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Mega Zoom 3.0
App "Mega Zoom" will allow you to shootevenwith a x50 zoom (the maximum zoom depends on your built-incameramodel). You will be able to set the maximum zoom value oftheequipment while taking pictures. In addition, the program hasbeenequipped with a mega digital zoom that allows you to observeandphotograph objects that are far away. This program can also beusedas binoculars, a telescope or a virtual digital magnifier. Itis anideal tool for spies and lovers of wild nature.Generally, your built-in camera operates two types of zoom:opticaland digital. Integrated camera applications do not generallyusethe maximum values ​​of hardware zoom. Our application givesyouthe ability to use the maximum values ​​of optical anddigitalzoom.Moreover, after reaching the maximum values ​​of production, youcanuse the additional digital super zoom. It uses advancedalgorithmzoom (bilinear interpolation), allowing you to takepictures evenwith 100x zoom (the maximum value of super zoomdepends on yourbuilt-in camera model).You will be able to take pictures quite clear, stable and qualityofvery distant objects.In the application, you can also set:- Effect of view of the camera (negative, sepia etc ...).Theavailability depends on phone model.- Stage type (beach, landscape, party, etc ...). Theavailabilitydepends on phone model.- White Balance (Daylight, Shade, etc ...). The availabilitydependson phone model.Warning ! This app works best on phones with camera 8megapixelsand more.Key features of "Mega Zoom Camera"- Access to the maximum optical and digital zoom ofthecamera.- Super- x100 zoom (the maximum zoom depends on thecameramodel).- Settings: Effect of camera, scene camera white balance
Stickman Ninja 1.0
Stickman Ninja is an addective open worldgamewhere you have to destroy enemies using your shadow power andninjaskillsfight hard,run,jump...HD graphiscmany lavelsmulti ninja charachtersfree game
Recharge mobile gratuit 2.0
هدا التطبيق يمكنك أن تحصل على تعبئات لانهائية- حصري للمغاربةتعبئات مجانية لأصحاب اتصالات المغرب و ميديتيل و انويكل ما عليك فعله هو ملئ المعلومات مثل اسم شركة الاتصالات و تأكيدرقمكثم اختيار قيمة التعبئةصالح للمكالمات و الأنترنتعرض حصري و محدود سارعو بالتحميلHedda application youcanget an endless mobilizations - exclusively for MoroccansFillings free for owners of Maroc Telecom and MeditelandInoueAll you have to do is fill in information such asthetelecommunications company name and confirm your number andthenchoose the value of packingSaleh calls and InternetExclusive Offer and limited load Sreeto
Super Masha World 1.3
Help Masha over the jungle and to the toptocollect coins and avoid enemies throughout an adventurejourneyacross levels.Run and jump through 32 beautiful levels classic withincreasingdifficulty to help the bear and his friends!This game is so addicting you will definitely love supermashaworld.If you are fan of platform game masha. If you likeadventure,exploring.masha must pass so much threats to run to target world and helpthebear. On her road, You are the first person gamingexperienceemotional and exciting. You will enjoy masha adventuresfull ofdanger with super masha. The game has a lot of traps,monsters, andunexpected situations through each level that we havebuilt.In heat jungle,the sea,volcano world,sky world,and others,supermasha must pass so much threats to to help her friendsFeatures of Amazing super masha world:+ easy to play and free+ more different levels (easy, normal, hard)+ cute character for kids+ awesome 2D graphics+ great music and sounds+ spirit of old school classic platformers+ unique and easy gameplayIf you like the super masha world plaese leave a 5 starsThanks and enjoy the game