Guess the Football Player 2.0
*** Be the Champion on ScoreBoard and WIN A T-SHİRTReady to Test yourself? Ready to compete against Football Gurusfrom all over the World!Hundreds of Football Players! Thousands of Options! and You havegot only 10 Seconds to guess the Player's name.Download now, Join the game, Hit the Best Scores and Compete withother Players!Let's Play now and try to be in Top 100 Player ListAlso, you can listen the best Football Club Songs! All of themin locally stored in the app! No need to download anything.News about Football and other Sports are always in your pocket!You can read them easily!Guess the Football Player is a complete game, newsletter andMusic Player for you!
Family and Friend Locator 1.5
Safety and knowing where the people you careabout, are important. You send your child to school, leave yourgrandparents at home, get lost on vacations, lose sight of yourpartner at shopping center...And do you want to know exactly where they are? Then, SweetTraces is for you! You can track multiple friends, family members,or anybody that you care about in real time on a map and knowexactly how far away they are (in meters).There are no Sign up or Registration procedures that will wasteyour time. Sweet Traces automatically registers you to the systemand automatically updates your location as long as you are in‘Online’ mode. You can search and find people, send ‘Following’invitation.Sweet Traces will be your guardian angel for both you and theones you love and care for, and let you know where they are.
Website Downloader 1.0
Website Downloader is a great tool to downloadthe websites and view them offline whenever you wish.How it works?Basically, you surf on Website Downloader's super fast Web browserand download the pages with an only simple touch.Website Downloader will analyze the page, download its all contentas an IMAGE or HTML Page (including all texts, images, etc...) andstore it in your Mobile device. So you can view it whenever youwant without having internet connection.It will help you so much. Before going to your flights, trainjourneys, undergrounds and vs..., you just simply download thepages, and Website Downloader stores the content for you.Battery friendly, the fastest web browser and content downloader,Easy to use.
Which Artist? 1.0
*** Be the Champion on ScoreBoard and WIN AT-SHİRTReady to Test yourself? Ready to compete against Artists Gurus fromall over the World!Hundreds of Artists, Actors and Actresses, Singers! Thousands ofOptions! and You have got only 10 Seconds to guess theArtist!.Download now, Join the game, Hit the Best Scores and Compete withother Players!Let's Play now and try to be in Top 50 Player List
Beyin Bedava 1.4
Turkiyenin en pozitif insani, ve soyledigiopozitif soz, "beyin bedava". Istedik ki bu guzel ve dersvericifenomen beyinlerden ve telefonlardan hic silinmesin,eglenirkenayni zamanda teknolojiden canlilar alemine, genelkulturden tariheyeni seyler ogrenelim. Beyin Bedava uygulamasisizlere bunu sunuyor:) Bedava bilgiler.Beyin toplama oyununda bizzat kahramani yonlendirerekbeyinleritoplayabilir ve rekorlar kirarak kendinizi dunyagenelindeki enbedavacilar listesinde ust siralara tasiyabilir,kendinizikanitlayabilirsiniz!O halde, Beyin Bedava!
My Travel Assistant 1.0
Travel and Language Assistant will be yourbestfriend during your travel. It is a complete package fortourists whowants to explore different cultures, languages,cities, etc.- Before your journey starts, T&L Assistant will informyouabout your destination's culture, foods, weather, touristicplaces.So, you will not meet any unexpected condition.- With T&L Assistant translator, In 40 differentlanguages,you will be able to communicate with local people andunderstandthem clearly,- It is very important to know the weather status.T&LAssistant will report the current and future weatherconditions ofyour journey destination.- You should always be prepared for unexpected situationsanddangerous accidents. In addition, it is difficult to memorizeallemergency numbers that you travel. That is way, T&LAssistantprovides you all the emergency numbers of 15 destinations.So, ifthere is any problem, you can contact with them just bysimple fewclicks.- We have analyzed and collect the most beautiful andinteresting150 places around the world for your visiting. Beforeyou start yourtravel, you can view TOP 10 interesting places andtake informationabout them.With all these excellent features and its bright interface,Traveland Language Assistant promise you a marvelous travelandcomfortable journey.T&L Assistant takes care everything about your travel,youjust relax... Happy travelling!
Oglum Bak Git! 1.7
Turkiyenin yeni fenomeni! :) OglumBakGit!Bir tarafta masum ama bir o kadar da bas'i dik biryagizdelikanli!Diger tarafta yillarin vermis oldugu yorgunluklatecrubeyiharmanlamis savasci memur kardesimiz.Isterseniz kararkterinizi secip mahalle kavgasinioynayabilir.Isterseniz de fenomenin seslerini telefonunuzusallayarakdinleyebilirsiniz!Iyi olan kazansin. Sesi acmayi unutmayin! :)
What Car is That? 1.0
*** Be the Champion on ScoreBoard and WINAT-SHİRTReady to Test yourself? Ready to compete against Car Gurus fromallover the World!Hundreds of Cars! Thousands of Options! and You have got only10Seconds to guess the car.Download now, Join the game, Hit the Best Scores and Competewithother Players!Let's Play now and try to be in Top 50 Player List
Tube Downloader Browser HD 1.2
Tube Downloader Browser HD is a very goodappto download with the fastest way your favorite videos fromtheInternet.Tube Downloader Browser HD allows you to share your videoswithyour family and friends. It is very easy to use. With asingleclick, you can browse and find your favourite videos anddownload,share and view it.Tube Downloader Browser HD has an embedded clever andfastbrowser that allows you browse and find what ever you want.Easy touse and Fast!Features :- Small App Size.- Easy to use User Interface.- 2G, 3G, 4G, 4.5G and Wifi Support.- Quick and Fast Speed for Browsing and So onDisclaimer :This app is NOT a YouTube Downloader because of Youtube termsofservice. You cannot download YouTube videos with our app and itisnot related with those kind of platforms.
Mesajsever 1.3
Ozel Gunlerde sadece bir kactiklamaylaarkadaslariniza ve sevdiklerinize toplu kutlama mesajimigondermekistiyorsunuz? Mesajim ozel olsun, digerleri gibi haziralinmis vegonderilmis gozukmesin, gonderdigim kisinin ismi demesajda gecsinmi diyorsunuz? Ozel Gunler Postacisi tam sizegore.18 Ozel Gun ve 180 den fazla hazir mesaj icerigiyle, toplumesajatma, rehberden sectiginiz kisilerin ismini de mesaja dahiletmeozelligiyle, Ozel Gunler Postacisi hizmetinizde.