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Dragon Knight: Jewel Quest 1.1
The time for revenge has come! Slay the darkknights that have stolen dragon gems from your ancestors and regainyour lost treasure! The jewel quest is about to begin. Do you havewhat it takes to become the ultimate dragon hero and bring the longlasting jewel saga to an end? Get ♦Dragon Knight: Jewel Quest♦free, a super exciting running game and spend hours of fun fightingagainst the cruel enemies and collecting gems and jewels along theway!✾ You have to pass more than 30 different levels to successfullyaccomplish your jewel quest!✾ Use jumps to go faster (single jump, double jump and powerjump)!✾ Use power dash to get an instant speedup and destroy all theobstacles in front of you!✾ Collect power-ups that allow you to run faster and smash all theobstacles on your way!✾ Collect gold and gems as you run and earn jewels after eachlevel!✾ Four types of knight enemies after you - find the way to defeatthem all!✾ Use your sword to slay them, jump on top of them or blowfire!✾ Defeat as many enemies in a row to get combos!✾ Search for gems and jewels to regain your lost treasure andavenge your ancestors!✾ Play this addicting action game free and see if you're a realjewel hunter!Once upon a time the dark knights stole the treasure from thedragon nest of your ancestors and brought many years of pain andsuffering. Now the time has come to regain what has been taken andto revenge on the evil knights. Your mission is to embark on ajewels journey and collect the treasure from your evil enemies. Weare glad to present to you one of the most popular free runnergames ♦Dragon Knight: Jewel Quest♦ that will become a new favouritegame for kids and adults. If you're a fan of fun games with knightsand dragons, you will be thrilled with this great free action game.And that's not everything! This super exciting 2D side scrollingplatformer is one of the coolest jewel quest games you've everplayed. Download the free app and enjoy playing any time.All fans of hack and slash fighting games will find this 2Dplatformer incredibly addicting and exciting as it has so much tooffer. More than 30 different levels are waiting for you to passand successfully complete the jewel quest mission in the medievaldragon city. Can you prove you're a real treasure hunter and theultimate warrior hero ready to confront all obstacles along the wayand collect dragon gems and jewels that have been stolen from yourancestors? Become the dark knight avenger and avenge your past!Knights vs dragons – who will win the ultimate battle? It's all upto you! Download the free game app for Android ™ and have tons offun playing this addicting running and jumping game.♦Dragon Knight: “Jewel Quest”♦ is about to become one of the toppopular adventure games for kids, for adults, boys or girls. Simplecontrols, amazing HD graphics, interesting and innovative gameplayand lots of other interesting features all make the dragon knightgame one of a kind. Do not hesitate any longer - download the freeapp right now and see for yourself why this is one of the best“dragon games”. Play this amazing jewel quest game and make surethe fantastic dragon story gets a happy ending!Jewel games and games with dragons and knights are very popularwith kids today but they can also be a fun pastime for adults aswell. Jewel quest games are suitable for young kids, for boys andgirls and are very interesting and easy to play. You won't make amistake if you download ♦Dragon Knight: Jewel Quest♦, a free appfor Android since it will bring fun for the whole family. Fun freegames are just a click away from you. Download the free appNOW!
Animal Quiz Game for Kids 4.2
Take a peek into the animal kingdom! Get ☺ Animal Quiz Game forKids ☺ and have fun playing it with or against your friends! At thebeginning of each question you’ll see the silhouette and your taskis to guess the animal names! This is the perfect picture quiz forkids, because in this way they can get familiar with all thespecies and learn new and interesting things about them! ♞✰ Different Game Modes-10 Questions, 25 Questions, 50 Questionsand 5 Errors – Out!✰ Choose the correct answer among A, B, C or D!✰ Answer the questions quickly and avoid giving incorrect answersto get higher rankings!✰ Answer the question worth more than 2000 points and getScandalous Score Booster!✰ Endless Mode–5 Errors – Out! – Your game lasts until you choose 5incorrect answers!✰ Log in with Facebook to share your score and achievements!If you love to watch cute animal pictures then you’ll enjoyplaying this quiz game! These days it’s easier to learn new thingsand expand knowledge, since educational apps are available toalmost everybody in the world. With this kind of applications itbecame more entertaining for kids to learn through playing!Educational games are proven to be the best way for children togain new knowledge. This funny quizz is, thus, one of the mostamazing educational tools available! And not only the kids enjoyplaying “quiz games”, but adults also can benefit from taking thesepicture quizzes and have lots of fun!With 'Animal Quiz Game for Kids', children can watch images ofcats, dogs and other wild and domestic species and learn torecognize them by their shape. Quizzes are the best way to gain newinformation and learn new facts about animals. You can forgetspending money on expensive books and encyclopedia. With this freeapp you can learn what each of them looks like and have a greattime with your friends and family!Playing “animal games” for kids is so much fun! You can mimicanimal sounds while showing them the pictures on your smartphoneand learn your children what jungle animals and other species lookand sound like! Or you can simply let them play this extremely funquiz, and finish your daily duties while they're having a greattime!'Animal Quiz Game for Kids' can teach children what do pets,domestic and even some kind of endangered species look like.Download it now and it will entertain your preschool kid, or evenserve you as an education aid or school quiz! Little boys and girlswill be thrilled to play this amazing game for toddlers! But, thisis also a perfect game for adults! If you're looking for a greatpastime, get it now and you'll never be bored again during thelunch break or while waiting for the bus!There are so many species in the world that you'll never getbored guessing which one is represented in the picture! Boys andgirls of all ages love to play animals games and quizes! Toddlers,preschoolers, teenagers and adults, everyone will have a great timeplaying this free learning game! Get it now and test your knowledgeof animal world!
Rubber Ducky Shooting Game 1.3
❧SOS, SOS! A poor baby has stranded in the seaand is being attacked by cruel marine animals. Hopefully, it's gota powerful swim ring to shoot the enemies and wipe them all out.Are you ready to resist the attacks of the underwater sea world andhelp the poor baby overcome all obstacles on its way of reachingthe coast? Play one of the most addicting shooting defense gamesfor free and have infinite fun! Hurry up, the never ending seaadventure is about to begin! Download ❧Rubber Ducky Shooting Game❧now!➤A large cluster of sea animals is attacking your baby inwaves;➤Confront your enemies: sea urchins, crabs, octopuses;➤Touch the screen to shoot, slide to fire continuously;➤Thirty stages with experience levels;➤Three types of bosses: hammerhead sharks, ray fish, anglerfish;➤Get a treasure chest with turrets for killing bosses after 10completed stages;➤Six different types of turrets – baby rubber rings: duck, frog,turtle, dragon, hippopotamus, dinosaur;➤Choose an upgrade for each level: health, damage or firerate;➤One of the best free action games you could have!❧Imagine you're the only survivor of a shipwrecking accident,hopeless and lost at sea. In addition, you're surrounded by allkinds of evil marine animals, exposed to their persistent attacksand you're a poor little baby at that! In ❧Rubber Ducky ShootingGame❧ your goal is to try to defend that cute little creature fromthe evil attacks under the sea and prove you're a true defender andthe best animal shooter. A new super fun addicting defense game isfinally available as an app for Android™ and it's absolutely freeto download. Who doesn't love to play cool shooting games for free?If we add that this one also includes a cute little baby in itsswim ring, we could surely recommend it as a super fun game forkids, for boys, for girls and adults as well. One of the mostpopular games that both you and your kids will enjoy playing!❧❧Animal “shooting games” and turret defense games are extremelypopular these days, but how can you really know which one willexactly meet your needs and expectations? In stead of playingclassic tower “defense games” with guns or weapons why don't youtry a new type of shooter game with lots of interesting turrets,upgrades and settings that will entertain you all the time? ❧RubberDuck Shooting Game❧ is a new free app that will become a favoritepastime for the whole family since it has something for everybody.A single tower defense gameplay, simple controls, amusing andappealing HD graphics make it a super fun action game for smallkids and adults as well. ❧❧Similar to animal hunting games and typical defence games, yetvery unique and innovative, this new shooter abounds in lots ofinteresting stages and experience levels, unusual turrets andenjoyable settings. Simply, one of the most exciting TD games thatyou can download as a free app for Android in just a minute. Do notwaste your time, defend your little baby hero from the cruel seaanimals and put the long lasting invasion to an end. The rubberduck is ready to shoot. Start an amazing sea adventure by playingthis incredible defender-shooting game now. ❧❧Enter the sea world and have fun playing one of the best actiongames with levels! Prove you are a real animal hunter and a truedefender by downloading one of the super fun games for children andadults. Continue to use our new free games 2013 and Android appsand your spare time will always be filled with absoluteentertainment! Bear in mind this is a must have app for all fans offree shooting games and tower defense games and it's only a clickaway from you! Don't hesitate any longer; start playing our coolsuper games now! ❧Rubber Duck Shooting Game❧ is just one ofthem.❧
Dog Encyclopedia: Breeds+Facts 2.2
☺ Must love dogs! ☺ Looking for your perfectbreed of dogs, or simply want to learn something new about yourpet? 'Dog Encyclopedia: Breeds+Facts' is a perfect app for you!Download this app and it will help you decide which puppy to adoptand teach you everything about 176 different dog breeds!❤ Ⓓⓞⓖ Ⓔⓝⓒⓨⓒⓛⓞⓟⓔⓓⓘⓐ ❤There are 176 canine breeds available in this app, and you canchoose to browse through the whole list or see the categoriesdivided by origin, size or use and characteristics. There’s up to16 pictures of dogs for each breed so you can see what theyactually look like!Watch pics of beautiful Labrador retriever and learn everythingabout its needs! View pictures of German shepherd and learneverything about this popular dog breed! Browse photos and discoverinteresting facts about Shih Tzu and all types of toy poodles andget the most stylish pet.No matter whether you’re living in an apartment or in a house witha big backyard, 'Dog Encyclopedia: Breeds+Facts' will help you findyour ideal furry friend. If you’re looking for a doggy that’s goodwith kids, playful and loyal, doesn’t shed much and doesn’t need alot of space, just mark these characteristics and this app willsearch through available breeds and show you the ones that matchthe criteria.❖ FIND THE PERFECT NAME ❖Browse the list of popular female and boy dog names in English,Spanish, German and French, and find the one you like the most foryour pet! No matter whether you’re looking for a name for big,miniature or small dog, this application will help you find it!❖ HOW MUCH YOU REALLY KNOW ABOUT DOGGIES? ❖Play "Dog Quiz" and test your knowledge of "dog breeds" and theircharacteristics!✏ 4 Different Game Modes-10 Questions, 25 Questions, 50 Questionsand 5 Errors – Out!✏ Choose the correct answer among A, B, C or D!✏ Answer the questions quickly and avoid giving incorrect answersto get higher rankings!✏ Answer the question worth more than 2000 points and getScandalous Score Booster!No need for reading some boring books to discover health facts,which food is best for your pup, and learn useful things ontraining! Just take this app and use your mobile phone to discoverthese things!Get 'Dog Encyclopedia: Breeds+Facts' for free, it is so fun andeducative. It will teach you what dog games your pet loves to play,what is its favorite food and reveal you all the facts concerningits health conditions! Not only that you'll learn so much aboutyour pet, but you'll also have lots of fun playing our amazing quizgame on canine breeds and their characteristics! This freeapplication will teach you everything about man’s best friend andprovide you hours of fun!