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myTuner Classical Radios 2.0.0
Classical music has been a powerful cultural force for centuries.It is even said that it can improve intelligence, humor,concentration levels and lower blood pressure, among many otherthings. With this app it will be easy for you to be inspired by anyof these classical music genius while working and be at your best.With this app you’ll be able to: - Have access to 60 of the mostfamous classical music songs to listen whenever you want; - Selectand listen to more than 200 different classical radio stations,searchable by country; - Check the top selling classical musicsongs per country each day and listen to a preview, in order foryou to know if you like it or not; - Add your favorite songs andradios to favorites for faster access; - Record a music playing onthe radio in real time, so you can listen to it later; - Listen tomusic in the background; - Use AirPlay for a better soundexperience;
myTuner Radio and Podcasts
With myTuner Radio app you can listen to live radio streaming fromall over the world on your android phone or tablet. With a modern,beautiful and easy to use interface, myTuner gives you the bestexperience when it comes to listening to online radio, internetradio, AM and FM radio. 📻 FEATURES - listen to more than 50,000radio stations from more than 200 countries and territories; -follow your favorite shows and more than 1 million podcasts; -choose amongst sports, news, music, comedy and more; - keeplistening to free radio online while using other apps; - find outwhich song is currently playing on the radio (depending on thestation); - listen to FM radio even if you are abroad (internetradio); - search by country, city, genre or use the search tool toeasily find a station or podcast; - add an online radio or podcastto your favorites list; - set an alarm to wake up with the FM radiostation you love; - set a sleep timer to turn the app offautomatically; - listen through the smartphone's loudspeakers orvia Bluetooth or Chromecast; - share with friends via Social Media,SMS or Email. 🎧 LISTEN EVERYWHERE You can listen to your favoriteradio stations on mobile, web, desktop, smart TVs (Samsung, LG,Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku and other set-top boxes),connected cars (Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, InControl Apps -Jaguar & Land Rover, Bosch mySpin...), wearables, Alexa, Sonosand other. And we are working hard to make myTuner available in thebroadest range of devices and gear. ℹ️ SUPPORT Our mission is toensure that every music lover can listen to the best radio stationsthe world has to offer, anytime and anywhere. We already have morethan 50,000 radio stations in our database, but still, if you donot find the station you're looking for, please send us an email and we will try to add that radio station as soonas possible, so that you don't miss out on your favorite music andshows. If you like the app, we would appreciate a 5 stars review.Thank you! Note: myTuner Radio app requires an internet connection,3G/4G or Wi-Fi network in order to tune in radio stations. Some FMradio stations may not work/fail to play because their stream istemporarily offline. More info @:
Podcast app by myTuner - Podcasts for Android 1.0.6
Podcast app by myTuner - Podcasts for Android provides you with theultimate mobile experience when listening to Podcasts for Android!You can easily find the best podcasts based on its tailoredalgorithm, presented in a modern, beautiful and easy to useinterface. No matter if you are a recent podcast user or a podcastaddict that uses all the advanced features, you will have all thatyou need in just one podcasts app for Android. With a huge varietyof podcast categories, top podcasts by country, trending episodesor episodes by language (among many other options to choose from),you will be able to stream or download your favorite podcasts forandroid free, anywhere and anytime! FEATURES 🔍 Discoverability -Listen to over 20 million podcast episodes - Subscribe podcasts bycountry, language or category - Discover podcast channels from 16different categories, including sports, comedy, technology and news- Find the most popular podcasts and episodes in more than 200countries/territories - Listen to your favorite podcasts in 50different languages - Search by podcast title, episode title,author's name or top searches ⭐ Personalisation - Optionalnotifications for new episodes of subscribed podcasts - Personalizethe home tab with subscribed podcasts, top podcasts/episodes andfavorite categories - Manage your list of episodes in progress, newepisodes, downloaded episodes and subscribed podcasts - Automaticdownload of episodes and auto delete of played episodes - Managemobile data for playing and downloading episodes 🎧 Playing features- Download podcasts to listen to offline or stream them immediately- Voice boost to make shows easier to listen to - Adjustableplayback speed - Set the duration of the skip buttons (forward andback) - Sort the order of episodes (from oldest to newest or fromnewest to oldest) 💡 Other features - Sleep timer with advancedoptions such as gradual volume decrease - Alarm clock - Easilyshare your favorite podcast shows and podcast episodes - Supportfor Chromecast Podcast app by myTuner - Podcasts for Androidfeatures many different categories for you to explore, fromeducation to comedy, news and sports and many others! It featuresan always up to date database, so you can discover and enjoy theright podcasts for android free just for you! More
WordFind - Word Search Game 1.3.0
If you are a crosswords, scrabble or word search games fan you willlove WordFind. With a modern design, many gameplay options andhundreds of levels, you will never be bored in this challenging andaddictive puzzle game. You can either test your skills and level upin campaign or relax connecting letters and finding words inclassic mode. If you feel up-to the challenge, try to beat theclock in the daily challenge and win rewards. Got stuck? Usepower-ups to help you find the missing words. Want to have fun andplay with friends? Create a message and send it to your friends andfamily. They will be challenged to find the hidden words tocomplete your secret message. See who can solve the puzzle first!You can send funny or romantic messages to your loved one, riddles,birthday wishes... whatever you think of! Plus, if you enjoy addinga personal touch to your game, choose between different backgroundsor customize the grid and colors of the words you find. Dark modealso available. Key Features - Hundreds of levels to challenge -Campaign mode with increasing difficulty and bonus levels - ClassicMode where you can choose between several categories - DailyChallenges: beat the clock and win rewards - Send secret messagesto friends - Power-ups - Customize your game: background, grid,word colors - Dark Mode - Play offline - Reverse word selectionPlay and have fun!
Remote T: mobile app for Tesla 1.1.5
This app allows Tesla car owners to communicate with theirvehiclesanytime, anywhere. FEATURES - Locate where the car is andwhere youare - Lock and unlock the car from afar - Flash lights orhonk thehorn to find your vehicle when parked - Check chargingprogress inreal time and start or stop charging - Heat or cool yourcar beforedriving - Locate your vehicle with directions or trackits movement- Send an address to start navigation in your careasily and fast -Allow your passengers to quickly control media -Vent or close thepanoramic roof