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Simple Notepad & Call Identifier
Simple Notepad is the best notes app for Android, allowing you totake notes quickly and easily, direct after calls and when you’reon the go. Do you sometimes want to make quick notes and organizeideas after a phone call?  This handy notepad app & CallIdentifier is your best solution. This free notes app allows quickcreation and sharing of notes online with just one click rightafter a call, saving you lots of time. The Caller ID functionprovides you with full details of the caller, even the ones not inyour contact list. You can then use all the useful information fromthe caller Id screen when note taking, so that you don’t forget anyimportant details! Simple Notepad & Call Identifier keyfeatures: ✎ Create, edit and delete notes quickly and simply. ✎Easily share notes via SMS, email, social media (LinkedIn,Facebook, Twitter etc.) or other utilities (Bluetooth, Dropbox,Android Beam). ✎ Backup and restore your notes. ✎ Smart note searchfeature to find notes quickly. ✉ Send a SMS with one click aftercalls. ✆ Real-time caller identification: Always know who’s callingbefore you answer and take a note. ✆ Get spam warnings for morethan 1 million spam numbers worldwide. ✆ Save identified callers toyour phonebook with one click and take a note relating to the call.✆ Re-dial a number with one click. Life can be complicated. Keep itsimple and organize life with Simple Notepad & Call Identifier.
Insta Square Maker - No Crop HD 1.9.127
Frustrated that you have to crop your portraitand landscape photos before posting them to Instagram?Insta Square Maker is an easy and fast way to upload your entirephoto to Instagram or similar social networks without having tocrop away any piece of it. It puts frames around your photos tomake them square shaped.Key features:- post entire photos without cropping.- choose any color for background.- change image position inside the square frame.- crop tool- shadow effect- make blurred background from photo- more than 20 filters to make your photos more beautiful- share created square photo directly to Instagram with just oneclick of a button.Never crop photos again to make them compatible withInstagram.You can also add text to your photo, change the background, dragdrop, zoom anything you can imagine. Provide more and more specialeffects. Best app for cropping instagram photos.Now you can add smiley icons and text labels while editing yourphotosFollow us on Instagram and add #InstaSquareMaker hashtag to yourphotos before posting to get more likes and followers!
GPS Status Test & Fix 3.14186
GPS Status - Raw GPS data: Number ofSatellites, Location, Altitude, Accuracy and Speed.GPS Fix - Reset your GPS state and download assistance data if yourGPS is not working.Magnet - Get magnetic field strength readings from yourmagnetometer. You can use this to calibrate your compass. Wave yourphone in a figure 8 pattern and if the two values match, yourmagnetometer is calibrated.NotesYou need a clear view of the sky to get a GPS signal, ideallyoutside or at least near a window.To calibrate your compass, please stand clear of metal objects orelectronics.Tap on the values to change units. Speed: m/s, km/h, mph, knots.Length: m, ft. Location: degrees, minutes, seconds.Some Motorola phones can't get a GPS fix if the device is set toAirplane mode.Thanks for downloading!
Lollipop Style Call Screen 1.3.22
Note:- This is a free version so some featuresare blockedDownload Full version here:- tiny banner for incoming calls is a feature only available inlollipop version.But now grab the app to use the feature in all androidversions.A great Call Screen Replacement, with Android LollipopFeatures.No need to activate. Just install the app and open it onetime.It shows a small banner on the screen when an incoming call comes.This makes to stay on current apps while listen to caller and makeless distraction.Features- A small banner is shown for incoming calls, so lessdistraction- Stay doing your work (playing games) when incoming calls or whileon call- Reposition the banner according to you- Change theme of bannerTested on many phones but,If you are getting any problems in your device, please
Scientific calculator Kal 2.30
It is a very complete scientific calculator,contains most mathematical functions with the ability to performgraphics functions. It includes a library with one hundred (100)formulas of mathematics and physics ready to use, which generates aresult after entering the value of its variables, it also allows toeasily extend the library with your own formulas or functions, ingeneral is very easy to use like a real calculator, includes adisplay for writing operations without character limit, allows youto use parentheses and respects the hierarchy of expressions, theresult is displayed on the second line of the display with theability to update or correct any character when there is an errorin the expression.Scientific calculator Features:• Allows make function graphs• Library formulas• Typical operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide)• Exponential functions and root (Nth power, nth root, squaring,square root, cube root)• Logarithmic functions (log10, 1n, powers of 10, exp)• Trigonometric functions (sin, cos, tan, including inverse andhyperbolic)• Three angle modes (DEG, RAD, GRA)• Random number generator• Permutations (nPr) and combinations (nCr)• Absolute value, factorial• Allows numbers in scientific notation• Includes major scientific constants• Basic Operations and converting number systems (decimal,hexadecimal, octal, binary)• Set number of decimal and thousands separator• History of past operations and results• Allows you to store in memory different results• Help ManualThe following features are only available in the professionalversion (Kal pro).• Expand the library with your own formulas• Statistical Mode.• Standard Deviation.• Arithmetic mean.• Sum of values.
Mono Bluetooth Router 1.2.17
This is a simple application that allows youroute sound via mono Bluetooth headset. Normally android devicescan not play music via mono Bluetooth headsets. With Mono BluetoothRouter you can listen podcasts, internet radio, use GPS navigationvoice messages and many others. If your use case does not requirehigh quality of sound - Mono Bluetooth Router is good solution foryou!Here are some features:- sending of media sound to Bluetooth hands free if it does notsupport A2DP profile- sound indication when routing is switched on- restoring of sound volume after switching off the routing- indication when routing is on in status bar- restores Bluetooth routing after phone callThis is version with advertising - if this application works wellfor you and you would like to support the development of newversions of this application consider downloading Mono BluetoothRouter Pro. Thank you!Supports Android 2.2 and higher.Before using it make sure your Bluetooth headset is switched onbefore start the application.On android 4.0 please make sure you switch on routing before soundstarted to play.Known Issues:- Sound quality is not perfect. Unfortunately I still not found away to deliver high quality of sound, though I am constantlylooking for way to make it better. Still hope that low quality isbetter then no Bluetooth sound at all.- Not all models supported;- On some issues of Samsung Galaxy S2 - the native music player isnot working - please use third party MP3 music player;- On some issues of Samsung Galaxy S3 - the sound from microphonealso routing through the headset so you hear all noises around thatmakes program useless;- Sometimes the program is being killed by Android so music goestrough loudspeakers on full volume;
Call Blocker 5.149
Simply the best app to identify incoming calls. Call Blocker is aneasy to use app that instantly shows you who is calling. If youdon’t like who is calling you, you can instantly block them. Thecaller does not have to be in your contact list – the app will showyou who is calling you anyway. Using our powerful database of overone billion numbers, this app does the job effectively andinstantly. You will get detailed information about every call youreceive and can start protecting your phone right away. Now you canfeel safe from spammers, telemarketers and other unwanted peoplewho call you. The value of Call Blocker: - Caller ID: See who iscalling, every time your phone rings. - If you choose, you canblock the caller instantly. It’s easy! Escape all the nuisancecalls with a single click. - You can easily blacklist and whitelistwho calls you. - Add those numbers you want to save to yourcontacts list, or send them a reply SMS directly. - Easy access tosettings where you can adapt functions to your needs. - CallBlocker is simple and easy to use, yet effective. Download thissmall app and get all the functions added now.
Mega Voice Changer 3.5.27
Change your voice and prank yourfriends.Change,modify,alter your voice with an array of different effects(female, child, male, tunnel) that can be combined together.This voice changer is the tool you are looking for. Please notethat this application can not change your voice during a call asthis is not technically possible on android.Once you're satisfied, you can save your altered voice, e-mail itto your friends, and even set it as a ringtone.★★★★★ This voice changer is the reference on Android !Record your voice and combine lots of effects to alter it, thenplay it back for your friends.The effects include:★ Helium: Sound like a baby or monkey!★ Tremolo: For a quavering voice★ Flanger: A pretty cool effect★ Echo★ Reverb: Hear your voice echo through the mountains!★ Distort: Crush your words under a wave of fuzz★ Play backwards: One of the most fun effects there available★Change speed: Make your voice sound male or femaleCreate lots of different voices: male, female, baby, monster, stuckin a tube!And the best thing is that you can combine ALL of them together.This voice changer lets you create all sorts of combinations toimpress your friends.You can play back your creation from a saved file, send them byemail or even set them as your ringtone.
Scientific Calculator 1.6.67
Scientific Calculator It’s a powerful Androidscientific calculator with real look. It is one of the few Androidcalculators with complex number equations support.Features:Scientific Calculator• Real equation view editor with brackets and operator prioritysupport• Component or polar complex entry/view mode• Equation and result history• 7 easy to use memories• Large universal/physical/mathematical/chemical constanttable• Degrees, radians and grads mode for trigonometric functions• Fixed, scientific and engineering view mode• Easy to use with real look• Perform mathematical operations for mathematical equations• For engineering or graphical calculations• Number search: search for any number directly from the mainscreen. No need to go to google first to find a number.Would you like to have multiline equation editor with equationsyntax highlightiting, actual bracket highlighting andtrigonometric functions of complex argument support? Upgrade toScientific Calculator Pro.* Multiline equation editor* Equation syntax highlighting* Actual bracket highlighting* Trigonometric functions with complex argument support
The Stopwatch 2 1.51
One touch to Start!Hold to Reset!The Stopwatch is digital timer stopwatch, which can be used forvarious things like cooking, cycling, running, swimming, gamesetc.You can customize it as you wish. Just tap on top of screen ("V"symbol) to open customizer. Choose the colour of background shape!Choose the colour of digits! Or even the shape itself aswell!Download the free stopwatch app now.
Student Agenda 2.5.21
Developed by students, with the goal of beingsimple and lightweight, the Student Agenda was made to helpstudents organize themselves and have, consequently, betterperformance in studies.The objective of using this app is to perform tasks within thecombined deadlines, divide better the time between academic andpersonal life, conduct the day-to-day with more calmness andless stress.On Student Agenda, important information about tests, homeworks,appointments and timetable will always be available on yoursmartphone to checks and new schedulings, wherever you are. A veryuseful feature are the reminders, that will help you don'tforget important activities.These features are adequate for school, for college, for yourday-to-day... The goal is to make student life more organized,managing appointments that can't be forgotten.The app was developed to be simple and easy to use. To start,you can simply add your subjects and then your timetable.Main features:• Simplicity and lightweightness;• Timetable;• Scheduling of events (exams, homeworks/tasks, activities andreturning books to the library);• Add photo to increase the description of events;• Notification schedule (reminder) for events;• Check events as "completed";• Events ordered by day, week and month;• Timetable of the day;• Timetable of the week;• Calendar;• Management of marks;• Timetable and events widgets;• Share events with your friends.If you have any problem or suggestion, please send us anemail!sappalodapps@gmail.comThank you!
SMS from Android 4.4 with Caller ID 4.4.260
The ultimate SMS and text message app that is conversational andsimple, with a clean texting interface for SMS messages - the wayapps used to be. Powerful and advanced features let the appidentify the numbers of message senders and callers, even if theyare not in your phone book, so you always know who is calling orwriting to you. SMS from Android 4.4 is built to give you asmoother, better, faster, and cleaner Android communicationexperience. Send text messages, pictures, recordings and much more.The app delivers text messages directly via the mobile network, sono Internet or Wi-Fi connection is needed*. With this smart messageapp, you will never have to do more than click a button to identifyan unknown number from an SMS or phone call. The Caller ID screenafter each call displays information on who is calling, even ifthey are not in your phonebook. This way, you can avoid spam callsand easily save new contacts to your phonebook with just one click.SMS app features: ✅ Totally free to download ✅ Unlimited: Worksacross virtually all Android devices ✅ Offline messages: NoInternet or Wi-Fi connection needed to send SMS messages* ✅Multi-format messaging: Send SMS, pictures and videos instantly ✅Voice messages: Record your voice and send it as an attachment ✅SMS messages: One click to text a contact after each call. No needto input number again ✅ Number Search: Search for unknown numbersfrom texts, directly from the inbox ✅ Caller ID: Identify numbersin real-time – even those not in your contact list *Your serviceprovider may charge you for sending offline SMS messages dependingon your contract with them. Please check with you service providerregarding any charges you may receive.
PDF Converter:Documents To PDF 1.25
PDF Converter is absolutely free for those whowant to convert Photos, Pictures, Contacts and Text Messages in PDFFiles.The features of complete version of PDF ConverterEasy and fast converting to PDF- Documents from iWorks and MS Office- Web pages- Emails and Email Attachments- Photos and Pictures- Clipboard content- Text Messages- Contacts- Dropbox contentShare PDFs- Via Dropbox- Using iTunes File Sharing- By EMail-WiFiFeatures:* Really attractive, super easy to use interface* Using "Open In..." approach, print files from many popular onlinestorages: Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk, Docs and other cloud storageapplications.* Save the following document formats to PDF:Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, RTF, RTFD, TXT,HTML, JPG, PNG.* Merge PDF docs into single PDF document.* Mail out documents as email attachments
* Send files to iBook, GoodReader, PDF Reader.* WiFi file transfer (Browser or Webdav clients).* Drive* Box* Dropbox
Ball Travel 3D Update 1.0.26
Ball Travel is a 3D puzzle/logic/balance gameand it's completely FREE!The game is a FREE for all Android device
Snap Swipe Drawer 1.5.9
Snap Swipe Drawer is a drawer for yourwidgets and shortcuts, similar to the notifications drawer.Boost your productivity and access widgets from anywherewith a single swipe and without having to go to your home launcher.Keep your home screen clean and organized.FEATURES- Access widgets, shortcuts and apps from anywhere!;- Backlist feature;- Multiple activation modes;- Custom styles;Snap Swipe Drawer's purpose is to provide Android users away to quickly access widgets, apps & shortcuts without havingto leave the current app. It also helps to keep the home screencleaner which is great for minimal setups.HELP- The app doesn't do anything after enabling, why?Some Android variations like MIUI and Flyme OS might require you tomanually grant a permission to use floating windows. Please try toopen the app info in the system settings and then look for adisabled option/permission that might be related with floatingwindows.- Why can't i dismiss the app notification?The persistent notification helps to keep the service running inthe background and it's highly recommended. On most devices it canbe hidden in the app info inside Android settings.
Wallpapers QHD (Background HD) 1.3.34
Beautiful backgrounds are beautifulimages for your phone and tablet. Cool images in the highestresolution and 3D wallpapers. A new solution is that all thewallpaper are carefully sorted into categories and checked.Pictures of excellent quality that will embellish your phone ortablet.Wallpapers:- A huge number of photos- A new images every day- Simple and intuitive interface- Only high-quality HD or QHD- Modern design- Possibility to add your own photos- Possibility to save on phone- Automatic change of backgrounds- Easy and simple searchNow there is no sense wasting your time, setting one applicationafter another to find the right wallpaper. Visit us and choose whatyou need.Install free our app on your phone and decorate colourful images ofhigh quality. This amazing application will do for anyone who likesto personalize his phone and enjoy its uniqueness.Our basic category backgrounds: material design, materialwallpapers, nature wallpaper, 3d wallpaper, animal wallpaper, carwallpaper, abstraction, space wallpaper, macro wallpaper, citywallpapers, tablet wallpapers and much more.The Pixign team tries to make the application as easy andcomfortable as possible for you. We and our authors collect andplace new wallpapers every day in order to enable you to selectonly the best wallpapers to feast your and your people’s eyes uponthem.
Free CallerID with Notebook 1.2.245
Do you want the best free CallerID app with awesome notebookfeature from 2019? Get Free CallerID with Notebook now! FreeCallerID with Notebook is a CallerID app that instantly shows youwho is calling you – this goes also for callers that are not inyour contacts list. Searching a gigantic billion telephone numbersdatabase the caller is quickly identified. After a call, you caneasily take notes in just one tap. Don’t ever be afraid to forgetwhat you just have talked about! You have this notepad feature atyour fingertips everywhere you go. It’s an easy to use andeffective app! Forget the times when you carried around a notebook,use CallerID with Notebook Free to create text notes, lists, andmore. If you ever need to change a note you can edit it and thenshare it using email and an SMS with whoever you want! Keyfeatures: • Real-time CallerID, so you can always know instantlywho is calling before you pick up • An automatic warning appears toindicate spam calls • Save new contacts to your phonebook with onlyone click • Take quick notes after each call – so simple! • Editand share your notes using email and SMS • Search feature to lookfor keywords anywhere in the notebook If you have any ideas orsuggestions on how we can improve this app, feel free to contactus. We are always interested to hear from you!
Funny GIFs (Emoji) 2.0.30
Funny Gifs (Emoji) is a collection ofthe best funny emojies (animated Gifs) that are easy to share withfriends on Facebook messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, as wellas in social networks. Sharing your emoji with your friends is noweasier than ever, just one click and you send your friends funnyemoji using our Emoji app. Surprise your friends with funny andamusing GiF emoji.There are times when a simple text response is not enough? Tired ofsimple emoticons? We have a lot of funny emoji. You only need toselect and send.Features of our application:- All the emoji are divided into categories (love, reaction, music,etc.)- Simple and easy search of your favorite animated GIF files andvideos- Send animated GIF images or videos- “Favorite” category will make it easy and quick to use yourfavorite GiF emoji- Work with multiple messengers (Facebook messenger, Viber,WhatsApp, Telegram, Hangouts, Line, KakaoTalk)- You can download GiF files to your phone or tabletUsing our app, you will go beyond the usual emoticons and outdatedkeyboards. We have an amazing collection of emoji in the form ofGiF files and short videos. Now it has become even faster, easierand more fun.Using our app every day, you will always receive the best emoji(reactions). Collect your favorite animated GIF images (videos formessengers that do not support GIF animation), so that you couldalways please your friends with interesting GIFs!Love to chat with your friends using cheerful emoji? Then our appis for you.Funny Gifs (Emoji) – world of emoji in your phone.We are glad to hear your comments and feedback, please, contact
All Email Access with call screening 1.213
All Email Access is an email app for Android that allows you toconnect to your multiple email accounts from a single app – it alsocreates a powerful link between mail and phone calls, andidentifies callers, with mail options directly from the caller IDscreen. In this fast-moving mobile age, you need quick email loginaccess and better ways to manage your inbox. This easy to use mailapp simplifies email login, and allows you to manage various emailaccounts with a single click. What sets All Email Access apart fromother email apps is the smart Caller ID. It identifies callers inreal-time, even if the caller isn’t in your phonebook. The linkbetween calls and mails means you can also easily and instantlysend mails to the caller or access your email directly after thecall ends. This app will strongly enhance your mobile communicationand productivity. What you get in this app: - Super easy all emailaccess: Universal email client lets you access all emails in onesimple mail app (compatible with more than 50 mobile emailproviders). - ID Caller: Each time you receive a call you will seethe caller’s details. -One click to email: easy email access fromthe Caller ID screen allows you to mail the caller instantly. -Save contacts: Save unknown incoming contacts with one click aftereach call. - Make it your own: You can easily adjust Caller ID toyour preferences in the app settings. - Overview of call history:Call log and instant access to your phonebook in the app. -Dedicated customer support – our email app for Android hasdedicated support team to ensure great functionality anduser-centered features.
English to Hindi Translator 2.24
=> English to Hindi Translator=> English to Hindi dictionary free download=> English to Hindi dictionary offline free All-in-One App Easyto use.Download the largest Hindi-English dictionary with over lakhs ofHindi and English words. Meaning of words are provided withdefinition.One can listen pronunciation of Hindi and English words to read andspeak words properly.=>Translate text, word or sentence from Hindi to English or fromEnglish to Hindi language.=>Most suitable and easy to use English-Hindi Translatorspecially made to type directly in Hindi and translating toEnglish.=>Easy translate with copy and paste features. You can paste anyEnglish or Hindi sentence in the translator box provided and clickTranslate tomake the translation.=>Direct sharing of translated data.This light weight android application works offline and givesfaster result.Exciting features :- Simple and easy to use- Fast- Offline dictionary- Online Translator- Small Size
Notes with Caller ID 1.0.486
Notes with Caller ID will give you a quick and simple note takingexperience. Not only is the note taking app simple and easy to usebut also comes with a to-do checklist which can quickly be sharedvia email, a search function, data backup, and restore features. Asa top notes app for Android it is packed with many great featuresmaking it more than just a note pad. Notes with Caller ID linksyour notes & calls together in a powerful way. It’s the bestnote taking app, which links your notes with your contacts so youcan click-to-call directly from a note. Notes app also shows thelast note you took on the caller. You can see it in real time whilethe phone is ringing. This way you easily remember what youdiscussed earlier. More than just a note taking app, it alsoidentifies callers and adds the name and number to a note with just1 click. When your phone rings the notepad app instantly identifiescallers. Even the ones not in your phonebook. After you hang up ournotes app gives you practical options like saving the identifiedcaller to your contacts, calling back, or sending an SMS. Orconveniently take a note with one click. What’s included in thisfree notepad app: • Handy note search feature for the ones who takemany notes • See your last note on the caller during the incomingcall • Create a new note and link it to a contact – now you canclick-to-call directly from the note • Take, edit, export, and viewall notepad entries effortlessly • Backup and restore your noteseasily • Save new contacts to your phonebook with one click, callback or send SMS • Identify callers and search numbers in worldwidedatabases with 1 billion+ numbers • Get warnings for millions ofspam numbers For your privacy and data protection we do not haveaccess to any of your notes or store any of the informationcontained within them. Therefore, we recommend that you regularlyuse the useful backup feature on this app to avoid the accidentalloss of any important information.
Email & Caller ID 1.0.165
Email app allows you to easily connect to your multiple emailaccounts and identifies who is calling. This simple to use, yetpowerful app allows you to manage various email accounts with oneclick. The smart Caller ID in the app identifies real-time who iscalling even if the caller isn’t in your phonebook. On top of thisgreat feature, you can also easily and instantly access your emailwith one click after the call ends and mail the caller on one go!This mail app for Android will enhance your mobile communicationand productivity and simplify your email account management. Ourapp will let you conveniently consolidate your email gratis formultiple email accounts. All Email gmail yahoo outlook and variousother mail options supported. Download this email application forAndroid and get: - Super easy email access: access all your emailaccounts in one simple email app – it’s compatible with multiplemail providers. - Efficient Communication: send emails and startconversations easily - Simple and intuitive interface: send emailswith one click from the Caller ID screen. - ID Caller: The bestfeature to show who is calling you, even if caller is not in yourcontacts. - Save contacts: Save unknown incoming contacts with oneclick after the call. - Overview of call history: Call log andinstant access to your phonebook in the app. - Make it your own:You can easily adjust Caller ID to your preferences in the appsettings.
Call & Voice Recorder 1.0.213
Call and Voice Recorder is the best recording app for Android. Itis an easy-to-use audio recorder packed full of features. It alsoincludes an intelligent built-in caller ID feature which allows youto easily make a quick recording following a phone call. Thispowerful sound recording app provides high-quality HD recordings.As well as being great for recording voice memos, you can alsorecord meetings, interviews, lectures, songs, and much more. Thedigital recorder is extremely easy to use and offers manyadditional features to help improve your experience. A specialshake mode gives you the option to stop or pause your recording byshaking your phone. You can adjust the sensitivity of the shakemode in the settings menu. You can then very easily save and nameeach recording once you have finished. You can always listen toyour recordings and rename them at any time. You can also forwardyour recordings using email, SMS and other messaging andcommunications apps. The call & voice recorder includes a fastcaller identification feature which even identifies callers who arenot in your contacts. Searching from a database of over 1 billionnumbers, you will instantly know who is calling you. You will beable to detect spam calls, telemarketing and more. After each call,an information screen gives you details about the call, plus theoption to make a recording using the call details on your screen.Call & Voice Recorder has many powerful features: • Superb HDaudio recording for voices, music and other audio. • Simply tap themicrophone to start and pause recordings. • Click the stop buttonto save, name or delete the recording. • Adjust the audio recordingquality in the settings menu. • Shake feature allows you to stopand pause recordings by shaking your phone. • Sensitivity of theshake feature can be adjusted to fit your needs. • Calleridentification: Identifies callers in real time including those notin your contacts list. • Make useful recordings directly from thecall information screen. • Useful ‘Player’ function lets you seeand listen to all your recordings. • Play, stop, pause, rename anddelete your saved recordings. • Send and share your recordings byemail, messaging apps and SMS. This is the ultimate audio recordingapp! Making recordings has never been easier and you will enjoy themany great functions this app has to offer. If you have anyquestions or suggestions, please contact us – we are always happyto receive feedback.
Call Blocker - Blacklist
Get a top performing free call blocker app for Android, CallBlocker – Blacklist, and stop all unwanted calls. With this greatapp to block calls you can add numbers to the call blacklist andthe application will block them for you. Our free call blocker applets you easily reject spam calls and make sure they don'tinterrupt again. The smart after-call screen makes it even easierto block a number after each call and make a specific note to eachblocked phone number. Call Blocker number blocking app also comeswith many smart features, that makes it possible to receive phonecalls only from saved contacts. If needed, you can also create ascheduled time-period to block a specific number. With the usefulnumber blocking app feature, you can block a number from Contactsor add them manually. Call Blocker also identifies calls for you.Every time you make or receive a call the app will identify thecall real-time and show who is calling. Features of our call blockapp: - Block calls by adding numbers to your personal callblacklist - Identify incoming calls - Identify spam calls - Easilyreject and block spam calls - Schedule a time-period for blockingspecific numbers - Block number manually - Block number fromContacts - Easy access to the app settings after each call
Flash Alert On Calls 1.0.86
Flash Alert On Calls is a smart app to notify you of incoming callsand SMS messages, and at the same time to identify the caller. Veryuseful in dark places and when the phone is muted at work or duringmeetings. The app will notify you via the flash blink on yoursmartphone.  The smart Caller ID guarantees that you willinstantly see who calls you, even if the caller is not in yourcontacts list. After you hang up the call, you can save identifiedcaller details to your phone book and decide to activate ordeactivate flash alert in one tap.  Key features: •Easyactivation: Turn flash alerts ON or OFF with a single tap •Enhancevisibility: Flash alerts on incoming calls – never miss a call whenthe phone is muted •Simple settings: customize Flash Alertsfrequency to your personal preferences • Real-time Caller ID: Get aheads-up on nuisance calls instantly • Spam warning: Get warningsfor millions of spam numbers worldwide • Save identified callers toyour phonebook with one click  We are convinced you will lovethis useful app.
Call Reminder 1.95
With Call Reminder, you will never forget any important detailsfrom a call again. After each phone call, you can quickly set areminder for a wide variety of tasks or events. Get a notificationto return a call, send a text, collect a parcel, arrange a meeting,and much more, directly on your phone – you decide when you need tobe reminded. Call Reminder makes it easier than ever to setreminders related to a phone call, by providing information on thecaller, along with the option to set a reminder, directly aftereach phone call. Call Reminder’s smart Caller ID feature displaysevery time you take or make a phone call – it can identify thecaller, even those not listed in your device’s phone book, and willeven warn you about potential spam callers. The call informationscreen makes it easier than ever to set yourself a reminder about aphone number that you might need to call back another day. Once thereminder is set up, enter a date and time and an alarm will be setwith the details. When it’s time to be reminded of your activity,an alert tone will sound on your phone, and the reminder detailswill be displayed on the home screen. Call Reminder also allows youto set reminders for a broad range of other activities, includingsending a text message, or even a reminder to take medication, allin a fast and simple way. Features: • Identify callers in realtime. • Receive a warning about spam calls. • Save unknown contactswith one click. • Give each reminder a title plus a more detaileddescription. • Choose an alarm tone for your reminders frommultiple options. • Set the reminder time using the easy timeselector. • Select the reminder date from the handy calendar. •Choose from one-off reminder, repeat reminder every day, week ormonth, or customize which days in the week you receive thereminder. • Select from 15 different reminder types: make a call,birthdays, meetings, dinner arrangements, send a text message,medical reminders and many more. • Identify reminder types easilyby the related icon which appears on your reminder notification. •Select a color theme for your reminder. • Manually type or easilyselect a phone number from your contact list to add to reminders. •Attach a file or image to your reminder. • Select an audio filefrom your device and attach to the reminder. • See all yourreminders in a clear list or smart calendar view. Make sure younever forget an important task or to follow up on an importantphone call with Call Reminder.
Caller Name Announcer & Talker 1.70
The multifunctional Call Announcer app to help you identify andmanage calls. Free Call Announcer for Android brings you fouressential features packaged in one handy app. Intelligent Caller IDIdentify callers from all around the world, even those not in yourcontact list. Call Announcer will identify the caller name whileyour phone is still ringing and even identify spam calls. Thismeans you will know who’s calling before you decide whether toanswer the call or not. High-Quality Caller Name Announcer Hearwho’s calling you, allowing you to keep your hands free forday-to-day tasks such as cooking, gardening, cleaning and evendriving. When the number is identified, the call announcer will saythe caller name out loud, allowing you to make an informed decisionon whether to stop what you are doing and answer the phone call ornot! Powerful Flash Alert If you are in a location or situationwhere your phone needs to be on silent, you can activate theflashlight alert function. The torch light on your phone will flashto alert you of an incoming call. You can then look at the screenand the caller name ID will tell you who is calling, helping you todecide if the phone call is important enough to move to a locationwhere you can answer your phone. Essential Call Blocker To help youmanage calls even further, Call Announcer app includes aninvaluable Call Block to help you block unwanted calls. When thecall identification tells you who’s calling, you can block a numberfrom an unknown caller and add them to your blocked numbers list.You can also block calls from numbers already known to you, if youdon’t want them to bother you again. Say goodbye to spam calls,robocalls, telemarketer, and all other annoying calls and unknownnumbers instantly. Features: • Call Announcer: Easy Activation atthe touch of a button. • Flash Alert: Easily turn on the flashlightnotification with just one touch. • Mode Settings: Choose if CallAnnouncer and Flash Alert work when phone is on silent or vibratemodes in the settings menu. • Flash Length Test: Select the lengthof each flash for your phone flashlight and touch the test buttonto make sure it’s right for you. • Call Blocking: Instantly blocknumbers after a phone call. • Blocked numbers: Clearly presentedlist of blocked numbers which can be sorted by name or reason. •Search Function: Search by name or number. Take control of yourcalls and regain your privacy by installing Call Announcer today!