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Live Wallpapers 3D/4K - Parallax Background HD 3.3.8
Parallax Backgrounds 3D -- Cool Animated Live wallpapers 4K --Ringtones 😎A Unique 3D Wallpapers HD & Holograms - AnimatedParallax Backgrounds collection 😎 Give your home & lock screena real 3D depth effect with this motion controlled multi-layeredanimated parallax 3D wallpaper. Watch the video to witness theamazing 3D depth effect. What's included Many Cool 3D Parallax livewallpapers HD/4K, with many different categories that you will loveplus many FREE ringtones!😎😎😎 Categories •Superheroes wallpapers 3D•Anime 3D live wallpapers •Black backgrounds HD •Space and Planetscool 3D backgrounds •Supercars animated wallpapers •Sports animatedbackgrounds •Abstract parallax 3D wallpapers •Holidays parallaxbackgrounds •Animals animated wallpapers •Fantasy cool 3Dwallpapers •Nature landscapes •Other animated backgrounds •Vectormoving 3D wallpapers and many more holographic 3D animatedwallpapers! With new parallax backgrounds being submitted on aweekly basis we have a constantly growing collection that you canchoose from! You will never get bored again of your home screen! 😁👌Transform your screen with the coolest 3D moving wallpapers thatfit your style, add items to your favourites with one click, useour search engine to find what you want, find the most popular HDbackground, make your phone unique with this amazing 3D DepthEffect 😍 😍 😍! Personalize even more by adjusting the effectsstrength and set the battery saving mode to minimize consumption at1% 😎 Create and share your own 3D wallpaper for free, with includedLive Wallpaper Maker! Watch this tutorial here: Many parallax backgrounds are totallyfree and some others are premium. Support us by unlocking the Proversion. You only pay once to access all features - No hidden cost.With premium version you get lifetime access to all existing andupcoming 3D wallpapers. Features ✅ Many categories to choose from!(From Space wallpapers to Superheroes and more) ✅ Parallax 3Dwallpaper 4K! ✅ Battery efficient! ✅ Smooth rendering! ✅ Verylightweight! ✅ Designed for phones and tablets ✅ Works with bothgyroscope, or accelerometer ✅ No ads, no hidden costs! ✅ Black livewallpapers 3D ✅ Space HD wallpapers ✅ Anime cool backgrounds ✅ Nospecial permissions needed ✅ New 3D moving wallpapers are addedweekly! ✅ Make and Share your cool background for free! ✅ 250+ 3DParallax Live Wallpapers HD and growing! All live wallpapers aredesigned and auto-adjusted to fit any aspect ratio, including Ultrawide screens 18:9, and tested with the most popular devices such asSamsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei etc. Get the Coolest 3DParallax Background now! Many free HD live wallpapers included.
Pixel 4D Live Wallpapers 4K, Backgrounds 3D/HD 2.8.0
Pixel 4D - The Live Screen Project! 300+ Cool 3D Live Wallpapers& Animated Lock Screen Backgrounds are waiting to make yourphone one of a kind! Decorate your home screen & lock screenwith a different Live Wallpaper at the same time! 1 for your homescreen, 1 for your lock screen! Pixel 4D can apply 2 different LiveWallpapers for lock screen and home screen, without ANYmodifications. NO custom lock screen is needed to replace yourdefault lock-screen! ℹ️For the Double mode to work, your devicemust support live wallpapers for lock screen and home screen. Ifyour device supports only home screen live wallpapers, you canstill use the app as any other live wallpaper. This is a totallynew approach of making 3D live wallpapers with real 4D deptheffect! Forget poor quality wallpapers that drain your battery, andget into a new magic world of amazing 4D AMOLED cool animated 3Dbackgrounds! And all that at a minimum battery usage below 2% 👍Tip: Use any AMOLED live wallpaper to save even more battery! Note:not all included moving wallpapers are AMOLED. Choose and apply alive wallpaper, and tilt your device to witness the stunning 4Ddepth effect controlled by your device's motion sensors (gyroscopeor accelerometer). With new 3D backgrounds - moving HD wallpapersbeing submitted almost every week, we have a constantly growingcollection of cool animated wallpapers that you can choose from!Choose between many categories such as Anime wallpapers 4D,Superheroes 3D wallpapers like Thanos & Black Panther, Spacewallpapers and Planets backgrounds, Themes for girls, Naturelandscapes, Super cars, Abstract 3D backgrounds 4K, Dark - Blackwallpapers, Animals 4D wallpapers, and many more different 4K livewallpapers - 3D parallax backgrounds HD (many of them free).Transform your Lock screen and home screen with the coolestwallpaper that fit your style, add the best live wallpaper for youto your favourites with one click, use our search engine to findwhat you want, find most popular animated wallpapers, make yourphone unique with this amazing 4D Depth Effect😎😎😎! Personalise evenmore by adjusting the effects strength and set the battery savingmode, to minimise consumption at 1% 👍👍👍 From Space Wallpapers, toBlack wallpapers, to Anime 3D wallpapers & more, 250+ cool 4Dbackgrounds are waiting to beautify your screen. You will never getbored again of your home & lock screen!😎 FEATURES: ✅ For lockscreen and home screen ✅ Support for all aspects including ultrawide ✅ 3D holograms - animated backgrounds ✅ Many differentcategories (From Space wallpapers to Superheroes and more) ✅Battery efficient! ✅ New live wallpapers are added continuously! ✅Embedded search engine! ✅ Fully customisable! ✅ AMOLED 4Dwallpapers HD! ✅ Dark - Black wallpapers 3D! ✅ Space 4D parallaxwallpapers! ✅ Anime HD wallpapers! ✅ The Coolest 4D livewallpapers--animated backgrounds app! Many 4D parallax wallpapersare totally free and some others are premium. Support us byunlocking the Premium version. You only pay once to access allfeatures - No hidden cost. With the Premium version you getlifetime access to all 4D wallpapers, including all upcoming 3Dbackgrounds! Tip: If your screen is AMOLED, while using any AMOLED3D wallpaper, or any black wallpapers, battery usage is measuredbelow 0.5%! Each live wallpaper is designed and auto-adjusted tofit any aspect ratio, including ultra wide screens, and tested withthe most popular devices such as Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Xiaomi,Huawei etc. One of the best 4D animated wallpapers - 3D backgroundsapp.. Because 3D wallpapers are nice.. but 4D is Awesome!😍😍😍 Getthe Coolest 4D/HD Live wallpapers -- 3D moving backgrounds now!!Many FREE items included.
GRUBL™ Live Wallpapers 4Κ & Ringtones 2.7.9
Personalize your phone with a live wallpaper, ringtone, alarm ornotification sound for free. Find the coolest 3D live wallpaper, orany epic video wallpaper offered by GRUBL™, and decorate your homescreen & lock screen with different live wallpapers at the sametime! 1 for your home screen, 1 for your lock screen! 🔷Enjoypopular & funny ringtones, alarms & notification sounds.Hundreds of free ringtones are now available for you to change theway your phone rings! Choose your favourite ringtone, notificationand alarm sound between many categories like music, funny, effects,bollywood, animals and many more. You can even set a differentringtone for each contact! 🔷GRUBL™ is the only app that can apply 2different live wallpapers for lock screen and home screen, withoutany modifications. ℹ️For the Double mode to work, your device mustsupport live wallpapers for lock screen and home screen. If yourdevice supports only home screen live wallpapers, you can still usethe app as any other live wallpaper. Enjoy popular & epic 4Dparallax wallpapers HD, like loops & space backgrounds, anime,funny characters wallpapers, 4K AMOLED backgrounds, live wallpapersfor gamers, video wallpapers, and many more cool animatedwallpapers, but save your battery. With GRUBL, your phone willbecome the eye-catching conversation starter, transforming yourscreen into an Epic 3D moving entertainment experience withoutstanding effects. You will get new Live wallpapers every week,with realistic effects, preview for each theme (even for 4D), andadjustments for each background independently. 🔷Enable theauto-changer to randomly pick a 3D live wallpaper for your lockscreen or home screen, each time your screen goes on, every 6hours, or on a daily basis. 🔷Search GRUBL for your favourite livewallpaper by color. Use color-search to create the ultimatepersonal look for your phone, choose the coolest live wallpaper,based on your favourite colors. 🔷AMOLED true color Get the most outof your AMOLED screen, with specially designed mind blowing AMOLED3D wallpapers that move -- specially see Space & CharactersLive Wallpapers. 🔷Use your own 3D Photos & Videos as a LiveWallpaper!🔷 🔷True Depth 4D Effect Real Characters become alive withGRUBL™. Epic superheroes, movies scenes, Funny Characters, andreally exploding 4D Space wallpapers, they are ready to pop-out ofyour screen! 🔷Video Wallpapers & Cinemagraphs Experience a realmotion effect in 4D, with animated 3D wallpapers combined withvisual effects layers like Snow, Rain, Fire effects, Smoke, Stormythemes like Godzilla, various moving backgrounds, and many moreanimated video wallpapers. 🔷18 Premium categories - 1000+ coolbackgrounds. Enjoy popular animated wallpapers from categories likeVFX, AMOLED, Nature - Animals, Anime 3D live wallpapers, beautifulSpace & Planets Wallpapers, inspirational quotes, LiveCharacters Wallpapers in 4D, and many more. 🔷Continuously updatedYou will find new cool backgrounds to decorate your screen almostevery week. GRUBL will notify you on this. 🔷Device friendly Withthe battery consumption varying between 0.5% and 2% you will see nodifference on your phone's daily usage. GRUBL is designed to bevery lightweight and battery friendly, and completely stops whenthe screen goes off. Video wallpapers may use a little more of yourbattery. Every live wallpaper is designed and auto-adjusted to fitany aspect ratio, including Ultra wide screens, and tested with themost popular devices such as Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus , Xiaomi,Huawei etc. Make each time you check your phone a real pleasure!Make each time your phone rings unique! 🔷GRUBL™ - Get this Epic 4KLive wallpapers & ringtones collection now.🔷
Live Wallpaper HD/3D Parallax Background Ringtones 2.3.0
🔷The best 3D Parallax backgrounds HD & Animated Live Wallpapers3D with Live Wallpaper maker, with 250+ holograms & 3Dwallpapers, with many different categories that you will love, plusmany ringtones! 🔷 Give your homescreen a real 3D depth effect withthis High Quality cool Parallax backgrounds collection. Watch thevideo to witness the amazing 3D depth effect. Categories•Superheroes moving wallpapers parallax •Space and Planetsholographic live wallpapers •Supercars animated 3D wallpapers•Sports parallax 3D live wallpapers HD •Abstract - minimal coolbackgrounds •Holidays 3D wallpapers parallax •Animal Kingdom livewallpapers 3D •Fantasy holograms with gyroscopic animations •Naturelandscapes in 3D •Vector moving wallpapers and many moreholographic parallax 3D animated Wallpapers! With new 3D Parallaxwallpapers being submitted on a weekly basis we have a constantlygrowing collection that you can choose from! You will never getbored again of your home & lock screen! 😁👌 Transform yourdevice with dynamic 4K animated wallpapers that fit your style, addany parallax background to your favourites with one click, use oursearch engine to find the best moving wallpaper for you, find themost popular animated 3D background in HD/4K, make your deviceunique with this amazing parallax 3D depth effect 😍 😍 😍!Personalize even more by adjusting the effects strength and set thebattery save mode to minimize consumption at 1% 👍👍 😎 Create andshare your own cool 3D parallax wallpaper for free, with includedWallpaper Maker!😎 Watch this tutorial here: Support us by purchasing the Proversion. You only pay once to access all features - No hidden cost.Features ✅ Many categories to choose from! (From Space wallpapersto Heroes and more) ✅ Battery save mode! ✅ Smooth rendering! ✅ Verylightweight! ✅ Designed for phones and tablets ✅ GyroscopicParallax animations ✅ No ads, no hidden costs! ✅ 100 plus freeringtones! ✅ No special permissions needed ✅ High Quality 3D HDmoving wallpapers! ✅ Wallpaper maker : Make and Share Your Own 3Dwallpapers for free! ✅ New cool backgrounds are added weekly! All3D wallpapers are designed and auto-adjusted to fit any aspectratio, including Ultra wide screens 18:9, and tested with the mostpopular devices such as Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huaweietc. Get the Best Parallax Live Wallpaper HD & animatedbackground collection in 3D now!
4K Wallpapers - HD Backgrounds -WLP Maker: Walls4U 1.3.7
Walls 4U : Get the Best 4K Wallpapers - HD Backgrounds that aretotally free for your Lock Screen and Home screen with built-inWallpaper maker! •Beautify your phone and give a personal tastewith AMOLED backgrounds and 4K wallpapers •Instantly download 4K/HDWallpapers & set your home or lock-screen background withBuild-in Wallpaper manager. Walls 4U offers many HD - 4Kbackgrounds, handpicked from all around the world, in a very easyto use and lightweight app, with user friendly interface. Hundredsof new premium cool wallpapers HD arrive continuously! From AnimalsWallpapers & Abstract wallpapers, to AMOLED Black backgrounds& Superheroes wallpapers, the best wallpapers are here for you:• All of them FREE! • All of them in HD - 4k quality! Wallpapermaker - editor for Custom Wallpapers Customize your wallpaperseasily with the included wallpaper maker. Edit wallpapers, applyphoto filters, add text, add emojis, draw with your finger, makeeach cool background even cooler! Save & Share your customwallpapers with friends to your social media instantly! Premiumwallpapers HD - cool backgrounds 4K Choose between 30 categorieslike 3D wallpapers, Superheroes backgrounds, Dark - blackwallpapers, Animals wallpapers, AMOLED dark backgrounds, Animewallpapers HD, Nature themes and landscapes in 4k, Colorfulbackgrounds, Atmospheric and emotional wallpapers HD, Quotes,specially designed lock screen wallpapers, 4K Space backgrounds,Abstract wallpapers, and many more awesome & uniquebackgrounds. Search wallpapers by color: Use color-search to findthe most beautiful background, and give your home screen and lockscreen the ultimate style based on your personal taste. 1 Clickdownload images Just tap on the wallpaper button, and choose to setthe selected image as your lock screen wallpaper, or home screenbackground. The selected background is also saved to your gallery,under Walls4U album. Favorites list Find all your favoritewallpapers inside the ''My Wallpapers list". Add - removebackgrounds easily, set any wallpaper as your lock screen or homescreen background with one click. Resolutions that fit yourdevice's screen Walls 4U automatically detects your screen's sizeand type, and adjusts all wallpapers to fit your screen. Categories• Custom Wallpapers • 3D cool backgrounds • Abstract wallpapers •AMOLED dark wallpapers • Animals wallpapers • Anime backgrounds •Art - Paintings images • Atmospheric wallpapers • Automotive: (Supercars - Motorcycles etc.) • Colorful wallpapers • Blackbackgrounds • Emotional scenes • Food pictures • Cool wallpapersFor Gamers • Holidays • Halloween creepy backgrounds • Landscapes •Minimal • Hollywood Movies scenes • Music themes • Nature • Placesfrom all around the world • Quotes - lock screen wallpapers • Rainybackgrounds • Romantic • Sea - beach • Space Planets and galaxies •Sports • Superheroes wallpapers • Textures • Vintage and oldWalls4U wallpaper is tested in many popular devices such asSamsung, Sony, LG, Lenovo, HTC, ASUS, OnePlus, Huawei, Meizu,Xiaomi, and others. All included backgrounds are collected frompublic domain and are available under CC0 licence. We truly respectcopyrighted content and we never add such wallpapers in thiscollection. However, if you find an image that you own insideWalls4U, contact us at with theappropriate proofs, and we will remove it. Download beautifulwallpapers that fit your style, make your phone unique Walls4U :Get the Best HD Wallpapers & Coolest 4K Backgrounds withWallpaper Maker that are totally free!