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Swing Balls 1.0.4
Swing Balls is #1 highly anticipated arcadegame for kids and family filled with endless charm and brilliantlydesigned levels. With new power-ups smartly layered onto theclassic gameplay, Swingging the balls is more challenging andengaging.The ranking is updated once for a weekThe game that had people around the world excited. We won'thesitate to say that this swinger game is the best arcadegame.Try for the title of world's 1st in the world rankings by gatheringup all the items that drop nonstop.Familiar to play, yet hard to master, Swings the ball bringsfresh challenges and unanticipated obstacles to breakout hunter ageplayers around the world. In this entrancing game of skill andspatial awareness, it is your job to destroy all the balls. Byusing the walls and the paddle below, try your best to ricochet theball against the balls and knock down them to extinction. Watch outthe challenging bosses every 30 levels.Game Features:- Two set of console quality graphics (classic shores & Galaxy3D )- Intuitive touch controls with realistic physics- Arcade mode & Endless mode ( NO timer has been set to makeyou more relaxing to play )- 150+ challenging levels to completeHow to play:Touch the bottom part of the screen (or use the track ball) tocontrol the paddle to prevent the ball from hitting the bottom.Remove all the balls to level up. You can turn off the sound in thestage menu selection screen.
Pirates Battleship Strike 1.0.2
Pirates Battleship Strike is an action pirategame for WAR.You are the captain of the Black Pirate Pearl, the most strongbattleship to strike. You have to fight with the royal navy frigateship. Finding her in a heavy fog off of the Sipadan Islands, youengage her in battle.A multiplayer battle ship game !Bomb it, bomb it. What you need to do is only firing and takeyour enemy to sink.Be care of your enemy, he is smart and will not stay herewaiting you attack. He will tightly wrapped you like a ghost, runaway from your attack, and fire before you run away.Control anti-aircrafts battery guns, cannons and turrets withmulti-touch controls. Shoot down Luftwaffe ships and bombers. Sinkships, bomb strategic installations and enemy ground targets all ina realistic 3D environment.In the lower left corner of the screen, you will find anindicator which shows how many cannons are loaded and ready to fireat any given time. You do not have to have all cannons loaded tofire - neither does the royal navy frigate ship.The health of each ship is displayed at the top of the screen.Your ship and the royal navy ship sustain damage when hit by enemyfire. the fist ship whose health bar reaches zero has lost thebattle.There are three difficulty level waiting for you. Higher levelmeans more score and more powerful enemy. The best results will besaved to the world top list.You control your ship with left and right arrow keys and theshoot button, The arrow keys move the Black Pearl left and rightand the shoot button fires her cannons.
Rabbit Blitz 1.0.2
Rabbit Blitz is a thrilling rendition gameduring holiday.Don’t relive history and set the record straight. Rabbit’s arein fact faster to run than turtles and ketam ! Set in AncientGreece you will compete against the tortoise in a dynamicallyrecreated. This Rabbit will give you an exhilarating experience andpromises to bring loads of fun in a simple yet addicting game thatplayers of all ages can enjoy.View rabbit breeds and hundreds of high quality rabbit images,play who's cutest, guess the rabbit breed game and create a profilefor your own rabbit!Rabbits Blitz gives you access to many rabbit breeds and highquality rabbit images. The content is based the social networksite, where enthusiastic pet owners have created over 120 000 petprofiles and have uploaded over 1 500 000 pet pictures. If you havean own rabbit, you can now play Rabbit Blitz and share your scoreon facebook etc.Run or get eaten! A speedy little bunny needs to escape theclutches of a terrifying Grizzly Crab in Rabbit Blitz!Run for your life!Enjoy this exciting, fast-paced running game featuring anincredibly cute and cuddly bunny rabbit. Make the fluffy bunny run,jump, slide and glide to safety. Use your reflexes to control thebunny’s movements and keep him out of the bear’s jaws. Are you upfor the challenge? Find out in this action-packed runner!This bunny game is a FREE game with addictive and exhilaratingarcade gameplay. Help the cute bunny as he runs, jumps, shoots andwhirls through the underbrush to outrun and outmaneuver thefearsome Grizzly Ketam in this high-octane chase!Rabbit Blitz is back in his MOST ANTICIPATED adventure ever tohit Android and #1 exciting skateboarding running game on GooglePlay.Grab the board and get ready for a kick-flippin' adventure now.Bunny wants to become a hollywood star like Kardashian so he needsthe carrots to grow more attractive. And it is your job to guideBunny to shred through the obstacles to collect all the carrots.The more carrots you collect the more point you score!????*** Awesome Bonuses stage inside! ***??Final stage:- You have 25 sec to save your friend Turtle from the Crab's KingMonster
Beach Race 1.0.2
Beach RaceDrive your beach racing car as far as you can into theuncharteddepths of a mysterious summer beach!Drive into an action-packed, surprise-filled world of off-roadkartracing mayhem. Race against a field of rival drivers, eachwithunique personalities and special abilities. Build a collectionofcrazy powerups, like Dodgeball Frenzy, Fireball, and OilSlick.Unlock and upgrade a variety of cars, from dune buggies tomonstertrucks. Test your skills in 6 different game modes on12imaginative 3D race tracks, against a pack oftropical-lovingrivals with a serious case of road rage!This is free driving game with over 30 Million playersworldwide.Fast, furious, fun and FREE !!Swerve and smash through a gorgeously detailed andcompletelydestructible world packed with Tiki statues, grassshacks, giantcrabs, lava monsters...even yetis! Explore sun-sweptbeaches,secret caves, fog-shrouded swamps, ruined temples anderuptingvolcanoes in this action-packed quest of discovery andmayhem!Build a performance-boosting collection of upgrades andpowerups!Unlock new vehicles like the Lightning muscle car andRock Stompermonster truck. Upgrade your cars and customize theirpaint jobs.Collect wacky new characters. Unlock and upgradeamazing powerupslike the fire-spitting Boost, the coin-tastic Coinring, and aShield that turns you into a unstoppablesmash-everything force ofdestruction!
Pirate Gunship Combo 1.0.0
Pirate Gunship Combo is a helicopteractiongame that combines stunning pirate 3D graphics with flightcontrolsimulation and engaging military scenarios to pull you intoanimmersive combat experience the moment you start the game.Attack your friends' islands, steal their gold and build yourownisland empire in the best new casual strategy game on mobileandtablet devices!Join millions of our savage pirates from all over the worldwhoare already enjoying Pirate Kings for FREE!Pirate Kings is an amazing, fun, free-to-play multiplayergame,where you spin an addictive, dynamic wheel to win piles ofgold,raid the islands of your Facebook friends and loot all theirmoney,all in order to... conquer, explore and build exotic,beautifullycrafted islands!EXPERIENCE THE RUSSIAN WAR AIRCOMBATImmerse yourself into the mist of the Vietnam war as anUShelicopter or a fighter pilot.Not like other flight sim games for mobile devices, inPirateGunship Combo the cockpit is highly simulated withultra-realistic3D cockpit, full function dashboard, realistic soundeffects andall moving parts.Graphics are highly detail with cities, jungles, airbases,alsoincludes a vast terrain covers Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.In Pirate Gunship Combo, you have more aircrafts available toflymore than any other games. We're working hard to bring evenmore infuture updates.Weapon systems in Gunship-III are also highly detail andaccuratewith real recorded sounds, high fire rate for miniguns aswellexplosion effect for bombs and rockets.Your mission: you are a mighty pirate in combat, your quest istoconquer the Twelve Seas, build AMAZING islands and becometheUltimate Pirate Captain King.Don't forget... in order to become the Pirate King you need tostealfrom your richest fellow pirates, attack their islands andupgradeyour own - but beware! They can always take REVENGE!ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT (AI)Each mission features many AI aircrafts, you also have AIgunnersonboard who will shoot at anything firing at them and makesurenothing could touch your aircraft.The enemy is also aggressive and fearless, they only shoot atyouwhen in close range and be aware of those RPG, they sure takeanaircraft down just by one hit.ENGAGE IN BRUTAL NAVAL COMBATSFight in real-time naval battles all over the Caribbean Sea.Choose from a wide range of weapons to destroy your enemiesandbecome a true pirate legend!BUILD UP YOUR CREW AND YOUR SHIPAcquire the most iconic boats of the Golden Age of Piracy;rangingfrom the smallest gunboat to the Man O’War floatingfortressUpgrade your vessel using the massive bounty plundered fromyourencountersRecruit the finest crew members and learn more than 50 newpiratingtechniques to become a better captain and the true masterof navalcombat.DISCOVER GROUNDBREAKING 3D VISUALS ON MOBILE AND TABLETSChanging weather conditions directly impact the gameplayandredefine every landscape.Beware of storms and of the treacherous fog that will concealyourenemies until the last moment!Bask in the West-Indies sunshine, admire beautiful sunsets andsailthrough the night along breathtaking coastlines.EXPLORE THE IMMENSITY OF THE PIRATE ISLANDSail throughout a vast array of islands as you explore aPIRATEISLAND huge mapEnjoy more than 50 story and side missions, search for nearlyonehundred treasures and lost parchments and compete with yourfriendsfor the highest bounty.EMBARK ON AN EPIC QUEST FOR A LEGENDARY TREASURELive an adventure that will reveal the truth about LaBuse’smysterious lost treasure.Cross paths with Assassins and Templars and take part intheirage-old struggle.Meet the most notorious and colorful pirates of the era,includingDarvin Saimon and Whitebeard!Pirate Gunship Combo is fully compatible with tablets.prepare your strategy or speed up your opponent's demise!
Helicopter Swinger 2.0.2
The game offers a wide range ofcombathelicopters for piloting and combat employment in variouscombatconditions.Helicopter is a unique aircraft able to take off andlandvertically on unprepared ground, on decks of moving ships andevenon roofs of buildings, hover at an altitude of 6000 metersandrapidly turn around in a horizontal plane, fly sideways andtailfirst.Powerful modern weapon systems, high maneuverability,sturdyarmor and effective means of attack make combat helicoptersaneffective and intelligent weapon, indispensable in anymodernmilitary conflict. Military helicopters are designed toperformdifferent combat missions: fire support, assault,reconnaissance,transportation, rescue and many others. Theavailability andcomposition of helicopter fleet largely determinesthe level ofequipment of the armed forces of any country.Besides player's helicopter, the game includes a great numberofother helicopters, sea and land military equipment controlled byacomputer program (CP) or artificial intelligence (AI). They helptocreate a variety of combat situations. If the character createdandcontrolled by the player successfully fulfills combat tasks,therating of the player rises and he is promoted to the nextrank.Shooter allows you to use helicopter weapons observingthetargets in first-person view (directly) (out of ahelicoptercockpit) as well as from the sidelines.RPG allows players to select different types ofhelicopters,configure them by increasing their combat capabilities,toaccumulate experience for selected characters and earngamemoney.The game can be played as a standalone (offline) as well as inamultiplayer-network mode (online).The genre of the game is a mix of Arcade Simulator, ShooterandRole-playing (RPG). Arcade Simulator allows you to easilyoperate ahelicopter following your intuition, to performcomplicatedmaneuvers and to use various weapon systems.
Galaxy Survivor 1.0.1
Flying in Galaxy to survive is not as easyasit looks.[HOW TO PLAY]• Tap to control direction.• Get the coins to unlock more characters.A galaxy is a massive, gravitationally bound system consistingofstars, stellar remnants, an interstellar medium of gas and dust,anddark matter, an important but poorly understood component.Thewordgalaxy is derived from the Greek galaxias, literally "milky",areference to the Milky Way. Examples of galaxies range fromdwarfswith as few as ten million stars to giants with one hundredtrillionstars,each orbiting their galaxy's own center ofmass.In the year 3977, a new chapter in the humanity story is begin asweexpand to the furthest stars in the universe. In a sci-filandscapeof mystery, intrigue, and opportunity, you'll take thereigns asCommander of a galactic outpost vying for power.Command your forces to galactic conquest! Galaxy Survivor is aspacecombat strategy game that has been waiting for a leaderlikeyourself.It won't be easy though, you'll need to marshal all your forcesandemploy a variety of strategies to repel those who wish toeradicateyou. Make no mistake: the threat of Space Pirates, enemyoutposts,aliens, and the unknown looms before us. Compete withthousands ofplayers in a dynamic online battlefield and pursue theultimateprize in victory!
Witch Suit Montage 1.3
What sorcery or Witch is this? It’s Wizard photo suit ready to turnyou into an elite magic user you always wanted to be. It is a freeCostume Photo Montage that you can use on your phone and tablet,and become a powerful wizard. Our collection has a lot more instore for you, in addition to wizards this is also a Barson888Witch Suit Montage. In fact it is a photo booth that can turn youinto a warlock, sorcerer, necromancer, druid or any other type ofmagic user, with our Sorcerer suit photo montage anything ispossible. ------------------------- How to use Photo Montage:------------------------- - Select a photo from image gallery oftake a new one - Choose Photo Montage frame you like the most -Adjust and montage your photo on best photo montage frame - Editphoto, rotate, zoom in, zoom out - Save model, set as wallpaper Ifyou miss some costume party, but want to be part of it, just dophoto editing and photo montage and for few seconds your face willbe adjust in some scary spooky frame. Create a totally new pictureusing photo editor and add photo suit frame to your favorite photosof Halloween night party. Frame your selfie in monster photocostume, add cool photo effects, like blood, knife, sharp vampireteeth, etc. Make photos look different, unique and amazing. Editphotos and make them become great souvenir. Here you can find somehorrifying and fun photo montage frames with plenty of scaryornaments, like witches, ghosts, blood effects, zombies, cats,bats, etc.This is the best free photo editing app that can makeyour pictures so good and so scary that everybody will like them.Photo frames you like and editing photo will give to your photosnew incredible looking. You will love it. Photo montage isincredible tool. For a minute your face can have body of dracula orbat. There are and many colorful masks in this photo suit app. Ifyou never visit carnival on great Halloween eve, then this photomontage application is perfect for you. Montage your face intoHalloween photo suit, and get new terrifying look.
Gladiator Suit Montage 1.3
Step into the arena and get ready for battle with our GladiatorSuit Montage app. Guys do you want to look like gladiators? Wouldyou like to put your face on a body of gladiator? You can now looklike those professional fighters who fought in front of the publicin large arenas throughout the Roman Empire. Gladiator Suit MontageFeatures: - Amazing photo editor with cool photo effects &photo frames - Select photo from phone gallery and put image in theface in hole - Choose your favorite photo montage design - Savehigh resolution photo montages to your phone gallery - Set photomontages as background wallpaper - Share your photomontages toFacebook, Twitter or Instagram. Get ready for awesome photo montageeffects. Brand new photo montage maker is designed for all userswho like “photo editing”. You can now try “gladiator costume” whichconsists of a few simple pieces of armor, all designed to providemodest coverage while still keeping true to the gladiator style ofleaving your chest exposed. See how you look in a brown Roman skirtwith a broad belt top and hanging tasset decorations, as well as asimple chest strap that extends up from the hip to cross over theshoulder. You can even wear gladiator sandals. Download GladiatorSuit Montage and change how you look with free “photo montage”maker. Get this photo montage software for Android™ phones! You cansave photo montages to your phone gallery and set them as wallpaperbackground. And you can even share them with your friends onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram.
Egyptian Montage 1.5
Latest trends of Egyptian Montage Suit in men's suits in linen,cotton and wool. Designs in plain, pinstripe or Prince of Wales.There's good news! We prepared the best app ever, guys! Become apharaoh or Egyptian princesses with amazing photo modifier. Ourbest beautiful app takes a tour and guide you to feel themysterious of Ancient Egypt. Download this incredible program withcool photo effects and real photo stickers " Egyptian Charming ".It is very simple to use this wonderful program with the followingfeatures: - One of the best "Egyptian dress up games" you couldfind! - The most popular stickers&effects. - Use your front& back camera and focus it to fit the face in hole! - Celebratefamous events like festivals, carnivals or masquerade with specialand unique ornaments! - Load any picture from the photo album ortake a new photo! - Easy to use! - Save the images to Memory Cardand review easily! - Share directly to social networks Twitter,Facebook or Instagram! - Totally free! Egyptian costume accessoriesare worthy of royalty! Become a pharaoh or Egyptian princesses in afew seconds. There are too many "Egyptian style" stickers. They area perfect way to decorate your photos: - pharaoh clothing -Egyptian headpieces - Egyptian nemes - Egyptian hairstyles -Egyptian headdresses This game fulfills all the desires of girlsand boys! Download it for free for Android™! It offers a lot of“photo stickers” to add to your photos and give a "virtualmakeover" to your hair and look! Discover mysterious culture, edityour photos and share them on social network! Use this best "photobooth" where you can find lots of accessories to embellish yourordinary pictures and make a perfect “photo montage maker”. Becomefashionable in Egyptian style!
Woman Warrior Montage 1.3
If you want to become a Viking or a Valkyrie, check out “Vikingcostume” from Woman Warrior Montage. Different styles for men,women and kids, along with accessories to complete any look. Youcan be a fierce warrior, a regal princess, a Valkyrie, a Norse god,or a rough-and-ready Viking explorer. Or perhaps you could be aneloquent skald, composing and reciting poems about the deeds of thegods, warriors or explorers. Easy Step to Use: ------------------ -Capture your photo or pick one from gallery . - Tap and applydifferent effects to your composition . - Save and view image inview folder - Set the photo suit as wallpaper or share with yourfriends. Feature: ----------- - Easy to use. - Woman WarriorMontage is completely free download and can save your photos to SDcard with HD resolution - Select a photo from gallery or capture itwith your camera phone in real time. - Wide range of styles anddifferent templates and frames for any picture. - 20 brave vikingssuit photo frames. - Tap and apply different effects to yourcomposition: Black and White, sepia, grayscale, rotate, zoom andmore!. - Choose your favorite suit Editor images and see the photoeffects. - Easy to save and share with Google Plus, Facebook,Instagram, SMS, Gmail, etc - No internet connection is required.Wondering how to make a simple photo montage and to look girls likeviking? Wear a pair of trousers made from wool, tunic, long sleevedand quite long, down to the knees which is fastened at the neck bya brooch, and tied at the waist with a leather belt. The colors ofthe Viking clothing ranged from muted beiges and browns for poorerfolk, to the vibrant reds, yellows and blues of the wealthy. WomanWarrior Montage allows you to quickly change the look of yourphotos!
Uniform Suit Montage 1.2
Uniform Suit Montage photos and fit your face into uniform photosuit. Try all uniforms from this unique virtual fashion clothes. Atthe and choose the best one and start making top photo montage. Ifyou ever wanted to know how you will look like a soldier, now youcan see. Try different military uniforms, montage selfie inpoliceman photo suit. Find the largest selection of suit pictureframes. Try different brave army chief dresses and choose one thatbest suits you. Suit your photo with cool uniform photo frames, andlook like very important and brave person. In this top UniformPhoto Montage app there are uniform photo suits for man, but aswell for women and children. If you like to amaze someone and looklike military officer, just set and montage photo in best uniformphoto montage frame. Uniform Suit Montage Features: - A huge numberof fantastic military photo frames! - Easy to use military photoeditor! - Prank photo effects for kids and adults! - Perfect boydress up stickers! - Easy to adjust the photo to fit the armyuniform. - Multiple templates of military uniforms available. -Take a photo or selfie or use a pic from the gallery! - Choose yourfavorite police uniform and put your face in hole! - Scale up/down,zoom in/zoom out and rotate the photo to fit the police photoframe! - Save your work of art in a photo gallery! - Share themasterpiece with your friends on social networks! - Set your newinsta pic as wallpaper on your home screen! ----------------- EasyTo USe: ----------------- ** take a photo or select from imagegallery ** choose Photo Montage frame you like the most ** montageyour photo on frame you like the most ** edit photo, rotate, resize** save model and share with friends Be a general, captain,lieutenant or an officer! Get this costume photo montage for freeand become a part of photo mania. Try out all the uniforms fromthis sticker photo booth and choose the one that suits you thebest. This photo makeover tool is fantastic for military games forkids and adults. With Uniform Photo Montage Maker your creativityis limitless. So don't wait too long, download this fantasticfashion photo app, and never put off for tomorrow the fun you canhave today!
Obituary Photo Frames 2.3
Obituary Photo Frames There are many great features in thisApp.This is a collection of Obituary Photo Frames that you can useinany sad occasion. There will be more and more as we willtimelyupdate this App. Whenever you would like to support someoneyoulove from difficult situation. Some of Obituary Photo Framesthatyou can use like below: "I wish I could take the pain youarefeeling away. May you know we are thinking of you and hopethatbrings you some comfort." "Words can¡¦t say how sad we feel. Wearethinking of you during this time." There are many great featuresinthis App. Let me summarize them for you. - Quotes will beaddedtimely and we expect this app will be the library forlearningquotes soon! - Clean user interface and easy to use App -You canswitch between list view (which you can see multiple quotesin onescreen) and single quote view (which will show only 1 quotebutwill have larger font and clearer space). So we leave it to youtochoose the one you like the most! - You can save quotes asyourfavorites for later use. - You can share your quote to yourfriendeasily via social media or email or messaging. - You cansearch thequotes. - Great support! We are all welcome to any kindof feedbackand bug report because we would like to make this Appgreater andgreater. without feedback from you, it is very hard tomake thisapp great. As we mention in the last point, please feelfree to letme know your feedback or issue, we will work on that assoon aspossible.
Christmas Animation Greetings 1.0
Christmas Animation Greetings is specially created withnicerealistic and Beautiful animated Christmas background, it hasahuge collection of Xmas gif, so wish your friends & familyonthis biggest festival Christmas Seasons using Christmasanimatedgif & ecards with 4K quality. Christmas is a day ofHappiness,Joy, and Blessings. Celebrate your day with the wondersof AnimatedChristmas Greetings Cards. Christmas is an annualfestivalcommemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed mostcommonly onDecember 25th as a religious and cultural celebrationamongbillions of people around the world. Beautiful animatedChristmasgifs, images, and animations. All animated Christmaspictures areabsolutely free and can be linked directly, downloadedor shared.Every year on Christmas people search millions ofgreetings andthen send it to their dear ones and make theirChristmas specialand memorable. Now get ready for this wonderfulfestival and bringa smile on other faces with your greetings andwishes. Christmasgifs, stickers, and animations including Christmaswreaths, SantaClaus, reindeer, free Christmas clip art, gifts,candy canes,sleigh, Christmas trees, Christmas clipart, candles,toys, wisemen, Christmas clipart, Christmas stickers. ChristmasAnimationGreetings app features: 🎅 It has a huge collection ofanimatedChristmas gif, images, and quotes. 🎅 Save & share gifandimages to your family and friends on social media. 🎅 You willget anew gif and images everyday - you will be notified when thenew gifis added. 🎅 Quickly sort by gif and images with popularascending,descending, old to new and new to old. 🎅 We havelocalized the gifinto different languages. 🎅 Nice collection ofChristmas Status& Quotes 🎅 Easy to add Christmas status intoyour favoritelist. 🎅 It's totally free and easy to use. 🎅 ChristmasCountdownChristmas Holiday is a public holiday in many of theworld'snations, is celebrated culturally by a large numberofnon-Christian, Christian people, and is an integral part oftheholiday season. Christmas Animation Greetings has Santa ClausGifphoto, Christmas tree Gif backgrounds, and HD-3D Santa Gif4Kquality. It's time for fun; spread the joy with fabulousChristmasanimated gif wishes, New Year GIF Greetings. You caneasily sharethis Gif through this application. You can use this gifas astatus, story in all Social media(Networks). You can easilysavethis animated gif in your SD Card, Phone storage andexternalstorage. Are you ready for the Christmas Holiday? InstallMerryChristmas Greeting today. We provided Christmas cards,Christmasgreeting, Christmas wishes, Christmas stickers foreveryone. it'seasy to send greeting Christmas to your family, yourfriend, yourlove, etc. DISCLAIMER: We do not claim ownership ofsome of theimages or data in our App. we are only listing all thepubliclyavailable data as it is. The content provided in thisapplicationis the property of respective copyright holders and Allrightsreserved to the respective owners of the sites. So, If youare the"Original copyright holder" and think that we may be usingyourfiles, images or anything else, instead of filing a DMCA,justcontact us via email we will takeproperaction to change or remove copyright materials. It will take1-2business day(s) to remove your images and data.
Doctor Suit Montage 2.2
Try all uniforms from this virtual fashion closet, and chooseframethat the best suit your face. Edit photos and makeover themwithtop photo effects. With this best medical photo frame montageyouwill look powerful and strong. Adjust photo in style you likethemost, and cover image with famous funny photo frame. Makeupphotos, decorate them with best photo effects, add some phototexton image, and be ready for relaxation. Impress yourself withyournew look. Make nurse photo montages, and give some change toyourlife. This popular medical photo suit editor is so easy touse,just follow a few steps. Browse picture from your image galleryortake a new one using phone`s camera and fit your face to thedoctorphoto suit. There is a wide range of styles and categoriesfor anyof your picture, just select favourite doctor photo suit andadjustphotos in it. Features: - take a photo or select from imagegallery- choose Photo Montage frame you like the most - montageyour photoon frame you like the most - edit photo, rotate, resize -savemodel and share with friends It allows you the "healthstudio"photo editor and "virtual montage" area in which your childtakephotos in "doctor dresses" or "nurse suits" to encourage themtowork in the future in the medical field. As well as, live showsandinteractive activities, that promote health-directing behaviorsandawareness among children.