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Throw yourself in an adventure with Riffi robot in space!-Explore25 different levels placed on potato shaped asteroids andspaceships! -Complete 5 story chapters in five different systems!-Tryto get the best possible score in the arcade mode! -Get a handon 5different weapons and upgrade them all! -Upgrade your characteranddefeat your enemies! -Select the best looking skin in thegame!-Find all 50 hidden developer messages! -Collect all neededitems!-Master your combat and tactical skills! You can choose oneofthree difficulty levels in this game. Each of them will affecthowhigh your rewards are, how often enemies drop item, how strongtheyare and how many of them you can encounter. Free pro tip #1 :Onhard difficulty every enemy in the game will drop at leastoneitem. Free pro tip #2 : Walking on acid is bad. Free pro tip #3:Watching ads is great. You'll get rewarded for each one even ifyoudon't want lol. Download the game today and start playing! Likeuson Facebook: us on Twitter: support