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LeafSnap - Plant Identification 1.4.0
When you discover a beautiful wildflower or unusual looking shrub,and you struggle to discern its genus. Instead of wasting timetrawling through websites or asking your gardener friends, why notsimply take a snap and have an app do the work for you? PlantIdentification can currently recognize 90% of all known species ofplants and trees, which covers most of the species you willencounter in every country on Earth. Features: - Instantly Identifythousands of plants, flowers, fruits and trees with advancedartificial intelligence - Learn more about plants, includingbeautiful pictures around the world - Quickly identify plants,flowers, trees and more. Have instant access to a huge PlantDatabase that is constantly learning and adding information on newplant species. Download Plant Identification and enjoy identifyingflowers, trees, fruits and plants on the go!
Block Puzzle: Drop and Classic 1.1.2
New Block Puzzle dropdown added: A new gameplay experience thatwillgive you an unprecedented level of satisfaction The game isfun andstrategic. Take a break at any time with unique gameplayand endlessfun! How to play Dropdown: Moving the blockhorizontally and fillingthe entire line will eliminate it. Stillwant to play Classic mode:8x8 Classic, Timer Classic, Bomb ClassicThe goal is to drag anddrop block in order to create and destroyfull lines on the gridtable both vertically and horizontally. Ifthere is no position forthe given block on the screen, the gamewill end. Don't forget tokeep space for the blocks from fillingthe screen. Block Puzzle keep3 classic block puzzle: WHY CHOOSETHIS BLOCK PUZZLE? - Easy toplay, just move, drag and drop -Totally free and No internetneeded, Play block puzzle anywhere andanytime! - Addictive gamemode: Dropdown, 8x8 Classic, TimerClassic, Bomb Classic. - Relaxingand brainstorming: Play gameswhen you have free time, relax afterhours of hard work time. -Smooth and funny animation - RankingBoard for every mode. TIPS: -Don't forget to keep space for theblocks from filling the screen.- Always leave a hole for the big3x3 block. - Focus on creatinglines, not blocks. - Do rows andcolumns at the same time. - Avoidleaving single spaces and singleunconnected blocks. - Alwaysremove a line if you can. - Work fromthe corners. Let’s enjoy asimple and addictive drop block puzzlejewel game in 2020! Have funand don't hesitate to send allfeedback, suggestions and questionsto: * * Website:
Sleep Sounds: White Noise & Relax Melodies 1.1
Hello this app is update from old version of Sleep Sounds,becausewe lost keystore of it. As always, we are grateful foryourcontinued interest and support. Made with a lot of Love <3SleepSounds: White Noise & Relax Melodies brings greatcollection ofHD relax melodies that can be mixed into the perfectrelaxingambiences. You can choose from different types of rain,naturesounds, city sounds, animal sounds or instruments. You canschedulethe timer that will automatically stop the application.SleepSounds: White Noise & Relax Melodies does not requireinternetconnection so you can use it anywhere without worryingabout thedata. You can choose from 50+ carefully selected soundsdividedinto the four groups: - Rain sounds (i.e. rain on thewindow,thunders, storms, snow, rain in forest...) - Nature sounds(i.e.forest, creek, desert, ocean, cave...) - Animal sound (i.ebirds,owls, wolves, frogs, cat purring, crikets...) - City sounds(i.e.subway,train,plane, highway...) - Meditation sounds (i.epiano,oriental flute, eternity, lullaby...) - Brainwavesounds:Isochronic and Binaural (4hz, 5hz, 10hz, 20hz, 25hz) -Noisesounds: Pink noise, Brown noise, White noise. And so muchmore!Enjoy Great Features. - High quality ambient sounds andmelodies -Binaural beats and relaxing sounds for brainwaveentrainment -Create your own ambience mix by combining sounds andmusic to relax- Default mixes for an easy startup - Save your mixesas favorites- Timer to set duration of your relaxation session -Beautifulinterface with high quality images - Works offline Try ittoday andreclaim your sleep. Need help with the app? or Facebook-