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WiFi Dumpper ( WPS Connect ) 2.2.1
With Application WiFi Dumpper you'll can connect to WiFi networkswhich have WPS protocol enabled. Hacking anything is forbidden inall religions - I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISUSE, INTRUSION INTOFOREIGN NETWORKS IS PUNISHABLE BY LAW. WiFi Dumpper is focused onverifying if your router is vulnerable to a default PIN. Manyrouters that companies install own vulnerabilities in this aspect.With this application you can check if your router is vulnerable ornot and act accordingly. WPS: How it works?The application has two methods to connect: - Root Method :Supported all android version but should be rooted. - No RootMethod : supports only Android 5 (Lollipop) and up. For Android 5(Lollipop) and up: - If you are not rooted you can use theapplication to connect, but you cannot show password unless you arerooted. - If you are rooted will be alerted to choose either RootMethod or No Root Method. , you can show the password using bothmethods For Android 4.4 and earlier: - You have to be ROOTED forboth connecting and showing password - If Your are not Rooted ,then you cannot use the application For pin connection you need tobe ROOT user in less than Android 5.0 (Lollipop) versions. Theadvantage of being ROOT is that you can show network password ifthe pin connection is successful we will, otherwise you willconnect to the network but cannot show it. Each feature will beenabled or disabled depending on the situation of each terminal. ifyou already know the WPS PIN you can use the app to connect and getthe password using your PIN ============================= ***Location Permission is required for Wifi Network Scanning ByAndroid*** ============================= NOTICE: Not all networksare vulnerable and that the network appears as such does notguarantee 100% that it is, several companies have updated firmwareof their routers to correct the fault. TRY IT ON YOUR NETWORK ANDIF YOU ARE VULNERABLE... REMEDY IT. Turn off WPS and changepassword for a strong and personalized. --> those with a greentick are most likely vulnerable, have the WPS protocol enabled andthe connection pin is known. It may also be that the router has WPSdisabled, but the password is known, in this case it also appearsin green and can be connected to the key.============================= Some Samsung models use encryptionand do not show real passwords, they show a long series ofhexadecimal digits. -- Please understand how the application worksbefore giving an assessment. WARNING: Beware of copies of this appdetected on Google Play, they can be dangerous. Send any proposal,failure or comment to, thanks.
Who Uses My WiFi ? 🔎 Dumpper 1.0.1
Your Wireless network is slowly and you believe someone isconnectedto your Wi-Fi and using the internet without yourknowledge. What doyou do in such situations? If you are lookingfor the fastest,smartest and easiest way to control and monitorthe number of usersconnected to your WiFi network and getinformation about theconnected devices, you’ve come to the rightplace. This applicationwill help you solved that. ✔ Features •Scans all WiFi networkdevices in seconds • Check who on my wifi /Detect wifi thief •Router Admin: or or192.168.1.1 , etc •Router Password List • Gives you ip, type ofthat device • Vendoraddress database to find which vendor's deviceis connected •One-Click Quick Scan • Goto Admin Router to lockstrange deviceconnected to WiFi network • Rename device to save& mark yourfamily device ✔ Please understand that applicationis a free app andcontains ads to support develop cost. who is onmy wifi my wifi whoson my wifi who is using my wifi how to checkwho is using my wifiwhoisonmywifi who uses my wifi wifi thieffinder how to see who isusing my wifi how to check if someone isusing my wifi wifi userchecker who is on my wifi full check wifiuser whos on my networkhow to tell if someone is using your wifiwho is on my wifi downloadhow to see who is on your wifi how toknow if someone is using yourwifi who is on my wifi ultimate howto check who is using your wifiwho in my wifi how to check wifiusers ✩✩Rate Us 5 Stars if youfound this app useful✩✩ Have aquestion? Get in touch .