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CatFall! 1.05.07
More fun with new version of CatFall!Bounce the cat!Don't let the cat fall!Swiping at its finest!FEATURES:+ Cute Cat game+ Innovative game mechanics+ Engage & Challenging game play+ Unlock-able cats each with different amazing abilities+ Compete for high score & total score against players fromaround the world!+ Student team delivers juicy games with tasty game recipesREVIEWS:"I kept swiping and swiping and swiping and the cat kept fallingand falling and falling. Then, after a while, this game touched medeep inside. It made me feel the feels. Totally cute cat game!Meow~" - The Cat.NOTES:To provide the best game experience, CatFall is totally freewithout any in-app purchase, ads banner or pop up interstitial ads.However, if you like the game, you can support us by rate us 5stars or watch ads & download the games in ads (but it's all upto you! Meow~)SUPPORT:Need help? Contact us by1. Leave us comments in app store2. Email us: appchickensoup@gmail.com3. (Cat Fall website under construction...)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------© 2015 Apple Chicken Soup. All rights reserved-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[Credit] Video Trailer Music: