wits about yourself andutilize allavailable resources to keep moving forward.Keep a close eye on the sniper commando’s energy levels, pickingupanimals and hunts to restore energy points. Your army commandoisequipped with a gunner weapon and a number of grenades whenthingsgo south ways. Use your resources wisely and you might getout inthis one man army mission.
IGI Shooting Mission - Army Battleground Survival 1.0.4
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Lead the charge of this Special Forces survival mission ofgunnerylegends in Guerrilla warfare where small group of combatantshavetaken over charge of Armory unit and now has control of allweaponsand ammunition. IGI shooting mission – army battlegroundsurvivalgame is one of its kind. In this free sniper game, shootingmadnessis at its height because Guerra invaders are positionedthemselvesin camouflage and it’s hard to locate them, also they aretrainedin Military tactics like sabotage, ambushes, raids andsurgicalstrikes. Any unarmed resistance may get this sniper 3dassassinmission worst than expected. The regiment is under attack.As this3D fun game for free moves on, difficulties in completinglevelsare applied. You need to get command of headquarter of Armorybase.Spot visual contacts of marksman thru high magnificationoptics andstart taking them down one by one. Since you are a memberof JTF2longest distance shooting kill squad, its better you keepsafedistance from target acquisition. Demoralize enemies byfollowingmilitary doctrine and shoot’em all with a support offellowspotter. Enemy will try to escape by dropping payloads fromtheirjet fighters, use anti aircraft guns to make their escape actafailure. In this epic tactical battle of best sniper fpseliteshooting games, response time is the key, clear the base andfightfor the glory of your army troops who got martyred whenthemilitary trained assassins, war specialist and deadlyassassinsinfiltrated in your base. Don’t get spotted in thesurveillanceradars of invaders, do it like clandestine operation asthey are incharge of control room and keeping an eye on anysuspicious movenear the base. As soon you get spotted, your missionwill be overin this 3D shooting game. You, being the stealthspecial US opscommando must use deadly arsenal such as shotguns,rocketlaunchers, pistols, MP5, AK47, M4, sniper rifles with handgrenadesand long range shooting tactics to kill all invadedtroops.Besides, pushing back the troops from the base, you alsoneed tosave your fellow IGI combat agency soldiers who are detainedashostages. Mission IGI is first person commando shooting gamewithamazing graphics, smooth and precise controls, advanced weaponsandstory based action packed igi commando missions. Show yourknownbattle games prowess by becoming the ultimate battlestrategist.Jump in this epic world war shooting game of 2019, a topfree game-as a brave army US Seal of igi commando mission - armybattlegroundsurvival operation. IGI Shooting Mission - ArmyBattlegroundSurvival Features - Command advanced weaponry -Incredible gameplayand graphics - Engage in real 3D vintage war2019. - Extremelystunning action FPS sniper game - One of the bestfps army shootinggame - Armed conflict between IGI commando andInvaders. - ModernMilitary science.