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Crawl Worms: Free Snake Games 2.6
Crawl Worms is a multiplayer game where you are a snake and have toeat glowing blobs to grow longer and wider. If you hit anothersnake, you die. In Crawl Worms, you play against hundreds otherplayers online. Do you like snakes? It's cool if you don't becausethese snakes are no threat to you - other players, on the otherhand. Enjoy a twist on an old classic with Crawl Worms! Like theclassic Snake games that graced ancient cell phones and computersfor decades, you grow by eating small blobs. But with itsmultiplayer gameplay, you now get the same action while competingagainst other people. Feel free to chow down on your smallerenemies, but remember that there's always a bigger snaker. Thereare hundreds of players to defeat but regardless of the game size,the mission of this multiplayer game remains the same - to gain thebiggest snake. Game Features: ★ Download Crawl Worms Game - It'sFREE to play. ★ No Lag. No performance issues on any device. ★ Playoffline in single player against AI when offline or Multiplayeronline. ★ Fully optimized gameplay with an on-screen joystick tocontrol your worms. ★ Strategic alpha online multiplayer gameplaymode. ★ Easy to learn, intuitive touch screen controls. Tips andTricks: Eat and Grow: The glowing blobs are like the most importantthing in this .io Game. By eating them, you can increase thesnake's size. The bigger the snake, the better your chance totackle other players. Start Slow: At the start of the game, holdthe urge to tackle other snakes as the others usually have biggersizes than you. Instead, start slow and eat until you have a decentsize. The reason is to avoid unnecessary battles at the beginningof the game that can usually lead to getting eliminated by anothersnake. Grab Special blobs: Besides the regular blobs that arewidely available around the map, there are two special blobs. Thefirst one is the glowing blobs that appear from the remainder of afallen snake. The bigger the snake that falls, the plentiful theblobs! The other one is the floating blobs. This orb is floatingaround the map and will run away if you chase it, but it is worthmore than the average dots around; think this one like the GoldenSnitch on Harry Potter. Use Boosts to Tackle Enemies: Boost is animportant skill to give a speed increase but at the cost of yoursize. This method can be used when you are racing against snakes,once you have the perfect spot near the opponent's head make asudden cut to eliminate it. Use the boost wisely and don't let yoursacrifice becomes vain. Circle Smaller Snakes: Once you have adecent size, you can apply this tactic to trap smaller snakes. Thetechnique is to start encircling the other snake until it istrapped within your circle. Once the enemy is trapped, usually itwill crash into your body, and you can grab the bounty. But, ofcourse, things sometimes not go as planned and the enemy can stillsafely circle in it. If that is the case, you can wait a bit longeruntil the enemy gives up or if you feel brave, you can tighten thegap to increase the tense. When ready, swerve in front of youropponent to defeat them no matter what. Remember also to then eattheir remains in this awesome snake games. If you like .io games,There's also the amazing game Little Big Snake, which has similargameplay, but takes Crawl Worms to the next level!