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Fan Subway Surfers Walkthrough 1.3
This is an unofficial video Walkthrough guide for Subway Surfers,one of the most popular endless-running games. A game thattransports players around the world with each update, taking onall-new locations, challenges and obstacles. The fans love itbecause of its polished graphics and cool presentation, as well asthe fun and varied gameplay… something really hard to come by inthis genre. Previously there have been Halloween, Holiday, New Yorkand Rio editions. In each one the gameplay stays much the same,with characters and locations being swapped out - so this guidewill remain relevant for any version encountered. Hope you enjoythis guide!!!
Funnys - for Vine & Vimeo 1.0.3
The best selection of Vine and Vimeo videos all together in thesame app! Don't waste your time searching for some funny videos orjust scrolling down Vine or Vimeo timeline, just open Funnys andstart laughing!Vine and Vimeo are the best entertainment networkswhere the world's stories are captured, created and remixed.WithFunnys, watch incredible moments in Comedy, 9gag, Tosh and more funcategories. Find out about trends and viral Vine and Vimeo beforethey blow up.We care about which videos we show, that's our value,we guarantee the quality of them, so what you only have to do ischill and laugh at the selected videos from Vine and Vimeospecially for you.
Best Pokemon GO Videos
You wanna be the very best, like no one ever was?You want to catchthem all, and to train them is our cause?PokemonGO Videos makes youextremely easy to watch the most popular video from the newstunning app PokemonGO, and all the related great videos from Vineand Vimeo around this Pokemon world.Watch people catch Venusaur,Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu, and many other Pokémon that havebeen released on the planet.Learn the basics of the game: VisitPokeStops, find PokeBalls, catch, hatch and how to evolve yourpokemons.See people battling together to defeat Gym and become thenext leader!Also enjoy other videos related to pokemon, such as theLegend of Zelda, Mario, Misty, Pikachu and other NintendoVideosEverything is here, specially selected for you just toenjoy.Pokemon GO everywhere anytime.